Woman’s Day And Kareena Broke Her Silence For Womans Security

Kareena has broken her silence and she has stood up to stop the woman harassment.

Woman's Day And Kareena Broke Her Silence For Womans Security

This article is not an entertainment article, but this article is for opening our eyes towards harassment experienced by our daughters and sisters every minute. Yes!!! From last few years we have also started celebrating woman's day. On every Woman's Day you must have got a wishing SMS on your mobile phone or you must have received wishing mail in your mailing address. But what you going to read are truth which each and every person knows.

Every year Woman's Day has been celebrated but it has been seen that this celebration of woman's day has got it boundaries. Woman's Day is yet only known in cities and areas which are near to cities. There are still countless villages in India where ladies are treated with very ill manner. According to survey done last year, we get only news which is very serious. Such news we get from the media by means of TV news channel. If you want to know the truth , then you have to visit villages and stay over there for few days and have experience how men treat ladies in there home. k
Until now no Bollywood actor had come forward to support NGO to create the awareness to secure the ladies. But not any more, Kareena Kapoor has broken her silence and looking at the right opportunity she has hit the hot pan with the hammer. Kareena has put her 1st step to spread an awareness campaign advocating not only the safety of woman's but also giving the equal Right to the woman. According to sources lot of other actors are going to start joining Kareena to support this campaign. Kareena has given 4 interviews in last 12 months on this subject. In her last recent interview she gave full lecture of 45 min nonstop to spokesman who has recorded each and every detail what has been said by her.

She wants government to take serious action to secure ladies so that girls and woman's of whole India get relief from such vulgar harassment. She has specially mentioned about Delhi and Noida. Spokesman said that Kareena has been working on this project from last few years. When she had done shooting in train compartment in one of her past movies. She was fully surprised by observing the advertisement sticker stuck on the wall of compartment got many threads what's going inside Mumbai

Kareena is going to sign a petition and present it on the DESK OF PRESIDENT OF OUR COUNTRY, SHREE PRATIMA PATIL.
She is first Bollywood Celebrity to sign the petition to secure the ladies of India. Spokesman said Kareena was shaken by many news of last 2 years related to harassment to woman. When ever media released the news of lady harassment she always got upset. In 2009 she had spoken to few Directors on this matter but nothing much progress was seen. But news of Bengaluru BPO workers and other few cases of ladies burnt alive made Kareena to stand up and start the action. According to the spokesman Kareena has managed to get lot of detailed information which has been given below.
"Every third day I happen to hear some or other bad news related school going young girl or news related to death of house wife". Just 2 days before the woman's day a suitcase was found with the dead body of the young lady on Sandhurst Rd railway station in Mumbai. Due to this incident Mumbai police came into action and solved the case. We only get such news to hear. But let me tell you Truth of Mumbai and other cities of India. Though Government has asked all the Gynecologist Doctors to avoid mentioning baby boy or girl before Delivery of baby, but yet more than 960 abortion are done every month in Mumbai in different clinic. This abortion is done legally with documents. Reason for this abortion is basically to avoid girl where family wants boy. But reports are made of other reasons.

It is not only in Mumbai but in our whole country; 20 school going girls or ladies are harassed each minute of 24hrs. Numbers really make our eyes go big when we calculate it for 24hr. Unfortunately out of so many cases only 5 cases get registered in 4 days. It has been seen no parent step forward to write complain in police station.
According to source it has been said that more than 1800 illegal abortion take place every 3months in small clinics in Mumbai itself. In past when I was doing shooting on railway station in Mumbai, I just happen to enter the local train as it was not going any were. I just needed 5 min relaxation when my eyes went on the advertisement of different clinics. I believe it had been seen and experienced by each and every person traveling by Mumbai local trains, each and every train compartment had many small clinic advertisements stuck on the walls or ceiling. Very clearly it mention "Get abortion done in 250Rs only" This abortion are done illegally who become victim and there parents don't rise voice against such vulgar activities. Now as government has come to action such advertisements in train compartment are not seen.

In 2009-2010, Delhi had broken the record, every day different police stations use to get minimum 15 calls in 24 hr related to child molesting, mostly it were complained by the parents against some young boys but they didn't want to come to police station and file the complains. Now time has come not only to celebrate woman's day but also to educate people to have respected image of woman in there mind"

Spokesman said lot of efforts is put by Kareena Kapoor to get all this details. Its not 1hour work or 1day work, its her dedication to solve this problem and make awareness to treat ladies with respect. She has been tracking details from last 3 years. I hope her effort doesn't go in waste.

It is very simple, unless we don't educate our self and change the mind of our close friends we don't expect to see things turning to positive. We don't want violence; we only want you to change yourself, if you can have good image and respect of woman in your mind then of course you can proceed further to change others. Let us work hand in hand and try to educate our self then we try to educate others. I hope as we do this one day no woman will be harassed in this world.


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