5 painfull days.


MY this article is specially for ladies.

But before I proceed further I want to declare that my article is not commenting anything to spoil the buisness of DOCTORS.
I'm just trying to help those people who can't effort to take heavy medication or can't effort to pay doctor fees.

There is not an single lady on this world who didn't heard of other ladies getting cramp during period time. Yes every 5th lady faces this problem of bad pain.

It is true also, yet Doctors are not sure why pain starts during period.
Maximum to maximum Doctors prescribe painkiller for 5 days & If pain is severe then they give injection.

But story doesn't ends here.
After 28 days again same pain starts,again ladies has to go to doctor give consulting fees,pay for the injection &pay for taxi.
It means total 300 to 500 RS is spend by lady if she gets pain.

IF lady doesn't get pain then there is other problem of heavy bleeding with extreme heavy clots. I'm sure this is experienced by every lady in there past.

Reason I'm sharing this thing with you all because in last 3 months 23 cases had come to me of extremely severe case of cramps & pain.
This 23 ladies came to me thinking that it was paranormal activity of witch craft.

Now best part is this, out of 23 cases of ,2 ladies were from South Mumbai & both are very highy educated .

1 of them is PHYSICS Teacher in COLEDGE.
while other is director of company staying in London.


There were 2 lady Doctors also,they were tired of this pain every month.They claimed that there relatives had done some spiritual work on them.

Well after doing my checking prayer I found out this,there was no praranormal activity seen.As this 2 doctors claimed.

Infact it was an pure period pain at its extreme painfull level.Oh yes Doctors in Australia ,Germany,spain,America & many other country doctors have declared the presence of paranormal activity can be created in human body by means of ANCIENT prayers.IT HAS BEEN PROOVED BY SECONDARY MEANS OF HYPNOTISM IN RUSSIA,INDIA,NEPAL,TIBET,ITALY.

Well what if tell you that I can help reducing the pain to 80% & clear the clots 90% with the expense of30 RS only.YES THATS TRUE.

Let me explain how ?

Just get 4things from the market.
1) measuring spoon-- 1ml , 2.5ml ,5ml.
2) Neem tree leaves--1kg.(wash them/dry it to crispy/grind it to fine powder )
3) Tulsi leaves--500gm(wash them/dry to crispy/grind it to powder)

Neem &tulsi leaves can change those horror 5 days into happy days.

Just giving you details.

As ladies finish with period instantly they should start 14 days course.


a)neem powder--2.5 ml (mix neem 2.5ml & tulsi 2.5 ml together)
b)tulsi powder--2.5 ml

You have to consume both powder with help of water.

2) 1pm After lunch

only neem--2.5ml with water.

3) 10.30 pm After dinner

Neem--2.5 ml
tulsi--1.5 ml

when you finish 14 days course then every alternate day you have to do 5min massage on lower stomach ,that is from waiste to naval & from naval you have to press little hard & go toward inner thigh.You have to do from both side of waiste.
On other side you have to continue with same medication till you get period.
Once you get period then you have to stop medication for 5 days.

In some ladies I have to add more herbs.
If this doesn't give good effect then pls let me know.

I hope ateast 1 lady takes benefit from this article.
I just want to help those poor ladies who suffer alot in period.
Its 5 painfull days.




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