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what is Cervical spondyloisis


Hi friends,
This is an article for people who are suffering from cervical problem.
Doctors association had conducted Survey few years ago they had got result world wide.
According to survey, out of every 40 counts 1 person is suffering minor cervical problem.
Out of 580 counts 1 person having severe problem.
I also got severe cervical spondylosis. Which pushed me to write article on this subject?

Q1) what is cervical problem?

Let me explain you in very simple words instead of using biological words.
As we grow old our body slowly stops growing. In same manner generation of vertebrae &disc between the vertebrae reduces. As time passes this disc between the vertebrae becomes thin.
Disk in between the vertebrae behaves like a cushion to absorb shock on vertebrae bones.

Q2) what is Vertebrae bones.

In back, exactly in center of whole body from head to waist & center between both shoulders, this vertebrae bone are situated. Which start in back neck below end of skull & runs down to the start of hips.
When you place the hand behind the neck, you can feel few bones. Those are cervical bones

Different names are given to group of bones
1) Cervical bones-- 7 vertebrae bone represent with alphabet C. (C1–C7).
2)Thoracic bone--12 vertebrae bone represent T. (T1–T12)
3) Lumber bone-- 5 vertebrae bone represent L. (L1–L5)
4) Sacral bone—they are 5 (fused) vertebrae bone represeny S. (S1–S5)
5) Coccygeal bone---last 3 to 5 (fused ) vertibrae bone.they are also known as (Tailbone)

Q3) what are the symptoms of Cervical Spondylosis?

When these symptoms are seen, its minor cervical problem.
a) Continues pain in neck & shoulder.
b) Continues pain in hands, numbness in hands, and fluctuation of pain according to movement of neck.
c) Sudden swelling in shoulder & hands.
d) Heaviness in neck or frequent headache.
e) Difficult to maintain proper position while sleeping.

When these symptoms are seen, it means its severe case of cervical.
a) Person can't walk in 1 position.
b) When acute pain is there nonstop.
c) Pain is severe. Shoulder & hands are swollen extremely.
d) Facing problem in clear vision due to displacement of spinal cord.

Q4) what causes cervical problem in young people.

a) Continues watching TV by keeping heavy pillow behind head &neck.
Every day watching 1hr TV by keeping pillow behind head can develop cervical after 3 yrs of time.
b) if person keeps keypad on thighs &non stop works on computer looking down can form cervical problem after particular period time.
c) People who do job of polishing of diamond & people who stitch clothes on sewing machine are victim of this.
d) Accident related to neck injury creates cervical problem.
e) Sportsman who participate in games like wrestling, foot ball, Rugby, Boxing, Kick boxing get cervical problem instantly.

Q5) what are the best remedy heal from cervical problem?
Best remedy to cure from Cervical Spondiloisis is as follows-
a) 1st remove x-ray of neck &shoulder portion.
b) Consult orthopedic Doctor
c) Have the vitamin &calcium tablets as advised by Doctor which helps in fighting pain.
d) Even pain killer is advised to reduce pain.

Very imp tips:-
a) Start using very thin pillow while going to sleep. It's better to avoid pillow.
b) Do massage of your neck with good herbal warm oil.
c) Do little shoulder exercise slowly.

1) Join your both palms (hands) together. Move your both shoulder up down.
2) Join your both palms together &rotate your shoulder clockwise &anti clockwise 5 times.
3) Do little of neck exercise very slowly without giving jerk to neck.

In severe cervical spondyloisis-
a) If needed get admitted in hospital.
b) Avoid walking if pain is at extreme level.
c) If broad belt for neck is provided then always wear the neck belt to avoid jerk.
d) Strictly avoid long traveling in car or bus.

Thank you
Sb sidh


Guest Author: sb sidh14 Jan 2011

Friends hi,

Article what I have posted above is not my own experience. I discussed this problem with few other patients in Sanchaity Hospital in Pune.
According to details what I collected during my visit to hospital has helped me to write this article.
I also got few tips from Orthopedic Doctors & Neurotherapist to complete this article.
I really appreciate the cooperation of doctors to support me.
Doctors have given me few detailed information, to recover fast from cervical disease.
Exercise what are mentioned in article does important work of making bone movement smooth.

Thank you

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