Rivers in Himachal Pradesh

Rivers in Himachal Pradesh

Rivers are the most features of the Himachal Pradesh. These are very useful for us and for agriculture. Himachal Pradesh is not complete with rivers. Rivers could be make the beauty of Himachal Pradesh so its tourist attraction could be more affective. In these rivers the flows water speed is so high and it could make a high gravity. These rivers water ruining in every year because there are many famous river in Himachal Pradesh and they covers a very long area. These rivers are very long and the names of these rivers are Satluj River, Beas River, Chenab River and Swan River. The names of other local rivers are Baspa River, Spiti River, Parbati River, Andhra River, Giri River and Markanda River.

Satluj River in Himachal Pradesh

Satluj River rises from the Kalish Mountain with the help of Mansorvar Lake, Rakas Lake and Longchhen Khabad River (in Tibet). This is the longest river of Himachal Pradesh and beautiful river of Himachal Pradesh. Satluj River cuts the Dhauladhar range and enters into the Satluj valley through Baspa valley. This river flows to south-western direction through Kinnaur, Shimla, Kullu, Mandi and Bilaspur district. This river covers very large area in Bilaspur. In Satluj river a dam was making in Bhakra is called Bhakradam. This is the high gravity dam of the world made in Satluj River in Bilaspur district. This river cover the area of Himachal Pradesh is 20,000sq. The name of Satluj in Sanskrit is Shatadhru. The total length of this river is 1448kms in Himachal Pradesh. The famous banks of Satluj River are Namgia, Kalpa, Rampur, Tattapani, Juni and Bilaspur district.

Tributaries of Satluj River

Baspa River:- Baspa River rises from the Baspa valley by melting the snow of Baspa hills. The tributaries of Baspa River are Tegpo and Kabzian streams. These streams are rises by the melting of snow in Baspa hills. Baspa River joins the Satluj River in Kinnaur district.

Spiti River:- Spiti River is rises from Kunzum range and Tegpo and Kabzian streams are the tributaries of Spiti River. The water of this river is comes from Pin valley by the melting of snow and rainfall. Rain is the most important part of this river.

Soan River:- The Soan River rises from the Shivalik range and it is also known as in Himachal Pradesh is Solasinghi. This river comes from the Kangra valley. This river meets up Satluj in Kangra district.

Nogli Khad:- Nogli Khad is rises from the Kullu district and this meets the Satluj in Mandi district. This Khad meets the Satluj River in district Mandi in village Firu situated in Dehra.

Beas River in Kullu district

Beas River rises from the Lahul Spiti district. The water of this river comes from the hills of Lahul Spiti by melting the snow. This is the beautiful river of the Kullu district. Manali is the gateway of this river. The water follows the Kullu district through Rohtang. There are many tourists to come out to see this river in a beautiful and perfect valley of Himachal Pradesh. This river rises from the 51km upward of sea level. The hills of Lahul Spiti district, Rohtang and Manali give the melt water of snow for Beas River. Parbati is the main Tributaries of this river. The other tributaries of this river are Awa River, Baner River, Banganga River, Chakki River, Luni River, Maumi River, Patlibhel River, Sainj River, Tirthan River and Uhi River.

Tributaries of Beas River

Parbati River:- Parbati River rises from the snow hills of Manikaran from Himalayan range. Parbati joins the Beas River in Shashmi in Kullu district. The water speed of this river is so high and its water flows into down with great power.

Chakki River:- Chakki River is rises from the Dhauladhar range of Himachal Pradesh. The rivers enter the Punjab and join the Beas River in Pathankot.

Awa River:- Awa River is rises from the Dhauladhar range in Kangra valley. This river joins the Beas River in Kangra district.

Chenab River of Pangi Valley

Chenab River rises from the Pangi valley. Chandra and Bhaga streams are two tributaries of Chenab River. The elevation of Chenab River is 4,891 meters. Chenab River follows in Himachal Pradesh is 122kms. The total length of Chenab River in Himachal Pradesh is 120kms and this river covers the area of 61,000sq.kms. Chenab River is the largest river of Himachal Pradesh in the term of volume of water. The water comes in this river through Pangi valley. This river rises from the hills of Pir Panjar range.

Tributaries of Chenab River

Bhaga River:- Bhaga River rises from the Lahul valley. First this river joins the Chandra River then this river join the Chenab River in Tandi in Lahul Spiti district. The water of this river follows in the direction of south-western. This river increase the water in summer season because in this season snow melting in a fast process.

Chandra River:- Chandra River rises from the hills of Lahul Spiti district in Himalayan range. This river follows in the direction of south-west. This river comes from a cold desert. This river rises from the Pir Panjar range. Chandra River join the Chenab River in Koskar.

Ravi River of Chamba district

Ravi River rises from the range of Dhauladhar. Chamba is the famous bank of Ravi River. The name of Ravi River in Sanskrit is Irawati. The rivers come to the forest and green valleys of Himachal Pradesh. The length of the river in Himachal Pradesh is 158km. This river covers the area of Himachal Pradesh is 5,451sq. This river follows in Chamba is 130kms. Ravi River joins the Chenab River in Pakistan. This river moves on direction of south-western. The total length of Ravi River is 720kms. the main tributaries of Ravi River is Bhadal River, Siul River, Baira River and Tant Gari.

Tributaries of Ravi River

Bhadal River and Siul River:- This river rises from the Pin Panjar Range. this river follows in a direction of western. Siul river rises from the Pin Panjar range ina area of border of Himachal Pardesh at Jammu-Kashmir.

Tant Gari:- Tant Giri stream rises from the Chamba district. This stream is so small. The shaped of Tant Gari is u-shaped.

Swan River in Una district

Swan River rises from the Shivalik hills. This river is the covers the largest area of Himachal Pradesh. This river is very useful in Una district for agriculture purposes. The main tributaries of this rivers are Malahta Khad, Takewali Khad, Hum Khad, Barera Khad, Garni Khad, Gubri Khad, Sunkali wali Khad and Amb Wali Khad. This river the covers the area of una district is 1540sq. The water comes the this river is by rainfall. Swan River tributaries covers the area of 29.97sq. km. this rivers water follows in the direction of west-east.


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