Benefits of Jharkhand Panchayat Election 2010

This article talks about the benefits of Jharkhand Panchayat Election 2010 and the development hikes through Jharkhand Panchayat Election 2010.

The people of Jharkhand have been striving for a Panchayat election throughout in Jharkhand but for thirty years, there striving has not been given any halt. But this year, there is very much possibility that Jharkhand Panchayat Election 2010 will be held in December. This Panchayat Election is surely going bring some bright colors for the State of Jharkhand. Here are some of the benefits of Jharkhand Panchayat Election 2010 -

Hike in the Pace of Development Process in Jharkhand

The Jharkhand Panchayat Election 2010 will bring about a hike in the pace of development process in Jharkhand. The development will be then made on the grassroots of Jharkhand. Especially, the rural areas will be benefited a lot by this Jharkhand Panchayat Election. There might be a good number of vacancies available for the rural people to get themselves employed after the Jharkhand Panchayat Election. Also, the rural areas which have been affected by drought in Jharkhand will be given a compensation on overall and individual level of about Rs. 500 crore.

Rural Problems to be Solved Easily

The problems of rural areas might also get a projection for solution. This can be said because after the Panchayat election in Jharkhand, the Panchayatiraj of each rural block will be able to deal with the problems of their own areas. This is a very good news for the villagers now.

Reduction in Corruption

There is a big possibility that after the Jharkhand Panchayat Election, all the relief sums of money will be directly directed to the Panchayats of various areas and not sent to the big head politicians to mint a large part of money. This election is going to bring some good hopes for the rural people in this way also. It is a fact that most of the politicians in Jharkhand are not worthy to be ministers have gained their seats somehow but have only one objective that is to mint as much money they can, just as Mr. Madhu Koda did, sucking all the hope from the bodies of Jharkhand. But now, after the allocation of Panchayats in different parts of Jharkhand, the rural bodies will be benefited a lot.

Dealing of Court Cases become Swift

With the installation of various Jharkhand Panchayats, the court cases that have been or will be filed will be tried to be dealt at the grassroots of rural Jharkhand, that is the Panchayati level and the main district courts might be given a bit of relief. Also, the conflicts of rural areas will be easily solved and maybe, peace will be installed in rural Jharkhand.

Projecting the Problems of Rural Jharkhand to Jharkhand State Government

After the installation of Jharkhand Panchayat, it is possible that the basic problems of rural Jharkhand like irrigation problems in a part of Jharkhand, or a need of relief and compensational money to a drought affected area will be projected to the State Government of Jharkhand and then, the State might not only be concerned for the Urban life of Jharkhand but also give some priority and some importance to the rural Jharkhand too.

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