People`s music and its creator Dr.Bhupen Hazarika.

The lyrical expressions of Dr. Bhupen Hazarica is one of the most important factor of his life long dedication.He dedicated his life for the upliftment of broad masses which can be proved through his lyrics.I am trying to elaborate his personality through the inner expression of his popular lyrics I AM A WANDERER - Moi Ati Jajabor.

Present trend of modern music and expectancy.

Music reflects the inner feelings of human expressing the reality of life and tradition. The upward and downward trends of societies are carried by the music for future generations. The experiences of human societies which have been gathered through the passages of generations can be traced in their respective lyrics. But what can be expected from the singers and lyricists of modern era whose creations are going to be market or profit oriented? When music becomes a marketable product it decomposes the antique quality of aiding people in need and diverts people to outward fanatical merriment. All this subjects are not yet been vocalized deeply by any scholars and critics of our state. Because it is observed that in our profit oriented social atmosphere the trend and tendencies of personal gaining and outward development is getting priority. It is a common phenomena of Americanized culture which has been adopted in the developing countries of North East Asia. The democratic feelings of development and people`s liberation from various socio-economic bondage is also going to be eroded under variegated multinational economical propaganda. The polluted culture exterminates the utmost truth of people`s songs encouraging the hedonistic culture. So to outline the progressive characteristics of art and culture, resisting the irreversible decline of `art for people`s shake` philosophy and to lead the broad masses to the desired path of attainment, an approach of scientific analysis of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika`s dedication and lyrical dictations are to be made with depth of heart.

Demise, reverence and reality.

The death of the legendary artist has been shocked the country and millions of people gathered to pay homage to their cultural mentor. The whole world witnessed the unbelievable and unprecedented reverence of people to this great saintly artist. Singer-composer, film director, writer, scholar, social worker Dr. Bhupen Hazarika died executing 85 years of his life. President of India expressed that ``Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was a creative genius whose deep baritone voice was instantly recognized by poetry and music lovers across the nation. His use of folk music with a touch of contemporary made his composition unique in its own way". President of India rightly expressed that Dr. Bhupen Hazarika used folk music with a touch of contemporary which made his composition unique. Everyone will realise the very talent of this music composer as expressed by the President of India. We are grateful to our esteemed President. But I would like to emphasize on the word contemporary through which the meaning of people`s music can be understood. Actually the estimation of Dr.Hazarika`s dedication and art works will not be valued on the basis of folk and contemporary music mixings only. These types of jobs are going on in various studios of Guwahati, Mumbai, Chennai and in many places of our country and abroad under the supervision of new entrants of music world. It has no any newness and adorability for the struggling people of this world. Actually Dr. Bhupen Hazarika tried to mix the folk life with the contemporary life strengthening its roots in country`s soil and to lead a bold life of all round success and prosperity. The whole hearted devotion of this legendary artist is seen only in stimulation of people`s culture for better life irrespective of race, region and religion.

Aims and objectives of his music and lyrics.

The aims and objectives of his musical journey revealed that he tried to lead the people to light; lead the people to fight, lead them to conquer the contemporary and tried to lead the contemporary to be the explanatory of future. It was expressed by him in one of his electronic media`s interview that he used his music and lyrics for social change. He openly proclaimed about his affinity to Karl Marx, Maxim Gorky, Paul Robson and about those who has been fighting and shall fight on to establish such a society where the comprehensive equality is always patronised exterminating all sorts of dogmas and manmade economical collusion of imbalance. His art works vehemently oppose the slavery system, manmade poverty, injustice, racism, and the factors which segregate people for the benefit of competent class. Let's have an example from one of his lyrics.

Lyrics of the song I am a wanderer. – Moi ati Jajabor.

Moi Ati Jajabor Dhorar Dihinge Dipange Dauru Nibisari Nija Ghor.
Moi Luitor Pora Mississippi Hoi Volgar Roop Salu, Ottawar Pora Austria Hoi Paris Saboti Lolu.
Moi Ellorar Pora Purani Rahan Chicagole Korhiyalu,Galibor Sher Dushambe Minarot Suna Palu.
Mark Twainor Samadhit Bohi Gorkir Kotha Kolu, Bare Bare Dekhu Bator Manuhu Apon Hoise Bor. Saiye Moi Jajabor.
Bohu Jajabor Lakhya Bihin Mor Pise Aase Pon, Rangar Khoni Jotai Dekhisu Bhagai Diyar Mon.
Moi Dekhisu Bohu Gagan Sumbi Atralikar Sari, Tar Sayante Dekhisu Katona Grihahin Nara Nari.
Moi Dekhisu kisu Ghoror Sanmukh Bagisare Aase Bhori, Aru Dekhisu Moroha Phulor Papori Okalote Pora Sori.
Bohu Dese Dese Griha Das Dekhi Sintita Houn Bor , Monor Manuh Bohutai Dekhu Ghorote Hoise Por. Saiye Moi Jajabor.``

Vexation of competent class and inner meaning of the lyrics.

The legendary artist visited various parts of Mississippi, Volga, Ottawa, Austria, Paris, Chicago, Dushanbe, and studied the people`s life belong with these areas and countries. It was observed by the artist that the common people and labouring classes are facing the same fate everywhere. The history of labouring people has been witnessed by the banks of Mississippi. Everyone knows the blemishes of cotton cultivation in 19th century. It is not possible to wash off the blood stains of American Africans labours from the history of cotton cultivation. So the people belong to the banks of Volga approached for a new horizon of socialism. Because it was observed that the civilizations grounded in the river banks was enacted with polarized culture of rich and poor, owner and worker under the patronage of competent minority. Bold approach of making dyke of domination and corruption got full form sponsored by the said competent class. The same scenario was continued in Ottawa. On the other hand though the arithmetical expression of GDP (Gross domestic product) of Austria showed agreeable (it is still attractive) but the fate of labouring people had been maintained similarities with the rest of the world. Paris is the capital and largest city in the North American continent located in the banks of Seine River. The song of French lyricist wrote in 1954 which is immensely popular as the Poor people of Paris shows us the nefariousness of earthly pleasure and luxury. Chicago has a history which is full of various disturbances, violent aggressions and ethnic clashes of bloodshed. Such situation may occur anywhere in course of time. So the necessity of passing over such unbearable inhuman atmosphere was felt by the saintly artist with the help of ancient lessons of Ellora. Because it was Ellora (world heritage site – India), which teaches us about the tolerance for tranquillity and ethno-religious harmony through the combined features of Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. The integrity and fraternity of ancient Indian civilization is to be followed wherever and whenever the Chicagoan situation arises. He tried to evaluate the similarities of thought in between Maxim Gorky and Mark Twain. The dramatist artist Maxim Gorky`s literary dissemination of socialistic realism and the displease of Mark Twain father of American literature with imperialism. Through the lyrics he showed the viciousness of tyranny and inspired people to protect themselves eradicating the devils of dollars. Abundance of wealth inside the palaces and the ugliness of crisis in its shadows are still world phenomena. So he tried a lot through his devotional artistic journey to demolish classes and castes of our society to establish peaceful congressional progressive platform where everyone gets the opportunity of enjoying the fruit of progressive human society irrespective of cast creed and religion. Because the tormented life of common people in the shadows of sky kissing multi-storeyed buildings are going to be permanent without being obstructed boldly.

His endeavours and present scenario.

In true sense Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was world citizen who tried to lead people to establish a world of equality. His creations were not market oriented and he kept himself aside from the trend of entertainment tradition. But unfortunately today many journalists and intellectuals indirectly try to establish that some one of our modern artist will fill the gap which has been created through the demise of the legendary artist. In this context it must be proclaimed here that the name Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was not a designation which can be deserved by any so called artist through promotion. The gap which was created after the demise of Shankardeva, Madhavdeva, Lakhinath Bezborua, Jyotiprasad Agrawal, Bishnu Rabha, Phani Sharma has not been filled by anyone. The same case will continue in case of the legendary artist Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. Today our singers, musicians are diverting themselves to be the dolls of entertainment under the roof of multinational companies and their product sellers. These market oriented so called artists have nothing to do in the track of the great saintly artist. It is the duty of struggling masses, various ethnic groups, and tribes of North East India to protect the ideology of this mighty artist for their emancipation from various disasters, anomalies and atrocities faced by them in the name of baseless progress of authoritarian modernism.


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