History of Khwaja Sahib at Ajmer

Khwaja Sahib at Ajmer

Khwaja Sahib at Ajmer

History of Khwaja Sahib
Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti, r.a., came to Ajmer when he was 52 years of age. He arrived at around 587 A.H. (1190 A.D.), It was his divine mission, unique in the annals of Islam. Khwaja'a only shield for the success of his great mission was the most "invisible power" that permeates and sustains the whole universe. At the time of his visit, Ajmer was ruled by Prithvi Raj Chauhan, the famous Rajput king. Prithvi Raj had a large number of powerful magicians with Ajai Pal as their leader in his court.

Khwaja Sahib stayed on a hill close to Ana Sagar lake. This hill is now called Chillah Khwaja Sahib. When the news of Khwaja Sahib's presence spread in Ajmer, people from all religions and casts began to flock to him in increasing numbers. Khwaja gave the kindest treatment and blessings to all whoever visited him.

People of Ajmer and other parts of Rajasthan were very much inspired by his divine teachings and simplicity and this inspired many people to embrace Islam. Hundreds of people became his disciples. Even the then King of Ajmet His Highness Ajai pal submitted himself to the divine powers of Khwaja Sahib. Ajai Pal gave up all his magic and became his disciple.

In the mean time Shahabuddin Ghori again attacked India, in 1192 A.D. Ghori in the famous battle of Tarain, defeated the King of Ajmer Prithvi Raj. When Shahabuddin Ghori came to know of the presence of Khwaja Sahib at Ajmer, he personally came to see him at his place, and enjoyed the grace of his meeting.
Khwaja Sahib's motive was to show the Path of Truth to the people and he continued his teachings in Ajmer. For the benefit of the human kind Khwaja Sahib also sent his disciples and successors to the different part of India. The disciples were asked to serve the people and preach the tenets of Islam.

Few prominent successors of Khwaja Sahib are

1. Hazrat Khwaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiar Khaki, r.a. (Delhi. ob. 1236)
2. Hazrat Shaikh Fariduddin Ganj-e-shakar, r.a., (Pak Pattan ob. 1265)
3. Hazrat Shaikh Nizamuddin Awlia (Delhi, ob. 1325)
4. Hazrat Shaikh Nasiruddin Chiragh Delhi (Delhi, ob. 1356)

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