Bollywood Actress Meena Kumari Personal Profile

Here in this article you can read the Personal Profile of Bollywood Actress Meenakumari her filmography, Awards and Achievements

Meena Kumari Bollywood Actress Personal Profile

Bollywood Actress Meena Kumari

Meena Kumari was well known personality in Indian Film industry and till her last breath she continued to contribute to Indian film Industry what we call now Bollywood. Meena Kumari is the same girl who was once called Mahjabeen Banu and her name was changed by Vijay Bhatt after her first mk1movie leather face. In her life span of 40 years Meena Kumari had achieved lot of success which until now no actress has managed to reach that level. Meena Kumari, first actress to win film fare award in history of Indian film Industry. Achieving the award was not a big deal for Meena Kumari as time had passed she kept sharpening her talents. It was said that she was the personality to do all sort of acting from comedy to emotional, from aggressive to sad scene. She did each and every role so perfectly that no one could believe that she was acting. She had a habit of absorbing all the knowledge of technique used in acting and later on she used same technique to develop her own personal Identity. In the old news papers and magazines it is said that, it was very difficult for bollywood film Directors and producers to judge in what subject of acting Meena Kumari was good at? Acting was something which was seen in Meena Kumari blood. It was said when Meena Kumari was given the dialogue to shoot, she use to sit for 30 to 50 min to register the whole scene how she has to act and what type of body language she has to use to deliver the scene. After she had registered everything in her mind, then only she would proceed further on the set to shoot. At very early age of 21 she was already called the master of acting. Film “Baiju Bawra" was film where she got the first award. This was the just trailer of her awards.

Menna Kumari (Mahjabeen Banu)Personal Profile

Bollywood Actress Name: Mahjabeen Banu ( From 1940 Meena Kumari)
Date of Birth: 1st Aug 1932.
Meena Kumari Father name: Ali Baksh.
Meena Kumari Nick name: Manju.( Munni, Chinese Doll)
Meena Kumari Mother Name: Prabhavati devi Tagore. (Prabhadevi and Iqbal Begum after marriage)
Meena Kumari Sister Name: Khurshed and Madhu.
Meena Kumari First Movie: Leatherface 1939.
Meena Kumari Marriage: 1952.
Meena Kumari Ex Husband Name: Kamal Amrohi.
Meena Kumari Divorce Year: 1959-60.
Height: 5'3".
Color of Eyes: Black ( looked like 30% Chinese eyes)
Complexion: Fair.
Color of Hair: Black later it was turned to Redish after applying Menendi (heena)
Meena Kumari Personal Facts: She was very good in writing poems in Urdu.
Meena Kumari Interests: Meena Kumari learned to play table tennis game from Mehmood.
Meena Kumari Health Facts: Due to consuming Alcohol her 1st gall bladder were effected. Later on, her liver was very badly damaged in 1970.
Meena Kumari Hobies: To collect expensive historical books and read them, writing Poems.She liked Rose flowers. Later on she developed the hobby of drinking expensive whisky from different countries.
Meena Kumari Friends: Zaibunisa from Mumbra. School friend Fathima, Salma . Later on she was good friend of Madhubala. It was also observed that she was very close to Pradeep Kumar, Dharmendra.
Meena Kumari Debut Hindi Film: Farzand-E- Watan (Leatherface).
Costume Design: “Pakeezah" her last film.

Meena Kumari Books Library Collections

On her 22nd Birthday Kamal Amrohi gave her 21 books which took lot of time for Kamal Amrohi to collect from different states of India. Meena Kumari had great fascination to read Mirza Galib poems. She didn't have any of the books of Mirza Galib. It was said that Meena Kumari had one of the good collection of books in her library. Some of the books were presented to her by Sohrab Modi which was later returned back to Sohrab Modi. Meena Kumari had collection of all the books of school which she had missed in her school days. It is also said that she had memorized each and every word of each book as she never climbed the steps of any school properly. In 1960 her collection of Books was costing 2,60000Rs. Her collection had all the volumes of Mirza Galib, Great Rabindranath Tagore, stories of Premchand. She also had rough Biography of Nehru which was written By Sohrab Modi and it was signed by Nehru itself. It was said that Sohrab Modi was not allowed to publish that book because it contained lot of true incidents which were not suppose to be printed. Meena Kumari collections contained mostly of Urdu books which are from Pakistan. She loved to read books related to poems.

Her favorite books were from author Jibanananda Das from west Bengal. It is said that in 1955 she had traveled to Calcutta to meet poet Jibanananda Das, jabinananda ddasbut unfortunately we don't have updates if she met him during her 5 day stay in Calcutta. But it was observed that she came back with 6 books of poems which were signed by Jibanananda Das. It was said that Meena Kumari was crazy to read books containing poem. She also had few books Sant Kabir. This helped her to improve her daily spoken Urdu. Her daily spoken language was very sweet and she was very well known for putting right words in form of poem in right situation.

Meena Kumari Filmography Career

Sohrab Modi and Vijay Bhatt were involved in getting Meena Kumari married to Kamal Amrohi. In 1952 she got married to Kamal Amrohi and situation in Kamal Amrohi house was little tensed as Meena Kumari was second wife of Kamal mk2Amrohi. But soon Matter was sorted out with help of other relatives. it was seen that Meena Kumari was very happy with Kamal Amrohi. It was also seen that she had great respect for her husband and she was very romantic type during age of 23. They both spent lot of time on shooting together for “Daera" film set up. She loved to spend time with her Husband. Even Kamal Amrohi was very happy and loved Meena Kumari. He wanted to fulfill her all wishes what he could.

Soon in 1956 Kamal Amrohi started his new movie “Ek Hi Rasta" and soon one after another she signed new films and later chain of films was signed by Meena Kumari. Infact Kamal Amrohi had discussed 3 movies with leading actor “Suraiya" which was later given to Meena Kumari. First it was said that Meena Kumari had snatched the movie from Suraiya but after few years small secret was released that Suraiya had asked for big amount to sign 3 movies but after replacement of Meena Kumari lot of money was saved. Later more movies were signed by Meena Kumari.

Meena Kumari List of Films

This were the movies she worked in her early days but she was never successful to get major role until “Baiju Bawra".

Leather Face—1939.
Ek Hi Bhool-1940.
Nai Roshni—1941.
Lal Haveli—1944.
Duniya Ek Sarai—1946.
Bachon Ka Khel—1946.
Piya Ghar Aaja—1947.
Bichade Balam—1948.
Veer Gatokach—1949.
Shri Ganesh Mahima—1950.
Hanara Ghar—1950.
Anmol Ratan—1950.
Lakhsmi Narayan—1951.
Hanumaan Pataal Vijay---1951.
Baiju Bawra—1952.

It had been observed that in between few years she was getting very small rolemk5 in early movies which were not enough to support this family. So she had joined few different stage acting. There she got lot of time to learn more about acting. This helped her lot to improve the acting. From 1947 she started getting good roles. She got the big break for the life time was in film Baiju Bawra. After successes of Baiju Bawra, Kamal Amrohi had increased the signing rate of his wife acting. Success was on every step. It was said just by name of Meena Kumari films tickets were sold. She continued working films after marriage.

Alladin chowk—1954.
Pareenti--- 1953.
Naukakha Haar—1953.
Foot Path—1953.
Do Bigha Jamin—1953.
Daana Paani---1953.
Ilzaam 1954.
Chandni chowk—1954.

In above films audience saw lot of changes in her acting. It was observed that producer &directors were focusing to give Meena Kumari sad scenes. Meena Kumari enjoyed doing films with her Husband till 1953 till release of Chandni Chowk. mk6In 1953 and 1954 Kamal Amrohi refused few directors film which few secret enemies for Kamal Amrohi. It was said that before Meena Kumari had signed Chandni chowk few directors had approached Kamal Amrohi for 5 movies for Meena Kumari. But Kamal Amrohi refused the offer by saying that Meena Kumari not going to sign any more movie for next 4 months as she was fully occupied. After this statement of Kamal Amrohi Meena Kumari had signed Chandni Chowk and Bandhan, which made other directors & producer go against Kamal Amrohi. They starting meeting Meena Kumari personally when Kamal Amrohi was not present with her. Slowly it was seen that Meena Kumari relation were gaining friction between Husband and wife. During that time1959 Meena Kumari was interviewed and this words were said when she was asked how is relation between her and her husband. She replied -
“Ek insaan ko samney wale hasti ka tab tak pata nahi lagta
Jab tak aap us hasti ke saat kuch daer tak na raho"
“shayad meri Kayabi, kuch logo se bardash nahi ho rahi hai"
es liye mere raastey mae kantey bichaney ki koshish kar rahey hai.

It was seen that Kamal Amrohi had started feeling inferior complex on success of Meena Kumar. But nothing could stop Meena Kumari. She gave same respect to her Husband as she use to give before. On other hand Kamal Amrohi was not Jealous on Meena Kumari success but he was worried of gossips which were going on between Meena Kumari and Bharat Bhushan. Later it was observed that Meena Kumari was showing more interest toward Bharat Bhushan.but as time had passed this phase was like bad dream but still there friction between Husband and wife.later more movies were signed.

Naya Andaaz—1956.
Mem sahib---1956.
Ek hi rasta—1956.
Miss mary—1957.
Sattra bazaar—1959.

Most of the above movies contained the role of tragedy role. She was very well known for playing the role of suffering Indian lady or acting in role of widow lady. She was given the Name of tragedy Queen by Indian Film Industry. But there were few movies where she got opportunity to show her talent in acting comedy and light hearted role in “Azad" and “Miss Mary" later more movies were added to her list but only difference was this, she didn't had much support of her husband. She continued to to sign more movies.

Chiraag Kahaa Roshini Kaha—1959.
Chaar Dill Char Raahein.—1959.
Dill apna Aur preet Parai—1060.

Meena Kumari Divorce story
As I have mentioned before few enemies were silently formed, they played good tricks to brain wash Meena Kumari which lead to starting scratches of conflict in there personal life. Both of them had very strong personality,. On one side Meena Kumari was achieving awards after awards on other sides Kamal Amrohimk7 writing were on the top list in Film industry. He had top listed director's movies in hand like Sohrab Modi, Vijay Bhatt and further he was also supporting new directors like Guru Dutt. Meena Kumari wanted a child from Kamal Amrohi but due to personal reason they didn't had there child. It was said that due to religion factor they didn't had there child. Meena Kumari raised Kamal Amrohi 1st wife child Tajdaar. It was seen that Tajdaar was very fond of Meena Kumari and he use to call Meena Kumari as choty ammi. There were many reasons for the conflict between Meena Kumari and Kamal Amrohi. It was said that there were daily clashes on money matter also. As in past Kamal Amrohi had taken the entire amount what was paid to Meena Kumari.

Kamal Amrohi never wanted to separate from Meena Kumari ,he knew some of the producers and directors were playing big game so that she sign there movies to increase there business. They were successful in brain washing Meena Kumari. Later it was seen that they were staying separately. When Meena Kumari started staying separately, during those days few directors were visiting her regularly. Later more movies were signed against Kamal Amrohi wish.

Zindagi Aur Khawaab---1961.
Pyaar ka sagar—1961.
Bhabhi ki Chudiya—1961.
Sahib Bibi Aur Gulam—1962.
Choti bahu---1962
Mai Chup Rahungi—1962.
Kinare Kinare—1963.
Dil ek Mandir—1963.
Aekeli Mat Jaiyo—1963.
Sanjh aur Savera—1964.

In 1962 after success of “Sahib Bibi Gulam" Meena Kumari had received big amount in her own hands due to which Kamal Amrohi had approached Meena Kumari to share the amount. It was said that Meena Kumari purposely had kept the money mk8to check the attitude of her Husband. Later on it was seen that they both could hardly stand each other. It was said that this was the plan played by other people so that they could do good business in there Films. In 1964 Meena Kumari and Kamal Amrohi legally got divorced which was very big blow to Meena Kumari. Her heart was broken, she never expected Kamal to Divorce her. She was very depressed which forced to start drinking Alcohol oriented drinks. Soon it was seen that Meena Kumari was holding Glass 16hrs out of 24 hours. During that time she wrote many short poems and tried to bring her feelings on paper.
“tum kya karoge sunkar mujse meri kahani"
“Belutf zindagi ke kissey hai pheeke phheke"
“Dard jo hamare dill mae hai wo mai kagaj par kaisey batau"
“Humsey kaha bhul huye -e-waqt – mujhe sambhaal le"
During divorce period she wrote many phrases in Urdu.
“Humney hamarey Taj ko kho diya"
“Ek badan ne apni rooh ko tyag diya"
Yeh bi na socha badan tadapte rahegi"
“mai apna zulm kabool karty hu"
“apno ko chodkar gairo ko kabool kiya".
Later on she had send few words to Kamal Amrohi-
Talak to de rahe ho Nazar-e- Kahar Saath
Jawani bhi mere Lautado meher ke saath.
It was seen that Meena kumari was fully broken after her divorced. She kept drinking whole night and avoided sleeping. But she never stopped acting. She kept signing film after films. After her divorce she became more active. In “Ghazal" movie she wanted to contribute her poems but it's not sure her written ghazals were used in movie “Ghazal". It is said that she wanted to sing few ghazals in this movie but her voice use to break in between because of drinking habit. But she kept adding stars to her acting. She added more movies to her list.
Mai Bhi Ladki Hu—1964.
Jadui Anguthi—1965.
Bheegi Raat—1965
Pinjare Ke Panchi—1966.
Phool aur Phathar—1966.
Noor Jehn—1967.
Majli didi—1967.
Chandan ka palna—1967.
Bahu Begum—1967.
Baharaon Ki Manzil—1968.
Abhi Lasha—1968.
Saat phere—1970
Mere Apney—1971.
Gomti ke Kinare—1972.
According to Hindustaan Times, film “Pakeezah" took 14 years to reach the silver screen. Basically Movie Kamal Amrohi had started Movie in year of 1957 but due to up and down relation between husband and wife effected the development of movie. Later on movie was left uncompleted. It was said that 70% of movie was completed. Meena Kumari wanted to complete this movie as her health was going bad day by day. After the divorce movie was fully stopped. In 1969 Sunil Dutt& Nargis watched some reels and both really appreciated the efforts put by both of them to make this movie. Later on Sunil Dutt personally convinced Kamal Amrohi and Meena Kumari to finish this movie because Sunil Dutt knew this Movie going to be super Hit movie.

Further with help of Nargis and other actors further meeting was organized between Kamal Amrohi and Meena Kumari. When Pakeezah shooting had started, it was said Meena Kumari was not at all in condition to talk few words. she could hardly walk. But due to moral support of all the actors she continued to act. Cameraman who knew Meena Kumari from many years rolled on the camera with tears in his eyes bcos after every shot Meena kumari had to gargle with water. There were many scenes where Meena Kumari mouth was full of blood which had to bemk9 cleaned. Kamal Amrohi stopped the shooting many times ,he didn't want Meena Kumari to suffer but Meena Kumari requested &to finish the movie fast as there was few days of her to live. All the well known actors use to visit the set where Meena Kumari was shooting, they gave her full moral support. Even Madhubala, Ashok Kumar, Wahida Rahman continuesly visited her. It was said that in 1970, for 3 months all the shooting of Hindi film Industry had com to hault because everybody had reached Bombay to support Meena Kumari as she was completing Pakeezah in very painful situation. Sunil Dutt had contributed very good efforts. Every body saluted Meena Kumari when Movie was completed. Actually in year 1970 Meena Kumari had completed all her roles in Pakeezah. In next 10 months all the pending work was completed. In 1972 after the death of Meena Kumari film Pakeezah was super hit.

Bollywood Actress Meenakumari Awards Achieved

1954- FilmFare Best Actress Award- Baiju Baura.
1955- FilmFare Best Actress Award- Parineeta.
1963- FilmFare Best Actress Award- Sahib Bibi Aur gulam.
1966- FilmFare Best Actress Award- Kaajal.

Meena Kumari Awards Nominated

mk31956-Filmfare Best Award- Azaad
1959- Filmfare Best Award- sahara.
1960- Filmfare Best Award- Chirag kahan Roshini Kahan
1963- Filmfare Best Award- Arti.
1963- Filmfare Best Award- Mai Chup Rahungi.
1964- Filmfare Best Award- Dil Ek Mandir.
1967- Filmfare Best Award- Phool Aur Pather.
1973- Filmfare Best Award- PAKEEZAH.

It was said that Meena Kumari had put all her experience in Pakeezah. When this movie was started Meena Kumari herself had designed all the costumes, including the curtains what were used in this film. It was said that Meena Kumari personally gone to Rajasthan & Hyderabad to choose the ornaments. It was said that most of the ornaments were of true gold and expensive stones. More than 30 tailors were appointed to stitch the proper Garments. Many Nawab and Rajput family were called to give the guide lines to give the finishing touch. In this movie even Sohrab Modi helped Kamal Amrohi a lot. Each and every actor had contributed there effort by some or other means. It was not an easy job for Kamal Amrohi to finish this movie one handed.

Meena Kumari a true legend
Time has passed, Indian film Industry has turned to Bollywood. Many actors came and went in past years. Some of them started like Meena Kumari as child actress while some of them manage to grab few awards in there life span. Some of the good actress passed away and left there good traces of remembrance. Many of the past actresses tried to copy Meena Kumari. But they could never manage to grab the personality of her. Many actress enterd the film industry just to earn money and vanished from the screen after making good amounts but no one was seen with true soul spirit to contribute there acting from there heart. According to Hindustaan times Meena kumari was only one actor who could finish her shooting after consuming 5 peg of whisky. Acting was in blood of Meena kumari. Every year new actress are introduced in film Industry but white screen is still waiting for another Meena Kumari to be born.


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