How to release toxin from our body

Easy way to release toxin from our body.



This time I'm posting a small article on how to clear the toxins from the Body.

This process is called Shudhata of body.

Basically major of the disease start from the stomach .

So person has to be sure, intestine is functioning very properly.

Once stomach starts functioning properly 70 % of sickness disappears.

There are many ways to keep stomach healthy.

But at present I will explain you how to clear toxins from Body.

Toxins are major cause of much small disease, like skin disease, acidity, eye infection,

Intestine Infection.

Now doctors claim that toxins boost arthritis & malfunction of lever.

There are many ways to keep our body free from toxins.

you can do by yoga asana or you can do by Ayurveda.

Let me tell you how to clear body toxin by means of Ayurveda.

You will need few herbs.let me write point to point wise.

A) Azadirachta Indica leaf powder. It is also called as Neem tree.

B)Triphala powder-

Triphala powder is mixture of 3 different herbs in same quantity.

a) Emblica Officinallis- Which is also known as Amla or Awla
b) Terminalia Bellirica—Which is also known as Baheda
c) Terminalia Chebula—Which is also known as Haradey.

When these three herbs are combined together they it is called TRIPHALA.

Now let me explain you the process.

1) Early morning 4am boil 1glass of water & put 5ml of Neem powder in

water & mix it properly.

Let water cool. Do gargle with this Neem water.

Be sure that water is not very hot.

When 3, 4 Sip of water is left then take maximum amount of water in your mouth &

Keep it Minimum 3 minutes.

This will kill 95% of bacteria which are present inner &back portion of

Tongue & Gums.

On other side doing gargle with Neem water keeps throat

healthy. You can also add salt & turmeric to it. Which will help in

healing the boils on tongue?

2) Now we are proceeding to 2nd step.

Here you just have to take 2.5 ml of Neem powder.

Swallow the neem powder with help of water. OR

You can mix it with half cup water & drink it.

After consuming Neem powder wait for 25 min.

Later drink 6 to 7 glasses of water & wait for 30 Minutes.

You will get instant pressure on your bladder to release urine.

Pass the urine & again drink water, but this time don't have to add Neem.

This process you can do twice a day.

VERY IMP-- Don't do this process more then 3 days.

As neem is an agent to reduce sugar. You have to give gap of 2, 4 days

before starting same process.

3) Now we are proceeding toward 3rd step to take care of our stomach.

After 1 hour of dinner, take 5ml of Triphala powder & drink it with warm water.

This will help to clear the bowel properly.

If you have congested chest, have same amount of triphala powder 3 times a day.

Triphala not only helps to clear the intestine but it also helps in clearing mucus from the chest.

In this manner you can clear the toxins from your body.

Thank you.
Dinesh Mehta


Guest Author: Sushila13 Jan 2011

You have given good tips for release of toxins from our body.

Neem powder mixed in water must be tasting very bitter and may be difficult to gargle or keep it in the mouth for 3 minutes is impossible task.

Triphala comes in tablet form and I am taking this regularly but unfortunately this does not help me in clearing bowels.

Guest Author: sb sidh13 Jan 2011

Sushilaji Namaste & hi.

This is 1st response given by you on my article. Thank you very much.
To tell you honestly, I myself do this gargle every 3days & even my son who is 5 years old, he does same.
Nothing is impossible. There are few steps to do this. More than 70 clients of mine do gargle with this.
First you have to get use to this bitter taste of this Neem leaves. I will explain you how to do this.
For 1st seven days you just consume Neem leaves powder with water. This will help your tongue to get use to bitter taste of Neem leaves. In starting use very less quantity of Neem leaves. After 7 or 10 days just keep Neem water in your mouth for 15 seconds.
Slowly &steadily increase the quantity of powder & increase the duration from 15 to 25 sec.
VERY IMP: Neem reduces the sugar level in blood. So always consume 2.5ml to 4ml Neem powder only. It can be done twice or 3 times a day. But if person feels week then have to take 1 spoon sugar to maintain sugar level.


Tablets do rarely effect. I have been getting complains from all around the world that triphala tablets don't give effect. I have been advising people to get loose Triphala from ayurvedic shop instead of having tablets. Loose Trifala gives good effect. People that started taking triphala powder have seen better effect. Soon I will write article how to make Triphala powder in home.

Thank you

Guest Author: Sushila14 Jan 2011

Thank you for the detailed procedure of getting used to the bitter taste of Neem Powder.

I have been using Neem Powder as face-pack. Applying paste of Neem Powder on the face, and wash after some time makes the face glow and feel fresh.

I think, for gargling, there may be some special edible Neem Powder pack available in the market.

Guest Author: Shelly08 Mar 2011

Thank you for sharing. I will definitely try it.

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