Lack of money and the problem facing by Orissa People

The importance of money in daily life, the problems created by the money and everything which should be known by everyone about money is described in this article. This article will help you to understand everything about money.

Poverty and suicide followed by lack of money

It is really unfortunate that one gets to hear of daughters belonging to a poor family committing suicide. This is a consequence flowing out of the poverty of their parents and the persistent demands for money in the form of dowry by certain greedy people. Such people are the family members of the boy who has been identified as the prospective son-in-law.

The daughters who see their poor parents depressed due to their failure to get a matrimonial match for them feel guilty of being born as females. Sometimes in their plight and frustration the parents curse, abuse and even beat up the daughters. Such instances recur and the frequency sometimes depends upon the number of failures emanating out of marriage negotiations.

A story of a rich men

A rich man returned from his world tour. During his absence his servant was living in "his house. Except for the drawing room, kitchen and a toilet all the other rooms of the house were locked. The master returned home and lodged a complaint with the police. He accused the servant of doing away with a sum of Rs 3 lakhs. He lied that he had left the money locked up in the cupboard, which was kept in the drawing room.

The police came and interrogated the servant who was taken into custody. The police even assaulted the servant. He wept and pleaded innocent but it was all of no avail. The poor servant served a sentence for a crime that he had never committed. The poor man knew that he had been made the scapegoat. He knew that evidence had been manufactured against him.

The master lodged an insurance claim and realized the money that he had never lost. On receiving the money his heart danced for joy the way a peacock dances before the arrival of the rain. The money had reimbursed him the expenditure incurred on his world tour. The money had brought with it the crying curses of the innocent servant. The man had thought that the servant was too poor to either defend himself or do any harm to the master.

The innocent servant felt that the guilty master had taken full advantage of his poverty and gone scot-free. Years rolled on. The poor servant had been freed. One day he went to buy groceries from a shop. All of a sudden he saw the picture of that monstrous master on a packet that was made by using an old newspaper. The shopkeeper read out the news to the servant. Another domestic servant who was working with the master had killed the master.

Using a cycle chain he had strangled the master to death. The master had roped that servant into a similar situation. He had failed to succeed in trying his old tricks. After all, every day is not a Sunday. History had done its justice. There are some rich people who feel that the poor are unprivileged or under-privileged. Such people do not realize that the poor are actually over-privileged. This is because the poorer a man is; the closer he is to God.

Sexual harassment of girls

This drives the girls to face dire consequences including sexual harassment by some perverted men and sometimes even I he chastity is in jeopardy. The future is looked at with complete disillusionment and the desire to live is lost forever. When all the daughters are of marriageable age then each one has the same feeling almost simultaneously.

Where there is an age difference between the daughters, then the younger ones are sure of facing similar consequences in the future. The girls come to a decision of committing suicide and more often than not they resort to the same means. Lives are lost in the family and the hearts of the poor parents are broken. Really this is one of the many misgivings of being poor. Thanks to the money mongers who keep dying for dowry failing to realize that the qualities of the girl are far more important than the dowry brought by her.

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