Bihar—Gaurav Pradesh of India has provided the learning from years

The focus through this article is entirely on restating the honour of the inhabitants of Bihar without making others prejudice of the fellow countrymen. Bihar has a glorious past and the time has come for a renaissance of patriotism among the Indians through the effective usage of different media; hitherto we are ready to start the revolution.

Bihar is a beautiful state which still possess the charm and allurement. It is the land of the messengers of peace Gautam Buddha, Mahvir Jain, and Guru Govind Singh. Bihar is the state which happens to be the symbol of first Republic of the world. It provided the major universities and doctrines of life.

The state of Bihar has a glorious past. With the span of time the glory has been neglected and the labourious and honest people of this Great state are only subjected to abuse and maltreatment.

A state which has a history as old as the human civilisation, which has given people like Gautam Buddha, Mahvir Jain, Guru Govind Singh—whose doctrines of life have been the path way for many in number. The rulers like Ashok, Guptas, and many others, who have not only glorified their respective eras but till date are the part of history of India through their achievements. Bihar expanded in all the fields and therefore produced a law maker like Chanakya cannot be neglected.

The state which gave the present rupee and the style of custom duty to the Indian nation is now treated as only a major supplier of the Civil servants. The state of Bihar is the torch bearer in the field of education crediting to the ancient Nalanda University. The Chinese traveler Hiun Tsang came to gather knowledge at this place, but the present state of this state is considered to be the most illiterate one, only by the people who are not aware to the history of Bihar.

The modernisation of the present India is also related to the then enlightenment of the present state of Bihar considering to literacy in all the subjected, all sciences of the world, and policies of administration.

Bihar—state which is losing its values with the span of time. The people who are responsible for the future of India have to understand the glorious past of their motherland. The people of Bihar have to understand the importance of their state and this can reassure renaissance in respect to the past of the state tergiversating with the evidences. This will help narrow the gap among the Indians and lead the country to development.
Under mentioned are the point that the people of Bihar have to understand:
• The educational level of the pre-historic Bihar.
• The introduction of the new doctrines of life through Lord Buddha, Lord Mahvir, Guru Govind Singh, etc.
• The cultural and the technical advancement of Bihar in the pre-historic times.
• The development of the state in the hand of the great rulers like, Ashok, Guptas, Sher Shah Suri…
• The law and administrative policies that were written and are still a boon for India.

The people among themselves are divided on languages, castes, colour, state boundaries, etc; which should be put to an end. The way the Biharies are being treated in the present time is an area of much concern and one has to think loudly, honestly, and generously as to what can be done for the restoration of honour.

The ill-luck of our nation is the division of the masses on different aspects of life whereas the life is more important than the different aspects that are dividing it. But one has to initiate on subject like patriotism and educate the commoners to understand the statement "United we stand, Divided we fall".

Bihar has the richest history of the past which has been overlooked by the present generation, it is an honest duty of we Indian to carter to the people who are misguided regarding the reality and give them the right pathway leading to development of the Nation.


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