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To write is to speak , to talk to have the communication between two persons or more. There are many ways of writing
Indeed. But to write a letter is the best possible and cheapest means of communication between persons at any distance today in this world. A letter is written by any person to other person in order to have reply for the same and thereby have a dual contact and tell about his or enquire about something and know from the said person about him or reply of the enquiry made. But this very basic or letter writing is not understood by many people or they just neglect it by saying that we have no time for such things. Really, what span it takes to write a small letter but the people have no time of their schedule for such an important thing when they just waste time many times in whole day.
In this busy world when a man has no time to spare with his relatives and friends, it is only the letters which keeps them close and have contact between them for the maintenance of relation that withstands between them. Yet, some people do not understand this fact and do not write a reply to the letter which
Gradually restrains the contact between them and the relation slowly comes to an end. The very object of writing a letter is to establish a contact between two persons either known or unknown, which is achieved through letters very easily.
Letter Writing though taught in schools we take them only as a part of syllabus and give an importance from that view point only. The importance is its practical use. Many people think 'To write a letter is useless and sheer waste of time'. It is only their laziness which restricts them from writing letter and thereby obtaining the real natural pleasure. Yes, indeed there is a pleasure of writing , we must try to experience it.
Like many other types and ways of entertainment we can get pleasure from writing letter too if we intensely feel it as to 'write is to speak, to talk' which is indirect method. We speak, talk to find with the recipient of the letter and our thoughts , feelings, conversations are bounded in words which makes letter as we say it. Lots of words brought together will never make up a letter. Infact, it needs link of thoughts, link of expressions, link of matters and things which are to be expressed, proper grammar, friendly tone with love and affectionate feelings. Then only there will be two sided possible positive communication and sender and Recipient will get immense pleasure from it and Recipient will respond to the letter by writing reply to it.
The pleasure of writing should touch the heart of anyone receiving it. It should come deep from the heart and should not be confined only to ourselves but its immense pleasure should be shattered to all. From ancient times, letter writing has an insignificant importance. In olden days it was written on leafs of various plants, and now on postcards, inlands and on papers. In this modern world of today the newspapers have gain importance. Lokhitwadi's Shatpatre, Sane Guruji's Sundar Patre and Shyamchi Patre, Lokmanya Tilak's Kesari and Maratha, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's letter to Indira Gandhi, all these letters gives pleasure as well as various information regarding various aspects of life.
In short, letter writing gives an immense pleasure and sweet natural happiness which is core of human life. So write a letter and thereby get the immense wealth of real happiness and feel its pleasure. Write letter yourself and encourage others too and experience the high mental satisfaction which is the need of today. Happiness and mental satisfaction is the path towards success in life and letter writing is the one of the medium to achieve it. To succeed is the motto of each and every person, and letter writing encourages and develops the way to it.


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