Bhartrihari Dham, Alwar

The Bhartrihari Dham is a temple of ‘Yogi Bhartrihari Nath’. This temple is a center point of faith and peace. Bhartrihari Dham is a famous temple of Hindu religion and lacs of people visits every year to this temple. The followers of this temple come from every corner of Rajasthan.

The Bhartrihari Dham is a temple of 'Yogi Bhartrihari Nath'. This temple is a center point of faith and peace. Bhartrihari Dham is a famous temple of Hindu religion and lacs of people visits every year to this temple. The followers of this temple come from every corner of Rajasthan.

Origin of Bhartrihari Dham

According to the tales, the temple of Bhartrihari Dham is older more than the thousands of years. This temple was built by the followers in the memories of Maharaja Bhartrihari. There is a 'Samadhi' of great sage Bhartrihari, which is a permanent memory of Yogi Bhartrihari.

idle of bharthari

Story behind the temple

Bhartrihari was the king of Ujjain; M.P. Name of his queen was Pingla. Pingla was a sati and faithful wife. One day king Bhartrihari tests the faith of queen. He gives some flowers to queen and said, "I am going to jungle. If these flowers wither away then you should see me dead."
Spending few days in jungle the king sends his servant to the palace with his cloths which were colored in the blood of any wild animal. Servant goes to the palace and shows the cloths to the queen Pingla. Pingla didn't believe that and check the flowers. They were still fresh and cool. But servant repeated this again and again then she assumes the king dead. Pingla go to the pyre and got dead. The king Bhartrihari hears this news and mourned for the queen. At the same time Guru Gorakhnath comes to the king and put down his pipe in funeral and cries for pipe. King says to Gorakhnath for more pipes then Gorakhnath proceeded to create the illusion queens to 1000. Then he says to king to chose one of them. By seeing this king becomes neutral. From that day king Bhartrihari become a sage Bhartrihari and become the disciple of Guru Gorakhnath.

Bharthari Temple

Natural Location of the temple

Bhartrihari Dham is situated among the hills. This temple is surrounded by hills from three directions. So this generates a beautiful scene to visitors. There are some water kunds from older days, which fulfills the daily requirement of water.These "Kundas" have natural water in every months of year. There are some waterfalls near the temple. These waterfalls alive in the rainy season. So it is very good and beautiful to visit in the rainy season.

There are a large number of guest houses in Bhartrihari Dham. The cooks are always ready to prepare your kitchen food and recipes in these houses. This place has a large number of monkeys but they did not harm anyone. There are many shops and restaurants to breakfast and worship items.

There is also a "Shiva Ling" in the temple. Overall the temple campus has a good look up.

How to reach to the temple

However, the temple of Bhartrihari Dham is situated at a lovable place, but that is a backward area. So there are fewer facilities to travel. So it is a better idea to travel by the personal vehicle to the Bhartrihari Dham. So that, there will not any problem occure during the trip.

The Bhartrihari Dham has the distance of 15 km from Alwar Bus Stand. The capital of Rajasthan (Jaipur) is 120 km far from this temple. This temple is only 3 km far from Alwar main road. There is a short path to go to the "Pandupol" from the Bhartrihari Dham.

Visit by bus:
1. There is a direct tempo service from Alwar stand to Bhartrihari Dham.
2. To visit from Jaipur: The bus leaves visitor 3 km a far. After that visitor can take a tempo.

Visit by train:
1. Jaipur Junction -> Ganj Khedli (Alwar) -> Alwar Stand -> Bhartrihari Dham

Specialities in the temple

Bhartrihari Dham is a temple full of miracles. There is an 'Agni-Kunda' known as 'Dhuna' burn in every season and every time. This temple is related to the 'Nath' or 'Yogi' culture. So Sadhus, Sanyasis, Snake Charmings, Naths, Yogis and other peoples with spiritual powers come here in a large number.

All fairs of lord Shankar (Shiva) organizes in the temple. But there is a special 'Mela' (fair) called as 'Bhartrihari Mela' or 'Bhartrihari Ashthami' is famous for worship of Bhartrihari. This fair celebrates in the month of 'Bhadrapad' on the day of 'Ashthami' after 'Amavasya' according to the Hindu calendar. In this fair millions of peoples visit here and get the joy of fair.


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