Mumbai BMC 2012 election results: Rise of MNS and future of all political parties in Mumbai

In this article you will find the detailed results of the BMC 2012 elections with detailed analysis. This article also deals with what this result means for all political parties in Mumbai including the rise of Raj Thackrey led-Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, Uddhav Thackrey's Shiv Sena, Congress, BJP and NCP. Although Shiv-Sena BJP alliance won these elections, still the future doesn't look bright for the saffron alliance.

BMC 2012 election results

The Shiv-Sena BJP and RPI combined 'Maha yuti' as it is referred these days has won 107 seats in the BMC 2012 elections. The results for the BMC 2012 elections were declared on 16th Feb, 2012. There was huge celebration outside 'Matoshri', the residence of Balasaheb Thackrey - the founder of the Shiv Sena. Here are the results for the 2012 BMC elections

Voter Turnout: 45%
Total Seats - 227
Number of seats won
1. Shiv Sena - 76 (82)
2. Congress - 51 (76)
3. BJP - 31 (28)
4. NCP - 14 (14)
5. MNS - 28 (7)

In power - Shiv Sena - BJP alliance

Note: The figures in bracket are the numbers in the BMC 2007 election results. For details of the previous results of BMC elections, click on History of BMC elections results

Rise of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena MNS in the BMC 2012 elections

Before the BMC 2012 elections, it was speculated that MNS will play a spoilsport for all the major political parties in Mumbai. It was also expected that MNS might have to play the role of kingmaker since it was open to support any alliance if the time came. With Balasaheb Thackrey urging Raj Thackrey to join hands if it was needed, it was evident that MNS was no turnover party any more. It had gained enough strength. Although, the BMC 2012 election results did not upset the dreams of Shiv Sena coming into power, these elections will be remembered for the rise of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena. If you look at the seat distribution, MNS rose nearly 400% percent to a total tally of 28, almost twice the tally of the Nationalist Congress Party which has been trying to strengthen itself in Mumbai since its inception in 1999. With sweeping all the 6 seats in Dadar Matunga area, MNS has proved that it is no longer a small party with very minimum reach. Its success in Pune, Nashik and rest of Maharashtra in spite of the lack of resources and funds is phenomenal to ay the least. Many attribute this success to the dashing nature of its leader Raj Thackrey. The only way in future for MNS is upwards, which sends signal of danger to the other political parties in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

Bhartiya Janata Party BJP in the BMC 2012 elections improved

With the saffron alliance in Mumbai joining hands with the Republican Party of India(RPI), it was evident that the alliance was weakening. Congress NCP coming together for the first time in full force against the saffron alliance was the signal of danger for the Shiv Sena-BJP. With the strength of Shiv Sena, it was actually BJP who might have suffered the most. But fighting against all the odds, BJP in fact bettered their performance from 2007 elections and ended at a final tally of 31. In fact, the victory of BJP in so many seats was the reason why the saffron alliance could dream of power again at the BMC in 2012. The BJP after MNS was the only political party to have improved on the tally of seats. And like MNS, BJP would take solace from this victory and can celebrate their success.

Shiv Sena in the BMC 2012 elections held ground

A victory in the BMC elections for the fourth consecutive time is not a joke. And this in spite of the coming together of the Congress and NCP, two large national parties and also the rise of MNS and its gaining popularity. Although Shiv Sena won 6 seats less in the BMC 2012 elections compared to 2007 elections, it is still nevertheless in power. The success is attributed largely to the involvement of Balasaheb Thackrey in the final days of elections and the posters and banners of 'Karun Dakhavle'. It struck a chord with the Mumbai people and they felt that another chance must be given to the Shiv Sena to improve the infrastructure of Mumbai. Shiv Sena has 5 years of power, but with declining health of Balasaheb Thackrey and the rise of MNS and gaining strength of Congress and NCP, it can no longer survive on the traditional emotional support of people of Mumbai. If Shiv Sena dreams to hoist the saffron flag on the BMC again in 2017, it must show development in infrastructure and improve the conditions of Mumbai, which become worse and worse after every rainy season.

NCP in the BMC 2012 elections

Although NCP was never a big player in the BMC elections, bu this doesn't give any excuse to the appaling performance of the NCP in the BMC 2012 elections. They had the strength of Congress, a national Party, this time and yet they could manage just 14 seats, the same as those won last year without any support from Congress. It was a disappointing performance for the NCP and the alliance with Congress certainly did not help the cause of NCP in any way.

Congress in the BMC 2012 elections

Congress was the biggest loser in the BMC 2012 elections, not just from the seats point of view - almost 25 seats less than last elections., but also from the internal rebellions and the disorganized nature of the party in these elections. BMC 2012 elections was the worst ever performance of Congress in BMC elections, which was in power 20 years ago when the Shiv Sena started its reign. With sufficient resources, funds and manpower, Congress could have done a lot better. They need some serious retrospection in future and if they dream to rule the BMC one day, they have to deal with the rising power of MNS as well as the BJP and have to strengthen their ties with the NCP who are also losing their way a bit in rest of Maharashtra since 2007.

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