How to get Google Adsense account and its benefit

This article is about Google adsense and other revenue sharing site process and procedure and how to become google adsense member also how to generate clicks and revenue from your genuine article etc., you will know how to create article for page impression etc.

There are so many question from individual about Google adsense program, some about how to become its member and some about how to earn from google adsense once become member and also some about how to continue to be a member of Google adsense without violating its policies etc.

Basic step: How to proceed with Google adsense

First and foremost, if anyone want to become Google adsense member, it is simple but has to work little hard online, like, one should create a blog from any site or specially from associating his/her gmail IDs without fail, once blog created, he/she then can contribut on his/her own on the blog which created, the content or article or keywords must be strong in order to invite the visitors from worldwide, the more good keyword contents the more traffics, the more traffic them more opportunity to earn the dollars on visitors clicks on google ads.

How to get google adsense account approved?

This is a simple process but how to get google adsense account approved from your blog? or from your contribution site like Goaspider?, it is simple as that your blog should be at least six months old and has potential valuable and quality contribution along with moderate traffic, so, then obviously goole will approve when member apply for adsense adhering its terms and condition. Not only the six months old blog is the crieteria but it has so many parameter which member has to fulfill it to approve Google adsense account.

How to process for google adsense account?

Once, all the parameters are filled, then you can proceed to submit your adsense application via blog or gmail account or Google group has its own. In case your application rejected from Google adsense, then no need to worry about it and you may continue to contribute at your blog till it gets more familiar in all terms but to keep in mind the policies and not to violate the terms and condition of Google and Blogger etc. You may then resubmit your adsense application after one or two months to screen again, there is a possible to approve in first or second or third attempt and no need to worry or change your email or personal addresses etc. keep continue with the same info what you provided in the first time.

Alert on your adsense account?

Once your application got approved, then you need to be more alert for wrong click upon your browsing on net, before that, you need to associate your google adsense account to your blogger then need to set at least 1 to 3 ads by blogger setting to display google ads on your blogger. Initially you can set 3 ads on your blogger as a maximum and it has no issue, then, based on seniority of your blog, google may decided to increase its ads on your blog if necessary.

As above said, the more good and quality contents / articles with good keywords on your blog the more traffic may increase and more traffic means more opportunity of clicks on google ads from your blog also chances of good revenue to your blog from Google adsense.

You can add more revenue site too on your blog, there are few who provide revenue for their ads on your blog, one of them is as you aware Google adsense another is, also, there are many as such. It is totally depend on your contribution and hard works. Please do not copy and paste the article from any sources, sources could be of books, CDs, Online sites, Projects etc.

All the best for your online earning.

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