Cuisines of Goa

Goan cuisine and Malvani cuisine are the two types cuisines of Goa. Goan cuisine is usually a combination of traditional Goan food and the Malvani cuisine is the Konkani variation which is mainly Hindu cuisine consisting of fish and the chicken.

About the cuisines of India

India's beliefs and the culture has played an important part in the role of food and the difference it has brought in every region. India as a country is diversified not only in regions and languages but also in cuisines from region to region, from culture to culture from religion to religion etc. You can find various types of cuisines like Chettinadu Cuisine, Punjabi cuisine, Awadhi cuisine, Mughlai Cuisine, Kerala Cuisine, Malwani / Konkani cuisine etc
Another dish in Goan Cuisine

West coast sea food similarities

You can find sea food getting importance in the west and east coast of india, like Kerala and Goa in the west coast and west Bengal in East coast. Their main dish will be rice and fish and all others come second. Like Kerala cuisine you can find coconuts, sea food and masala paste form the basics of a goan meal.
Malvan Chicken curry

Goan and Konkani cuisines of the west coast

Goa is located in the tropical climate regions and the spices and flavors are very strong and intense. They use Kokum, a variety of tamarind, is another distinct feature. Goan food is similar to Konkani cuisine and is considered incomplete without fish.
The cuisine of Goa is influenced by its Hindu origins, from the years of Portuguese colonialism and present modern techniques, by various types of tourists visiting its beaches and historic sites mostly at every season and so the food aspect at Goa is different from the rest of India and is done with an international aspect.
A Thali in a Hindu House

Food habits and cuisines of Hindu and Christian Communities of Goa

As said earlier, the Goan cuisine is based on sea food and along with rice makes the staple food of the people. You can find varieties of fish delicacies in Goa, made from King fish, pomfret, tuna, prawns, shrimps lobster squids, shark, mackerels, mussels and crabs etc. The Hindu way of making food, which is mostly vegetarian is very unique and the Christian food has been influenced by the long years of Portuguese Colonialism.
The Goan Hindu food is less spicy and contains no onions, garlic mostly. They have a lot of variety which includes, dals, vegetables, pumpkins gourds, bamboo shoots, roots etc. Goan Saraswat Brahmins and Daivajna Brahmins are fish eaters and are considered as facultative vegetarians that is they eat non vegetarian foods like fish and chicken but avoid eating them on some days due to religious reasons.

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