India's First Sound Film Alam Ara / First Indian Talkie Movie

Article about India's First Sound Film - First Indian Talkie Movie Alam Ara - Cast and Crew of First Indian Talkie Movie Alam Ara - Sound & audio were introduced in Alam Ara, Which was big leap for todays Bollywood 80 years ago.

Alam Ara India's First Sound Film

Cast and Crew of First Indian Talkie Movie Alam Ara

Movie Name: Alam Ara
Alam Ara Release Date: 1931
Alam Ara Movie Banner: Imperial Films Company
Movie Director of Alam Ara: Ardeshir Irani
Music Director of Alam Ara: Firozshah Mistry, B. Irani
Screenplay and Story Writer of Alam Ara: Joseph David, Ardeshir Irani
Star Cast of Alam Ara: Master Vithal, Susheela, Jillo, Prithviraj Kapoor, W.M. Khan, Zubeida Dhanrajgir Begum, Elizer, Jagdish Sethi, T L V Prasad.
Editor of Alam Ara: Ezra Mir
Cinimatographer of Alam Ara: Adi Irani

About Alam Ara - The First Indian Talkie Movie

The first Indian movie with sound track was"Alam Ara". It was released in MAJESTIC CINEMA on 14 March 1931 in Mumbai.

1931 was the year, where Bollywood got the big break and Sound effect was introduced to film industry. It helped Hindi film industry to end the world of silent movies. The first silent movie 'Pundalik' was released in year 1912 and second silent movie 'Raja Harishchandra' was made by Bhundiraj Govind Phalkey in year 1913. For 19 years film industries were ruled by silent movies. The revolution of silent movies came to end with release of 'Alam Ara'in 1931.

There were no singers in this movie. All songs were recited personally by actors and songs were recorded at the time of shooting.
Actress Zubaida Begum, Master Vithal and Yakub Bhai did lot of mistakes while doing shooting & Zubaida begum was almost ready to give the movie to other actress. Soon Prithviraj Kapoor gave his time to focus on Problem of Zubeida Begum and other supporting actors. Each and every actor was given small break and they were asked to practice all dialogs in home. It was not easy for each actor to cope the problem as they were quite used to silent movies.

Zubaida Begum faced lot of problem because she had to learn whole song and sing while shooting. While practicing in home,other family members helped Zubaida begum to maintain the body language. As it was her first film with sound and there were no other scientific facility to remove tears. Zubaida Begum faced lot of problems in shredding tears on many emotional scenes. Same problem were faced by many other actors. Four Supporting actors were changed while doing shooting in whole film. Soon Zubaida Begum learned how to switch from happy scene to sad or emotional scene. Each and every actor realized, they have to put more efforts to learn all the techniques of body language and face expression which is most important part in sound effect acting.

Ardeshir Irani and two of his other partners Abdul Ali and Yusuf Bhai made very good business from this First sound Track Movie 'Alam Ara'. Zubaida Begum had become superstar on the release of 'Alam Ara'. Her acting singing was appreciated by many producers. This movie had very little sound but it was a big hit. On other hand on longer term, it was a big leap for today's Bollywood 80years ago. Though the single ticket cost few annas but for this film, ticket was sold at Rs. 20 to 23 in black. In those days salary of an ordinary person used to be Rs. 7, but there were rich people who were ready to blow the amount to hear the voice of film actors. First Indian Talkie Movie Alam Ara was a hit movie of that time and for many days news paper carried the updated news of this movie. Banners which were put to display on roads were stolen. Tickets of this movie were sold at high prices like hot cakes.

Ardeshir Irani and other two partners were ready to start with there second movie when they had a dispute on money matters on profit of Alam Ara. It was Prithviraj Kapoor and other associates of film industry who helped personally in solving this problem. Later concept of play back singing and using voice over technique were introduced. This helped Mr.Ardeshir Irani to use this new technique in his next film. Today we are hundred times better than our First Hindi Movie but our first step was with Hindi bioscope 'Alam Ara'.



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