Places To Visit near Vajreshwari

Vajreshwari is an ideal escapade for weekends. There are many places in and nearby that can be visited when in Vajreshwari. Here's a list of few places that can make your trip to Vajreshwari a worth while.

Places to Visit near Vajreshwari

Vajreshwari proves to be an ideal escapade for weekends due to its proximity to Mumbai and Pune. Though it's a known pilgrim center, yet there are many other places near Vajreshwari which makes it an Ideal Picnic Point for Weekends. Vajreshwari is famous for the hot water springs which are in numbers all around Vajreshwari. These hot water springs are said to have great medicinal properties and hence people visit them to have a dip in it. Additionally the temple of Goddess Vajreshwari is also a prominent and sacred place which is visited by many people from the state as well as the country.Vajreshwari is settled amidst scenic beauty which makes it a Nature's Paradise. Its location amidst the foothills of Mandakini Hills, the legendary tales associated with it and the Maratha Essence attached to it makes it a Must Visit Place. But apart from the hot springs and the Vajreshwari Temple there are many other places that can be visited when one you plan down a trip to Vajreshwari. Thus a visitor is not restricted to just two things to visit. This makes the place worth visiting. The hills surrounding Vajreshwari also offer some excellent trekking opportunities.

Places Nearby Vajreshwari

Ganeshpuri: Ganeshpuri is located 2 km from Vajreshwari and is known for the holy Ashram of Swami Nityanand. This place is known for the majestic Ashram which is spread over an area of 75 acres. The ashram is flocked by many tourists including foreigners throughout the year. Swami Nityanand is known to have taken Samadhi right here in this ashram in 1961, since then this place has been managed and run by Baba Mukhtanand who was one of the disciples of Baba Nityanand. Swami Muktananda transformed this place into a Famous Spiritual Institute which attracts lots of Foreigners from all around the world who wish to seek enlightenment. This ashram has a peaceful ambience and looks beautiful with its marble and granite construction. The other temple closer to this institute is Bhimeshwar Ganesh Temple. Ganeshpuri also has its share of 3 hot springs located just near the ashram.

Vandri Prakalp: Vandri Prakalp is located around 20 km from Vajreshwari. This is a beautiful dam located amidst scenic surroundings. The dam is spread over an area of around 300 acres and offers picturesque view of the surroundings. Vandri Dam is built on the Vandri River and also forms one of the main sources of water supply in Mumbai City. There is a beautiful lake located besides the dam. The dam is located off the National Highway no.8 in Palghar around 20 km from Vajreshwari. The Vandri Lake offers a lot of boating and cruising options for visitors.

Akloli Kund: Akloli Kund are a group of several hot water springs come together to form a main kund. These hot water springs are said to be rich in mineral content. The Akloli Kund is located in Vajreshwari itself and has many kunds which are rich in minerals and sulphur. The water at times is really very hot and it is better to check it before taking a dip, or one may get burned.

Bassein Fort: Bassein Fort is located around 77 km from Vajreshwari and is one way related to it. The structure of Vajreshwari Temple resembles to this fort which make sit worth watching, though in a form of ruins. The fort is said to have been built by the sultan of Gujarat – Bahadur Shah. This fort was captured by Portuguese and then the Marathas under the leadership of Chimaji Appa.

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