Health Benefits of Papaya - Stay Healthy With Papaya

Health Benefits of Papaya, How Papaya is healthy to maintain our immune system, Varieties of Papaya, Species of Papaya, Facts about Papaya, Natural Ingredients Present in Papaya, How to stay healthy with papaya

Health Benefits of Papaya

Information About Papaya

Everybody must haven eaten Papaya once in a year. It is commonly seen in fruit market or you can find raw Papaya in vegetable market. Basically Papaya is a tropical fruit. In past papayas were originally found in Mexico & Costa Rica. From this region it was carried to SAN Damnico & other island of West India. Later seeds of papaya were carried to south India, Srilanka, Malaya. According to the Britannica Encyclopedia 1979 edition, seeds of papaya were carried to other Asian countries also like, china, Philippines, Indonesia &other countries were Mexico, Peru , Brazil.

In India papaya was 1st grown in south India & Papaya seeds were carried to the other parts of India. If you must have noted in Ancient literature of Ayurveda, very rarely any description is given about Papaya. In some ancient Ayurvedic books of 1500 century, which are in Sanskrit, have mentioned Papaya as a foreign fruit.

Structure of Papaya Tree

Papaya tree is grown in moderate temperature & it grows from the seed, which is found in ripe papaya fruit. Trunk of papaya tree is hollow from starting to end of plant. Mostly papaya tree grows with only 1 trunk. Very rarely branches are seen on papaya tree. Thin shoots are also grown hollow & ends with star shaped leaf. Each leaf is divided into 7 to 11 sub division which resemble like imaginary star. Shoots are also hollow. Fruits when grown are of green color. Later when it ripe, outer layer of skin turns in to yellow. Fruits are also hollow from inside & black seeds are found in hollow space. Fruits varies from 7inch to 14inch seize.

Papaya Tree Varieties

There are 2 types of papaya tree.

  • Mexican
  • Hawaii

  • Further they are divided into sub division of varieties.

  • Waimanalo.
  • Sunset pulp (solo)
  • Sunrise (solo)
  • Solo.
  • Mexican Red.
  • Kamiya.

  • Species of Papaya

  • Babaco ( Carcia pentogona )
  • Mountain papaya. (C.puberscens )
  • Chamburu. (C.Stipulata )

  • Chemistry of Raw & Ripe Papaya Fruit

    100gms green papaya contains 26 calorie

  • Carotene equivalent—15ug Beta.
  • K—215mg
  • Na—7mg
  • Fe—0.3mg
  • P—20mg
  • Ca—38mg
  • Ash—0.6mg
  • Fiber—0.9mg
  • Thiamine—0.02mg
  • Protein—1.0mg
  • Water—92.1g
  • Riboflavin—0.03mg
  • Total carbohydrate—6.2gm
  • Calorie—26
  • Fat—0.1
  • Ascorbic acid—40 mg.
  • Niacin—0.3mg

  • 100 gm ripe Papaya Fruit.

  • Ascorbic acid—52-73 mg
  • Niacin—0.3-0.4 mg
  • Carotene equivalent— 710-1050 mg.
  • K— 221-234 mg
  • Na— 3-4mg.
  • Fe—0.3—0.4mg
  • P—15-22mg
  • Ca—20-24mg
  • Ash—0.4-0.6mg
  • Fiber—0.5-0.9 mg
  • Thiamine— 0.03-0.04 mg
  • Protein— 0.4-0.06mg
  • Water— 87.1-90.8mg
  • Riboflavin—0.03-0.05mg
  • Total carbohydrate—8.3-11.8g
  • Calorie—32-45
  • Fat—0.1mg

  • Benefits of papaya in Treatment of Various Diseases

    Papaya has been consumed for heeling of different diseases.

    How to Control High cholesterol Level
    Ripe papaya is very rich in vitamin C & also works as anti toxin agent. It also has good source of fiber combining whole thing it becomes very good source to reduce high cholesterol.

    How to Reduces the Risk of Colon Cancer
    Consuming ripe papaya reduces cancer causing toxin in colon. Vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamin E reduces risk of Cancer in colon.

    How to control Asthma
    Yet it has not been proved scientifically, but it has been experienced by many people having Asthma that consuming ripe papaya continuously on every small interval of time reduces the attack of Asthma.

    Papaya for Arthritis People
    Papain present in Papaya reduces the pain in joints. It has been observed that consuming papaya regularly helps in reducing inflammation in joints.

    How to Reduce Inflammation through Papaya
    Papaya is also used to reduce inflammation on wounds, cuts, bruises, scratches. It helps wound to heal fast.

    Papaya Helps in digestion
    Ripe papaya helps in improving the digestive system. It helps food in getting digested & cleans the bowel smoothly. To boost the digestive system in intestine, Papaya & Triphala is consumed regularly which improves immune system. It helps in clearing the worms & clearing toxins from the intestine.

    Treatment for Intestine worms
    Raw papaya or ripe papaya is consumed regularly on some interval of time to clear the worms from intestine. Papaya, crushed papaya seeds, Neem, black pepper when combined together & consumed it helps in clearing all type of worms. But it should be taken in very small quantity to avoid loose motion.

    Treatment for Skin – (Beauty Tips for Ladies)
    Raw papaya is widely used to glow the skin. It's very easy to make use of it. You just have to rub white portion of papaya for few minutes. It helps to glow the skin & cleans the pores of skin. Face pack is commonly made by papaya & applied on face to glow the face. In Srilanka, Indonesia & other Asian countries turmeric, egg, papaya is applied separately on face to clear the skin.
    It has been proved scientifically & papaya has been used to make shampoos & other cosmetic materials.

    Raw papaya is commonly used to start the stopped period. It has been observed in most villages of Asian countries, ladies consuming raw papaya to start the period or to avoid pregnancy. Once raw papaya is consumed in small interval, pain is experienced by ladies in lower abdomen. Some of the ladies make wrong use of this fruit to conduct abortion.

    While on other hand ladies after delivery consume papaya twice a week to improve the quantity of milk in breast. It also improves the medicinal value of breast milk. Result of experiments shows, consuming the papaya from 6th month of pregnancy increase the weight of unborn kid in womb & helps in providing all nutrients to unborn kid. It has been observed ladies who consume papaya regularly they don't have need to have folic acid tablet to support there daily diet.

    Survey Conducted on Papaya

    Recently survey was conducted by Ministry of Health in Delhi. There was increase in ratio of new born kids in rural area lacking in vitamin & protein. Survey was conducted among middle class family & poor peoples. Result was shocking. Out of 320 families only 32 families consumed fruits once in 15 days & only 4 families consumed papaya twice a month. Some of the families didn't eat papaya for years. While few of them had consumed papaya few pieces while having fruit salad what is sold on road side.

    So, How many times do you have papaya fruit?



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