Trains to Ajmer - How to Reach Ajmer by Train

Trains to Ajmer - How to Reach Ajmer by Train

How to Reach Ajmer by Train

Ajmer is a historic and Holy town for people from all religions. Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chistti is located just 2 Km from Ajmer Railway station and is one of the most visited Dargahs in the world. People from all religions and casts visit the Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chistti to seek blessings. It is believed that Khwaja's Dargah fulfills the wishes of all.

Another importance of Ajmer is the Holy Pushkar Lake. Pushkar is again a renowned pilgrim centre. The dip in Holy Lake in Pushkar is beleieved to of great significance. The only Brahma Temple in the world is also located in Pushkar, just 11 km from Ajmer.

Urs of Khwaja and the Pushkar Fair are the most celebrated events in Ajmer. Thousands of devotees visit Ajmer every day.

There are number of trains to Ajmer from Mumbai, Delhi, Jammu, UP, Bihar, Kolkata, Dehradun and also from Gujrat, Tamil Nadu and other Indian States.

List of Trains to Ajmer with train No. and Arrival Time at Ajmer

Adi Sj Rajdhani from New Delhi (NDLS)
(12958) 02:46 AM
(duration: 6h 51m)

Ajmer Shtbdi Sp from New Delhi (NDLS)
(04041) 01:00 PM
(duration: 6h 55m)

Af Aii Intercit from Agra Fort (AF)
(12195) 11:50 AM
(duration: 6h 40m)

Swarna J Raj Ex from Ahmedabad (ADI)
(12957) 12:37 AM
(duration: 7h 12m)

Ashram Express from Ahmedabad (ADI)
(12915) 01:45 AM
(duration: 8h)

Dee Garibrath from Bandra Terminus (BDTS)
(12216) 04:08 AM
(duration: 15h 13m)

Delhi Sarai R S from Bandra Terminus (BDTS)
(2216A) 04:10 AM
(duration: 15h 15m)

Be Bhuj Exp from Bareilly (BE)
(14321) 08:30 PM
(duration: 14h 15m)

Ala Hazrat Exp from Bareilly (BE)
(14311) 08:30 PM
(duration: 14h 15m)

Bhopal Ajmer Ex from Bhopal (BPL)
(19655) 06:30 AM
(duration: 13h 30m)

Bareilly Expres from Bhuj (BHUJ)
(14322) 05:15 AM
(duration: 13h 35m)

Ala Hazrat Exp from Bhuj (BHUJ)
(14312) 05:15 AM
(duration: 18h 10m)

Ajmer Express from Dadar (DDR)
(12989) 08:15 AM
(duration: 17h 40m)

Uttaranchal Exp from Dehradun (DDN)
(19566) 10:03 PM
(duration: 16h 3m)

Ashram Express from Delhi (DLI)
(12916) 11:11 PM
(duration: 8h 6m)

Chetak Exp from Delhi S Rohilla (DEE)
(12981) 02:22 AM
(duration: 6h 42m)

Dee Porbndr Exp from Delhi S Rohilla (DEE)
(19264) 04:46 PM
(duration: 8h 26m)

Maru Sagar Exp from Ernakulam (ERS)
(12977) 05:35 PM
(duration: 45h 45m)

Gwl Udz Sup Exp from Gwalior (GWL)
(12965) 12:40 AM
(duration: 8h 55m)

Hw Adi Mail from Haridwar (HW)
(19106) 07:28 AM
(duration: 16h 3m)

Hw Aii Mela Spl from Haridwar (HW)
(0235A) 09:50 AM
(duration: 15h 10m)

Indore Ajmer Sp from Indore (INDB)
(0225) 08:15 PM
(duration: 12h 10m)

Aravali Express from Jaipur (JP)
(19708) 11:00 AM
(duration: 2h 15m)

Jp Bct Sf Spl from Jaipur (JP)
(0238) 07:05 PM
(duration: 2h 15m)

Jammu Aii Exp from Jammu (JAT)
(12414) 12:30 PM
(duration: 18h 15m)

Ju Aii Fast Pas from Jodhpur (JU)
(54801) 12:50 PM
(duration: 5h 50m)

Garib Nawaj Exp from Kishanganj (KNE)
(15715) 10:05 PM
(duration: 40h 25m)

Jaipur Sup F Sp from Mumbai Central (BCT)
(0237) 08:15 AM
(duration: 17h 55m)

Mki Pbr Express from Muzaffarpur (MFP)
(19270) 09:50 PM
(duration: 30h 50m)

Ajmer Express from Mysore (MYS)
(16210) 05:25 PM
(duration: 46h 55m)

Uttaranchal Exp from Okha (OKHA)
(19565) 01:20 AM
(duration: 17h 55m)

Delhi Sr Expres from Porbandar (PBR)
(19263) 10:50 AM
(duration: 19h 50m)

Pbr Motihari Ex from Porbandar (PBR)
(19269) 10:50 AM
(duration: 19h 50m)

Rnc Garibnwaz E from Ranchi (RNC)
(18631) 06:05 AM
(duration: 33h 50m)

Ratlam Ajmer Ex from Ratlam (RTM)
(19653) 01:55 PM
(duration: 7h 40m)

Rjpb Aii Spl from Rjndra Nagar Bihar (RJPB)
(0381) 03:40 PM
(duration: 21h 45m)

Ibadat Express from Rjindra Ngr Bihar (RJPB)
(12395) 03:40 PM
(duration: 20h 55m)

Sdah Ajmer Exp from Sealdah (SDAH)
(12987) 03:50 AM
(duration: 28h 30m)

Annanya Expres from Sealdah (SDAH)
(12315) 09:25 PM
(duration: 32h 10m)

Udz Gwl Sup Exp from Udaipur (UDZ)
(12966) 03:45 AM
(duration: 5h 25m)

Ananya Express from Udaipur (UDZ)
(12316) 06:00 AM
(duration: 5h 30m)

Valsad Ajmer Sp from Valsad (BL)
(09053) 09:50 AM
(duration: 16h 35m)

Garib Nawaz Exp from Yesvantpur Jn (YPR)
(16532) 05:25 PM
(duration: 47h 40m)

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