Baheda herb and Home Remedies.

The Behada tree have medicinal qualities and uses in Ayurvedicpathy to removes all the three doshas. Its use is said to be most effective on kapha and beneficial for eyes & eye diseases, increases hair, cures soreness of throat, nose problems, purifies blood, throat diseases, cough, heart disease, and destroys germs.

Baheda herb and Home Remedies.

The Baheda is used in form of Powder or "Lep" (Paste) to cure certain diseases with other herbs and one with little efforts may use it as home remedy subject to his / her ability about knowledge about the body types.

Hair: The oil of Baheda fruit kernel is very nutritious for hairs in all respect.

Eyesight: Take equal quantities of Baheda and sugar to improve eyesight.

Eye pain: Apply the "Lep" (Paste) of its skin with honey to relieve eye pain.

Giddiness: Prepare quath with Baheda and Javasa and add spoonful clarified butter in 40-60 gm quath thrice daily to bring down temperature caused due to pitta and kapha. It overcomes haziness and giddiness.

Heart disease: Take equal quantities of its fruit churna and Ashvagandha churna, take five gram with jaggery and hot water to cure vata in heart.

Saliva secretion: Add one and half gram each of Baheda and sugar. Eat it for some days to control saliva secretion.

Cough: Suck Baheda's skin to control cough. or Cook Baheda, Adoosa, black salt in goat milk and eat it to cure both types of cough. Or Respiratory problems: Grind equal quantities of Baheda and Harad, take four gram powder daily to cure respiratory problems.

Loss of digestive fire: Take three to six gram Vibhitak churna after meals to improve digestive fire, digestion and strengthen stomach.

Painful discharge of urine: Add the powder of its fruit kernel (three to four gram) in honey and lick twice daily to cure painful discharge of urine and stones.

Discharge of vital humours due to pitta: Prepare powder with Baheda, Rohidi, kutaj, Kaith, Shaal, Chattiban, Kabila flowers. Take two to three gram powder with spoonful honey to cure discharge of vital humours due to pitta thrice daily.

Impotency: Add six gram jaggery in three gram Baheda churna twice daily to cure impotency and increase sexual power.

Loose motions: Grind two to five gram Baheda skin and one or two cloves in spoonful honey and lic three to four times to control loose motions. Or Two or three roasted Baheda is useful in controlling loose motions.

Intestinal problems: Apply Baheda "Lep" on the lower stomach in case of intestinal problem.

Tumour: Roast Baheda skin in castor oil and grin it in vinegar, apply the "Lep" on tumour, it subsides with two to three days.

Swelling due to pitta: Apply the "Lep" of Bahed kernel to cure swelling due to pitta.

Fever: Drink 40-60gm Baheda quath to reduc pitta, kapha and fever.

Itching: The oil of its fruit kernel is beneficial case of itching. It reduces burning sensation.

Note: Every one may not have the ability to analyse his / her body type as such the use of herb ingredients may not be beneficial or may act as problematic. Hence the herb Ingredients may be used under the guidance of Medical Practitioner.


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