Rani padmini - A beauty with brain of Rajasthan

Rani Padmini's story is very famous in the Rajasthan state of India.Some think that this is just a story and not a reality. But a long poem written by Malik Muhammad Jayasi in Awadhi language provides authentication to the story.

In the 12 and 13 centuries king Rawal Ratan Singh was ruling on Chittod. He was a brave and noble man. He had two queens; Nagmati and Padmavati. Padmavati was very famous for her wits and beauty.

In the king's court there was a musician named Raghav Chetan. He was very talented but he misused his talent. One day the king caught him red handed and he was made to ride a donkey and go away from the kingdom. Raghav chetan was burning inside and decided to take revenge from the king. He went to Delhi and somehow managed to meet Ala-ud-din-khilji(who was very powerful at that time)
He narrated the beauty of Padma in front of Ala-ud-din. His lust for women aroused and he ordered his army to attack Chittod. But when he reached Chittod he found that the fort was very highly defended. So he played a trick with the king. He sent a message to the king, saying,"I consider Padmini as my sister and want to meet her". Raja agreed to it but Padmini understood the evil intentions of the muslim invader and said that he could see her only in the mirror and not face to face.Skilled persons of the kingdom set many big mirrors so that Ala-ud-din could see Rani in the mirror.

Tourists all over the world still come to see these mirror settings in the fort of Chittod.

Ala-ud-din came and got a look of Rani in the mirror. But his lust did not pacify rather it increased. He thought that this lady is looking so beautiful in the mirror. So, he must watch her in reality and secure her for himself.
The rajputs kept them closed inside the fort. Ala-ud-din seized the fort . Finally, king Ratnasen decided to open the gate and fight till their last breath.

Ala-ud-din had a very huge army and the rajput's army could not bear them for long. When Rani Padmavati heard this, she decided that the women of Chittod had to commit suicide to save their dignity. A huge fire was lit and all the women of Chittod including Padmini jumped into the fire.when Ala-ud-din managed to break open the door of the fort and ascended he found nothing but the ashes and burnt bones. These women had ended their life but their sacrifice is still remembered and praised every where.


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