Aamir Khan Adopting Strict Rules

in this article you will see how mobile phones controll s the daily life and delays celebrity work on sets.

Aamir Khan Adopting Strict Rules

It has been seen and experienced by the sources; Aamir gets upset while working on set when some thing interrupts during working hour. Due to many unwanted disturbance not only his but also other team people get demoralize to give best short at one time. Aamir Khan has made a good list of things which people should avoid doing while doing important work. In his list avoid using of cell phones is on the top of all other things.

Aamir has asked his team people to adopt strict rules while working on set or doing some other important work.a It has been seen, these rules are not for others but he also follows rules made by him.
Aamir has been working on a new film directed by Reema Katgi. During the shooting there were 6 breaks in 2hour time due to which lot of time was wasted. In starting other team people including leading people behind curtains were busy. Excuses were given like talking on phone to bank manager. On other side Camera man was missing in action for 1 hour. Lights were not fixed properly because of lack of communication.

When everything was ready to flow properly, it was seen that Kareena was not focusing on camera instead her eyes was focused on her Blackberry to see if light went on for any new text message. Many times Kareena left the set to check her mobile for new message. Looking at nonstop small breaks and nonstop buzzing of cell phones of different team people, Aamir got irritated and laid down the time boundary to use the phones. Until now no one had dared to ask Kareena to avoid using phones during shoot time. This is first time Aamir got irritated and asked Kareena to avoid phone, for 1 min she was zapped but soon she realized that he was saying for her goodness. Aamir explained her, due to her phone she was giving her full attention on her both phone instead of giving 100% attention to her acting skills.

kKareena got 2 cell phones one is on stand by while other phone is always active. She asked Aamir to talk to Saif Ali Khan who keep calling her during his break time. Saif on other side is doing his shoot for Agent Vinod in Delhi. While talking to Saif, Aamir explained to him that Kareena can't focus on the set because of his frequent calls or messages, which is effecting others and reducing her acting talents. Aamir said to Saif that "your Bebo is quite safe here so need not worry". They both ended the conversation laughingly and Saif agreed to the Aamir. Since last 6 days Kareena has been using her phone after she gets free from her set. Reema Katgi and other team people appreciated the effort put by Aamir to increase the working hour by reducing the breaks.

Aamir is person to follow all right discipline during his working hour. He doesn't keep his phone with him when he is on set or with some important work. It is said that Aamir worked hard 30 hr in 3 days to watch the World cup finals. He was not seen with his mobile when he was in stadium and focusing each and every ball played by Indian team. Sources said Aamir had tears in his eyes when he saw Harbhajan and Yuvraj crying in happiness.
After India won the World cup 2011, Aamir says this is the Indian Cricket Team work and unity of each player to give there undivided focus on cricket.
Next day Aamir gave his statement to his all team people working on Set by saying "Untill you don't give your Heart and mind to your work, you will never get the result".

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