True fact of science and human body

Knowledge of bone, artificial blood,finger prints as identity , honey bees.


Every person thinks, they knows their body very well but unless person is Doctor or until person doesn't do deep study of human body they don't come to know the true facts of human body. This is few fact of Human body which may surprise normal person like us.

Facts Of Human Body

1) Human bones are stronger than concrete. Unless person is suffering from some sickness which makes bones weak and brittle.
skeleton2) Fully grown human body contains 206 bones. Out of which human feet contains one quarter of bones.
3) Person ribs, which are situated inside chest, moves 5 million times a year. Ribs move each time on every breath you take.

4) To our surprise human heart beats 100,000 times a day.

5) It's very difficult for person to kill himself by holding breath. Until now recorded death by holding breath in last 80 years are below 30 people.

cock6) Person is called dead if person head is cut from the body. But Cockroach can live more than 5 days with no head.

7) In this world 6% of population is left handed. Ratio keeps fluctuating every 10 years. Fluctuation is very high. It had reached to 15% in year 2002.

8) According to science study, Right handed people stay healthier & live 9years more than left handed people.

9) Ratio of Left handed people having Diabetes is more than Right handed people.

10) Human toe nails grow at much low rate than finger nails.

printear pinna11)Every individual person is unique in this world. According to science twin brother or sister may have similar faces with minor difference but their finger prints are completely different. According to Deep study of finger prints, it is said that no 2 person can have same finger prints without altering the prints by means of latest cosmetic surgery. In 1996 American Doctors related to crime branch were puzzled when 5 pair's different finger prints were found in 5 different countries. Out of which Saddam Hussain of Iraq had 2 identical duplicates people were found in Iraq itself. Since that time dental print records are kept for Identity of person. Recently it is said even human Tongue and Ear pinna can be used as identity. In USA- LAPD has started practicing to keep print of dental, feet toe finger print, ear pinna photo of Drug mafia.

12) Men eyes are stronger to tolerate irritation in eyes created by dust. It has been observed that ladies blink there eyes twice then men. In some cases it has been found ladies blink four times than men.

13) Today science has managed to replace human blood with pig blood after doing some alteration in pig's blood. Yet it has been not declared as common practice. In 1667 Jean Baptiste was the first doctor who transfused 900ml sheep blood to young man. Today Doctors has to take proper permission from authority to replace animal blood to human's blood. To get success in animal blood transplant in human body, it took many years of study and billion of dollars are spend to get the success. But what the use of spending so much effort & money when it's not used for human man kind.

14) The ratio of people allergy to cow milk is on high than any other food substance.

honey 15) Honey Bee sting kills more people than snake bites, it is said 7 to 15 sting of honey bee can kill weak or sick people including young kids.

16) But honey is the only food item which doesn't get spoiled even if you store it for centuries. According to the past research Archaeologist happen to find honey in tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs and it was studied under microscope. They were surprise to learn, honey remained fresh for more than 3000 yrs and still it taste same as fresh without any presence of fungus.


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