Home remedies for Boils

Boils formed due to bacteria.precaution.treatment.

Home Remedies for Boils

This is world of science and as days are passing we find very easy solutions for each and every problem. Now days it's not a big deal to overcome any health problem. But if you go back in past you will find people who suffered a lot because of boils, as there were no facility of acute perfect medication. But now days you visit to any pharmacy, you will get long range of creams and ointment which can heal the boils. Here in cities, lot of teenage boys and girls do get pimples and boils on there face and neck. Which is very common and it doesn't sound dangerous. Doctors don't come across major case of big boils because proper treatment is taken in advance.
But there are still many people in India in small villages, who suffer a lot because of boils. As they are not educated, they avoid going to doctors for proper treatment. As days pass they end up in big mess because of not taking proper treatment. It doesn't only end here; matter goes worst when they get herbal medicines from hakim which mostly spoils the case to great extent. In the last boil becomes so big that it's very difficult for person to tolerate pain.
Let me explain you why this boils come on our body. Mostly we see this boils on the slum area kids and elders, where cleanliness is not there. Though people do take bath regularly but it has been observed that even water is contaminated. Looking at the unhygienic circumstances, germs get deposited on the skin which further enters the skin through the sweat glands. Germs travel through the sweat pores. It develop in to very harmful bacteria which start consuming tissue of our underneath skin.
Slowly formation of pus takes place and further skin gets swollen. In starting the diameter of this boil is very tiny which is near to 0.5 mm later it can become very big to diameter of 1 inch. It has been seen0.5 diameter boils give enough pain to make person uncomfortable. But when it reaches to 1 cm person has to be hospitalized for few hours to go for small operation. It has been observed that people who consume lot of alcohol in warm countries do get such boils or it also happens because of impurity of blood.
neem leavesturmeric

Home remedies for common small boils.

2)Neem leaf powder
3)Onion extract
4)Castor oil.



Take half or 1spoon turmeric powder and neem powder. Take the quantity as required. Take 3, 4 drops of castor oil and 3spoon of onion juice. mix it wit the both powder to make it thin paste. Keep this paste in 1 side. Clean the boil area very properly with warm water or antibacterial soap. After you clean the boil apply the paste on the boil. Wrap it with thin bandage. In 1 day mouth of the boil will soften and pus will ooze out. Turmeric &neem powder will not only heel the wound but it will also kill the harmful bacteria present inside the skin. Do keep washing the boil every 6hour to 8 hour and apply new medication. Also try to keep skin surface expose to sun light, so that wound dries and formation of new skin takes place.

Very important
• Never try to squeeze the boil and remove the pus out of boil. By doing this 10% of bacteria are pushed inside the underneath skin and further develops other boil after few days of period.
• If you don't see the effect on boil after 2 or 3 days of using home remedy, then better consult doctor.
• Never use different herbs on skin when you don't know its application.
• You can consume raw onion, neem leaf powder, turmeric powder separately to clear the toxin from blood. But do consult expert before consuming.

Important Tips For Mothers

It has been observed Mothers who breast feed there kids, do get boils in there breast. They avoid going to doctor and ends up in applying any herbal medication. This practice is commonly seen in villages, as husband is orthodox and doesn't want his wife to visit male doctor to examine the boils. Looking at problem from husband side, mother avoid going to the doctors, instead they use home made medication. Home made medication mostly fails to kill all the bacteria in Breast boil. Which leads to an infection in underneath skin of breast and further milk ducts and pigments are infected. Due to which milk released by milk duct inside breast forms lumps. This is more dangerous for Mother and infants. Mothers who have boils on there breast should avoid feeding there infants. First they have to take proper treatment to heal the boil, later after consulting Doctor only start feeding infants. Mostly it has been experienced infant getting admitted in hospital because of drinking mother's milk. Basically in villages mother do feed there infant when they do have full formed boil on there breast and unknowingly contaminated milk is consumed by the infant, which contains traces of harmful bacteria.

Looking at the all the problems created by boils, best thing to keep our self clean. Have bath daily with clean water. Use proper soap while having bath. Keep healthy diet. Reduce intake of Alcohol during summers. In the last, always consult doctor or herbal expert before using any medication on boils.

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