Moti Dungari Ganesh Mandir of Jaipur

Moti Dungari Ganesh Mandir, Jaipur is a famous Ganesh mandir. Why is the Ganeshji first holiness? To know more about the History of Moti Dungari Ganesh Temple, About the idol of Ganeshji, How to worship the Ganeshji, Worship and Jhanki timing in Moti Dungari, Occasions and fairs at the temple, Various names of lord Ganeshji, Location of Temple, Address of Moti Dungari Ganeshji please visit here.

About Lord Ganeshji: The First Holiness

Ganeshji is the first holiness lord in the Hindu religion. He is the son of Lord Shiva (Shankar) and mother Parvati. The lord Ganeshji sits on a "Moosak" (rat) and which is the vehicle of them. The "Motichur Laddu" is the favorite sweet of Ganeshji. He is a powerful and naughty lord. "Ridhi and Sidhi" are two wives of lord Ganeshji. Kartikey is the younger brother of Ganeshji. There are two famous Ganeshji temples in Rajasthan. First is Ranthambhore, Sawai Madhopur. And second is Moti Dungari.


Why is the Ganeshji first holiness

This is a legendary story. At that time mother Parvati has no son. One she was bathing. At that time she has an idea to generate a son. So she started to make an idol of a child by her scum. After completing the idol she invigorates the life in the idol and says him to watch the door. After some time lord Shiva becomes the bathhouse then Ganeshji stop him and say to go back. By this event Shiva become angry and attack on Ganesh. In this fight Shiva cut the head of Ganeshji. By hearing this noise mother Parvari come to outside of bath house and saw her dead son. She started to cry and beg for her son's life to the lord Shiva. Shiva attaché an elephant head to the torso of Ganeshji. After that he became "Gajanan". The lord Shiva gifts him that he will always worship before every work and every God.

History of Moti Dungari Ganesh Temple

According to the priests of temple and elder citizens, the king of Mewar manufactures a huge idol of Lord Ganeshji. He took this idol in a bull cart and walk away. He decides to build a temple for this idol at the first place where he will stop. After walking for a long way he stop near the moti dungari where the temple of Ganeshji is situated at this time. After that a businessman took the responsebility to build the temple in the in the inspiration of Mahant Shiv Narayan.

This temple was built in the year of 1761A.D. and in 1818 samwat.

About the idol of Ganeshji

The idol of lord Ganeshji is in sitting posture. Trunk of elephant headed Ganeshji is towards his left hand which is considerd very aspicious. He taken the dishes of "Motichur Laddu". According to Hindu Religion, Ganeshji rodes on a rat. So a big idol of of his ride rat is placed in front of the idol of Ganeshji. Both idols are paste with "Sindoor" known as "Chola". At every month of "Ganesh Chaturthi" this "Chola" replaced by the priests of temple.

Moti Dungari

Ganeshji in the hearts of peoples

Ganeshji hardly lives in the hearts of citizens. At every morning and evening thousands of devotees come to the temple. On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi a huge fair organized. In this fair lacks of peoples gathers. If people have starts a new business or they buy a new car or vehicle then every devotee comes to the temple and makes a Hindu Holy Sign "Swastik" on that vehicle. The "Swastik" is made by the "Sindoor" of "Chola" of Ganeshji. After that, deposit offerings to Ganesha's devotees are like vermilion "Sindoor". They starts their day by seeing the idol of lord Ganeshji.

How to worship the Ganeshji

Devotees of lord Ganeshji worships him with the red clothes, red flowers, red Chandan, Akshat, Ghee lamp, Navaidhya, Dhoop, yellow motichur Laddues. After that keep an odol or poto of lord Ganesh ji on a "Pidha". Devotee can take a mala of Rudraksha, Crystal or Red Chandan.

He should worship Ganeshji by repeating the mantra -" OM GAN GANPATAY NAMAH " or " OM SHREE GANESHA-YE NAMAH" (ॐ गं गणपतये नमः , ॐ श्री गणेशाये नमः).
Thus the worship of lord Ganeshji will ended.

Worship and Jhanki timing in Moti Dungari

Morning Time: 5.00 am to 1.30 pm
Evening Time: 4.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Jhanki in summer:
1. Mangla : 4.30 am
2. Dhoop : 7.15 am
3. Shringar : 9.15 am
4. Rajbhog : 11.00 am
5. Gwal : 6.30 pm
6. Sandhya : 7.15 pm
7. Shayan : 9.15 pm

Jhanki in winter:
1. Mangla : 4.45 am
2. Dhoop : 8.15 am
3. Shringar : 9.45 am
4. Rajbhog : 11.15 am
5. Gwal : 6.45 pm
6. Sandhya : 7.45 pm
7. Shayan : 9.30 pm

Occasions and fairs at the temple

Ganesh Chaturthi : Celebration of the day of Lord Ganeshji
Krishna Janmashthmi : Celebration of the day of Lord Shree Krishna
Annakuta : Celebrates on the next day of Diwali
Paush Bada : Celebrates on any suitable day of Paush month

Various names of lord Ganeshji

Gajanan, Ganeshji, Ganpati, Ekdant, Dayant, Charbhujadhari, Vinayak, Vighanashak, Vakratunda, Mahakaya, Gan-nayak, Ganraj, Lambodar

Location of Temple

Although the temple of Moti Dungari Ganeshji is situated in the heart of or in the center of Jaipur City, but after that, this situated at a peaceful and religious place. There is a little hill known as Moti Dungari. There are two main roads besides the temple so there is no problem to reach at the temple. There are some sweets shops outside the temple to buy the "Prasad". There is a well arranged parking place for your vehicles. The main places Bari Choupar and Hawamahal are 6 km far from the temple of Moti Dungari. There are two famous buildings near the temple. One is Birla Mandir and second is Sawai Maan Singh Hospital.

Address of Moti Dungari Ganeshji

Moti Dungari Ganesh Mandir
Near Birla Mandir,
J. L. N. Marg,
Pink City (Jaipur),



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