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Biography of Bold Niger Javidhi Parsijani

Introduction of foreign actors.

If we go back in 1960 & 70's, we'll find Indian film industry has been making use of actors from other countries. This trend was of using foreign actors & beautiful lady actress was bought by Prithviraj kapoor & then later it was continued by Rajkapoor. In past foreign actors never got the main role but they were used in extras or in songs to support the dancers. Well "Hellen was one of the known Indian actresses which usually performed as foreign actress. Though she is purely Anglo Indian. Foreign actors has been always used in past to create more charm to the screen. We have seen lot of old movies related to freedom fighters of India, where lot of British, Germans national have worked in Indian film industry. Basically important role was of introducing white skin. In olden days we use to call foreigners as Gora, means "white".

Well now Indian film industry is no more lagging behind than Hollywood. Indian actors are seen acting in Hollywood movies & Hollywood actors have been seen acting for Indian movies. Indian cinema has taken a big jump after winning Oscar award. Now Indian film industry welcomes all the actors of different nationals. Many Foreign Actors tried there luck in Indian movies. But most of them failed to sign 2nd Movie. But there are few actors who not only entered Indian film industry but they also managed to sign more movies in this industry what we call it now BOLLYWOOD.

This article is on a foreign actress who faced lot of problems but managed to maintain the level of confidence which helped her to sign more Indian movies.
Yes you are Right,its one and only one



Name—Negar Javedhi Parsijani. (In 2005 after marriage she was called Neger Khan.)

Father Name— Javedhi Parsijani.

Ex Husband Name—Sahil khan

Born— In Iran and bought up in Norway.

School –Finished her high school in Oslo in Lambertseter Viderag & Aring School in Norway.

College—Master degree in Marketing and Master in int'l Business. (Australia)

She also did Correspondence Degree - Master in Film & television. (Australia)


2011 Status- single /Divorce.

Profession-As International Actor & Model.

International Language spoken-English, Pharsi, Norwegian, Urdu, Hindi

Negar Childhood Biography

She was born in Iran in Islamic family. Parents were basically from Afghanistan. Due to frequent traveling in different countries, they were quite habituated to western culture &western clothing. There personality was quite different in clothing compared to other Iranian nationals. Soon they got shifted to Norway. She joined the school in Norway and most of her childhood memories are from there. She almost spends 11 to 13 years in Norway and followed the parent's foot step. She finished high school in Norway itself.
During the young days of her, Mr Javidhi as being a father, he was very strict with his kids. He never liked and supported kids to develop western culture. But Negar mom didn't want to follow any restriction for kids. There were many emotional up & sown in parents other than developing western culture. Later as time passed it became very difficult for both parents to stay together. In last at very early age of negar, her parents were separated. This was the point where tough days started for kids.

School days of Neger

School days of Niger Khan in Oslo was very quite exciting and full of enthusiasm. Negar never stayed behind in any of the school activities. Name of the school was LAMBERSETER AND ARINGI-ENDE SCHOOL.
From childhood she participated in school organized stage shows and dance. She took all responsibility of training kids &helped teachers. In schooldays Neger was like Tom boy. She was totally equal to boys. Like her mother Niger was very bold from childhood. She was good in sports &won few medals for her school team. From childhood she was very much use to western cloths. She was very good in her studies &her both parents put all there effort to educate there kids. Negar father was orthodox type and he use to always stopped Niger going with her friends. Unfortunately Negar was always found with group of boys instead of girls.
As Niger was good in studies, even her friends were very good in studies. This was the positive point for Niger because they helped each other in studies. But Neger father always took things negatively. Due to such small small arguments things got worst &parents had to get separated. Neger finished her XII in same school.
Neger father after getting separated wanted to take kids with him. But looking the situation from all the angles and from kid's education point of view, he allowed kids to continue to study in same school without harming there studies. Later he dropped the idea to take the kids with him and later he continued with his own life.
Neger was growing fast and at age of 14 she use to look like 18. But she was skinny & tall. She was active in all sense and very talented. She was appointed as school leader &also team leader. She carried out her responsibility very carefully. Basically Negar was well disciplined girl in school. At age of 12 Neger did her 1st modeling. Soon there were lot offers for her to do modeling. But her mother refused for this offers as Neger had applied in 3 countries for higher studies.

College days

After finishing the schools, she got the Admission in Australia and she started her master degree course. She made her new friends. In collage also she was doing well. But here in Australia she realized that she had a bigger responsibility on her head than before. It was no more teen kids stuff. So right from the first day she started focusing on her studies instead of doing other things. It was said that in Australia she had gained weight & had become chubby.Studies were little tough for her because it took her little time to suit herself to new atmosphere. In start she had problem in understanding the lectures because of different accent of English spoken by professors. But in 2months time she over came on this problem. Soon she covered all the subjects where she was lagging behind. She had made good friends, which helped her out in her studies. NEGAR COLLEGE DAYS
During her collage days her behavior had changed. She was no more tom boy. Beside her studies she was focusing to start the modeling. In start there were few refusals because of her chubbiness. Which made her disappointed? But soon she got rid of her extra fat. In fact she made her figure so perfect and so curvy that there was no way for anybody to refuse her for modeling. She looked very charming and beautiful. She managed to sign few advertisements in magazines. As days passed her focus on her studies was same as it was on first day. Soon the day came when she got the Master degree in Marketing. Further she continued her studies and soon she also got the degree in Master in Internationa Business.
As she was already focused, she made her Entry in modeling & in Bollywood. Very soon she got the good break in music album. Which was good hit & it opened the door towards Bollywood.

Music Album

1) Charty Jawani.
Neger in saree

Filmography wiki

12) Vita Esmeralda--- (Italian movie)

TV Shows

1)laughter ke phatkey.

2) Iss Jungle sey Mujey Bachao.

Other activities

2009- Neger was one of the contestants in Norwegian Television Reality show in Paradise Hotel.
2009- Negar was again contestant in the International television Reality show "I'm Celebrity---get me out of Here".
It has been observed that Negar has been continuously under eyes of media. Right from the starting of 1st step in Bollywood she has been granted as an item girl. Can I ask why?
I don't know why we all people get fascinated by the negative things of any person and make it like big bubble. Negar got Divorced in 2005 just because of malfunction of wardrobe in Oslo fashion show. I don't see her mistake in this fashion show. It was totally low quality of work done by designer which created problem for Niger in her marriage life. It could be any one of the model. Unfortunately it became the big news all around the world. Road of Life has many detours. We have to think positively & reconsider the good things done by the person. If we start looking at the good things then I think we can cover all the bad things with good things. But it has been seen that we always try to cut dried tree instead of helping it to grow with new fresh leaves. We don't see how much effort is put by person to reach 1 level & we instantly put black spot on any one. No one is perfect from the birth, everybody learns from there mistakes. Try to be calm if anybody does the mistake don't make the big bubble out of it. Which will help the person but it will also help in stopping new negative gossips &new wrong stories.

Thank You


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