How to optimize your article

This article is about one’s article needs to be optimizes in Google search engine and how to prepare a draft to reach targeted audience for their search and help from your article with good keywords and SEO also it will explain you one need to use exact keywords, SEO technique for a nice draft with short and sweet result with keeping in mind not to violate SEO and keywords usage.

How to prepare article?

If one would like to prepare an article then writer / author should select the topic and try to draft in a simple manner with direct message to the audience, when sample article draft is over, author may then re-examine it till it has a clear message from the beginning till end without any mistake.

How to get the traffic to your article?

As we are all aware, no one guaranteed for the traffic even for highly quality and qualified articles, whether article with good keyword and SEO can be optimized by the search engine or not and its traffic may generate revenue or not.

Very important over here is, try to select the topic in such a way that topic and article is going to be used online visitors in the near future, for example, today is 2nd February, coming soon is Valentine day on 14th February, so, you may select the topic of 'Valentine day' and write about it in few sentences and paragraphs that is more than enough, also, it is not only important to write or think about it but also, there were/are so many articles which you had written for a different topic in a different time that anyone can use it anytime that too helps you a lot for traffic on your past articles.

How to avoid SEO and keywords SPAM?

As we are aware Google is very serious about online SPAM in many ways, one of them is SEO and Keyword SPAM. Author should avoid it, how author can avoid SEO and Keyword SPAM?, when author write something about a topic, let us say, Valentine day, this topic and word shouldn't repeat many times in the same article as this word going to be used around the globe at the same duration for as many articles from thousands of author around the world, it could be harsh for traffic and other its affects for search.

If you would like to write about Valentine day, then you may select and write different article with different description with example as below;

1. History of Valentine day?
2. Why Valentine day celebrates?
3. What is Valentine day?
4. What does Valentine mean?
5. How Valentine day celebrates
6. Who celebrate Valentine day?
7. Valentine day wishes
8. Valentine day articles
9. Valentine day messages
10. What is the importance of Valentine day?

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