Terror of Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

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Terror of Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Day: 11 March, 2011
Time: 2:46 p.m. (11.16 p.m. according to Indian time)
Everything was going very well. Suddenly, a flow came and everything destroyed.
This is a true accident of Japan. Recently Japan faced an Earthquake and Tsunami that ruined almost half of country.

What Became In Japan

A big earthquake came in Japan on 11 March, 2011 at 02.46 p.m. This earthquake was 8.9 of intensity on reactor scale. Everything was moving for 10 seconds. It is the 5th largest earthquake in worldwide and 2nd greatest ruin in Japan after atomic war. This earthquake was a big earthquake after 140 years.
The centre of this earthquake was 100 km far in ocean from the land and it was 400 km far from Tokyo and 25 km deep. So there a big Tsunami came after this earthquake. This tsunami affected 5 cities and destroyed 2 cities completely.
- About 1800 houses have been flowed, and more than 10,000 peoples got died.
- The Sendai Airport sank completely and 10,000 peoples entrench in the disaster on the Narita Airport.
- 80 places got fired due to earthquake.
- 2 reactors got fired and 1 got auto shutdown out of 6.
- The Govt. Of Japan has declared atomic emergency.
- Radiation of these reactors spread in 800 km distance. The speed of radiation is 400 milisivert / hour.
- There is no light in 40 lack houses.
- Declaration of emergency budget may be possible.
- A ship with 100 peoples has flowed and a complete train got missing from Miyagi.
- First the recession and now the tsunami had been broken the economic bone of Japan completely.

Why Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Japan

Japan has faced 195 Tsunamis. So it is the question that "Why tsunamis in Japan?" and the answer is here:
Japan is situated on four "Tectonic Plates" . These "Tectonic Plates" lies near the equatorial line. The magma movements continuously at the centre of the earth under the equatorial line. These four plates influences due to magma's movements. This result into the earthquakes and tsunamis comes in Japan.

What is Tsunami

Tsunami is a Japan word. That means tsu-ocean and nami-waves.
In totally we can say " The Waves of Ocean".

A System Saves Lacks Of lives in Japan Daily

Japan is known as the country of Sunrise. Japan faces 2-4 earthquakes daily. To escape from these earthquakes there a system works.
"How the system works?"
1. The system records the quakes on bottom pressure recorder.
2. This information reaches to the warning system via recorder acrostic transmission.
3. The data sends to satellites.
4. This data reaches to Govt. and media via satellite.
5. Then warning message declares via T.V., Mobile, Radio, etc.
6. Then peoples run to the secure places.

What Effect on Worldwide

1. According to Red Cross, The existence of many islands of Prashant Ocean may be in trouble.
2. America has tie up his beach.
3. India has no affection by this tsunami.
4. More than 47 countries declared the tsunami alert.
5. Radiation reached to the Ruse and Tokyo.

Steps by Other Countries

1. America has sent 1000 commandoes of navy.
2. India has sent a group of 10 people s for investigation.
3. 30 countries offered the Japan for help.

Effects on Rajasthan

There are more than 300 peoples of Rajasthan's lives in the Tokyo city the capital of Japan. We can therefore say there a mini Rajasthan lives in Tokyo. They have 100 restaurants there. There are more than 30 families of jeweller's lives in Japan of Jaipur.
Although there no worries about it, all of them are in better condition.


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