Gujarat ST starts Volvo bus services

Gujarat State Transport Corporation operates seven super-comfortable A.C. VOLVO buses to connect Ahmedabad city and its airport to some major cities of Gujarat.

Gujarat ST starts Volvo bus services

Gujarat State Transport Corporation operates seven super-comfortable A.C. VOLVO buses to connect Ahmedabad city and its airport to some major cities of Gujarat.


The new Volvo bus service includes buses to Vadodara, Surat,Bhuj, Rajkot & Jamnagar directly from Ahmedabad.

The VOLVO buses are owned by private players, and they are being operated by the S.T.department. While conductor in such buses are from S.T. department, the drivers are employed by the owners of the bus.

VOLVO buses are provided with common TV, DVD player and AC and seat-wise plug for laptop and mobile charger.

Details - Timings from Ahmedabad airport:

Ahmedabad airport to Surat: 11:30 am daily Stops: Sarngpur(Ahmedabad), Gita Mandir(Ahmedabad), Express highway(Ahmedabad) and Ankleshwar GIDC

Ahmedabad airport to Jamnagar: 6.30 am daily
Stops: Gita Mandir(Ahmedabad), Paldi(Ahmedabad), Iskcon(Ahmedabad), Sarkhej(Ahmedabad), Chotila Rajkot and Dhrol.

Ahmedabad airport to Vadodara: 9.00 pm daily
Stops: Sarangpur, Gita Mandir, Express way, and Amit Nagar circle.

Vovlo buses from Gita Mandir S.T. station:

S.T. station to Surat: 8.00 am
S.T. station to Vadodara: 6.00, 7.30, 12.30, 17.30
S.T. station to Rajkot: 6.00, 14,00, 17.00, 23.00
S.T. station to Bhuj: 13.00

Other details

Ahemdabad- Jamnagar:
Evening - 19:30 pm - Volvo
Stops: Paldi,Nehrunagar,Iskon,Sarkhej,Rajkot

Daily - 06:30 am - Volvo
Stops: Rajkot,Sarkhej,Iskon,Nehrunagar,Paldi

Ahemdabad Airport- Jamnagar
06:30 am -Volvo
Stops: Kalupur Station,Geeta mandir,Paldi,Nehrunagar,Iskon,Sarkhej,Rajkot

Jamnagar-Ahemdabad Airport
Daily-14:00 Noon-VOLVO
Stops: Rajkot,Sarkhej,Iskon,Nehrunagar,Paldi,Geeta Mandir,Kalupur Station

06:00am -VOLVO 14:00 Noon-VOLVO 00:00 Night-VOLVO
07:00am -VOLVO 17:00-Evening-VOLVO
09:00am -A/C Luxury 19:30-Evening-VOLVO
10:00am -A/C Luxury 21:00-Night-A/C Luxury
11:30am -A/C Luxury 23:00-Night-Luxury

05:00am -A/C Luxury 16:00-Evening-A/C Luxury
06:00am -VOLVO 16:15-Evening-Volvo
07:00am -A/C Luxury 18:00-Evening-A/C Luxury
10:30am -Volvo 18:30-Evening-Volvo
14:00-Noon-A/C Luxury 21:30-Night-Volvo
Stops: Sarkhej, Iskon, Nehrunagar, Paldi

06:00-Volvo 13:30-A/C Luxury
07:00-A/C Luxury 17:00-A/C Luxury
07:30-VOLVO 17:30-VOLVO
08:15-A/C Luxury 18:30-A/C Luxury
12:00-A/C Luxury 20:00-VOLVO (Airport)
Stops: CTM,Express highway,Amitnagar

09:00-A/C Luxury 20:00-VOLVO
08:30-VOLVO (A'bad-Airport)
10:00-VOLVO 21:00-A/C Luxury
10:45-A/C Luxury 22:45-VOLVO
14:30-A/C Luxury
16:00-A/C Luxury
19:00-A/C Luxury
Stops: Amitnagar,Express Highway,CTM

06:30-A/C Luxury 14:00-A/C Luxury 19:00- A/C Luxury
08:00-VOLVO 15:30- A/C Luxury 23:30- A/C Luxury
09:00-A/C Luxury 16:00- A/C Luxury
11:40-VOLVO 17:00- A/C Luxury
Stops: CTM, Express Highway

08:00- A/C Luxury 17:15-Volvo
09:00- A/C Luxury
10:00- A/C Luxury
11:00- A/C Luxury
14:30- Volvo
15:00- A/C Luxury
16:30- A/C Luxury
Stops: Express Highway,CTM

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