Neem Tree & Chemical compound.

Chemical compound in Neem tree, Different names of Neem.

Names of NEEM TREE and its chemicals
( PART 1 )


Neem trees are grown all around India. It grows unto 100ft in height & mostly have straight trunk with hard scaly bark. Fully grown Neem tree has brown grayish bark.
Neem leaves looks similar to rose tree leaves with hacksaw edges. But Neem leaves are 2-3 inch long & light in color compare to rose leaf. Neem leaf taste bitter
In spring white flowers are seen on Neem tree. Further flower develops into seeds.
Seeds are in green color but later they turn into yellow &fall down. Seeds are in oval in shape &it also tastes bitter.
Neem trees are easily grown in any type of soil. Neem tree seen grown on stony, shallow, even they grow on hard surface of earth grows slowly in first 2-3 years then it grows quite fast. Basically according to other trees Neem tree grows slowly compare to other trees. It is said that Neem tree can last to 5oo year .mostly 80%of neem sibling get destroyed in first 3 years of there growing. Because they need lot of sun heat & they can't stand extreme cold first 3years Neem tree needs proper temperature But after 5 years of growing they manage to grow in any type of atmosphere. Older is tree more benefit it has got in curing disease. Neem tree has got lot of medical values according to Ayurveda & today scientifically lot of research is done on this tree.

Q) What are the other species of Neem tree?

There are 2 spices of Neem tree.
1) A. Juss.

There are many varieties found in A. Juss spices.

2) A. Azederac

In this species there is different chemical compound.

Basically all Neem trees has similar chemical compound. It only depends on type of soil it grows.

Q) Which are the best places where Neem trees are grown widely?

Neem trees are grown all-around India. Government of India has put good efforts to grow these plants in most of the parks. You can see Neem trees grown in bulk in park as follows-

a) rathambore National park.
b) Bandhavgarh National park.
c) Mrugavi National park.
d) Sariska national park.
e) Bannerghata National park.
f) Guindy National park
g) Jimm corbet national park.

In Maharashtra lot of efforts are put to grow this trees in Kholapur,Sholapur &many of the villages. Small muncilpalty trying there best to plant this trees on sides of ach road to reduce pollution.

Q) What are the names of Neem tree in different language of India?

Neem tree is called by different names in different state but mostly it is called as Nim or Neem. But still in other region its names are as follows:-

Hindi: - Nim, Nimb, Bal nimb, Neem.

Marathi: - Kadu limb, Kadu khajur, Limba.

Konkani: - Neem.

Sanskrit: - Arishta, Minbaka.

Rajasthani: - Neemro, Neem.

Urdu: - Neem

Gujrati: - Limba, Limbado, Kohalu Limbdo.

Bengali: - Neem, Nim, Neemgachh.

Assamese: - Neem.

Telegu: - Ninbanav, Vepa, Yeppa, Vepachettu.

English: - Neem , Azadirachta indica, Margosa ,Indian bitter leaf.

Q) By what names do other countries call Neem tree?

India: - Neem.
Pakistan:-Nimuri, Kadwa Limbo.
Bangladesh:- Pari Neemgachh, Nim
U.S.A:- Neem.
Latin America:-Nim .
Spain:-Paraiso de India, Margosa.
UK:- Indian Lilac, Neem.
France:- Azadirac de l'Inde, Margosa.
Germany:-Indischer, Zedrach, Grossblaettiger, Niembaum.
Malasia:-Dawoon Mambu, Baypay.
Nigeria:-Babo yaro, Dagon yaro.
Papua New Guinea:-Neem.
Thailand:-Sadao India, kwinin, Dao
Srilanka:-Nimbu, Nimbagaha.
Singapore:-kohumba, Nimba.
Iran: - Neeb, Azad darakth e Hind, Nib.
Keyna:- Muarubaini.
Indonesia: - Mempheuh, Lmba, Intaran, Mimbo.

Q) What type of vitamin, protein,chemicals& chemical compound found in Neem Tree?

Chemical compound in Neem tree varies according to richness of soil.
Chemicals what are given below are always found in Neem tree only the quantity varies according to the soil. In some trees only traces of chemical found is found while trees grown in very rich soil do have heavy quantity of chemicals, which are very help full in making Ayurvedic medicine to treat sick people.

Chemicals found in Neem tree are as follows:-

Sodium, Axalic Acid, Carotene, Vitamin C, Niocin, Ribo flasium, Thiamine, Iron, phosphorous, Calcium, Chlorophyll, potassium, sodium, Salt.

Further classified chemicals

Nimbin, Nimbidin,Nimbidol, Gebdunin,Sodium Nimbinate, Quercetin, Salannin,

Q) What are the other chemical which form therapeutic value in Neem tree?

Other chemicals which form therapeutically values are as follow-

a) Limonoids (in leaf)
b) Margosinone & margosinolone, its derivatives of fatty acid present in inner centre of trunk &branches.
c) Tanin.
d) Phenolics present in whole tree.
e) Sulphor compound found in roots & branches.
f) Terpenoids & steroids.
g) Coumarins like scopoletin,dihydrosocoumarins.
h) Docosane, heetacosane,dctasane,pentacosane, are sub part of hydrocarbon that tree leaves absorb from atmosphere & it is found in tree.
i) Tetranortarpenoids.
j) Flavonoglycosides.
k) Polysaccharides.

Neem tree is also known as Miracle tree. According to Ayurveda Neem tree has capacity to cure major of the sickness. In sanakrith Neem tree is known as ARISHTA. It means 1 medicine for all sickness. In some of the Veda's Neem is called as sister of Sanjinani booty. If other herbs mixed with Neem they do miracle in healing.
Please read the 2nd part "healing power of Neem"

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