Importance of Rangoli in Hinduism and Marathi Family, Why people use to draw Rangoli in yard?

This resources contain information about Rangoli drawing and its importance in Maharashtra culture. In this resources you can found answer of Why people use to draw Rangoli in their yard and Importance in Hinduism?

Importance of Rangoli in Hinduism and Marathi Family, Why people use to draw Rangoli in their yard?

Rangoli importance in Marathi family
When we start to understand and gain knowledge about Maharashtra culture we found great things which get ignored today. The morning of every village will start with Dindi (प्रभात फेरी) for that female of each house wake up early morning and wash the yard and draw a Rangoli on Yard before going on dindi. Then other work of village start before 25 years. Now we can found minimum villages in Maharashtra's which following their culture of happiness and joyful life.

Rangoli (रांगोळी) is the sign of healthy, joyful and happy family in Maharashtra or in Hindu community. In Mahrashtrian culture you found the big role of Rangoli. The women and girls spend their extra time in singing Bhajans, god pray and practicing Rangoli. You can read more details about Rangoli in Marathi here,

मला आजही माझी आई किंवा आजी बोलता बोलता सांगते, बापा आमच्या वेळेला पोरीला सडासर्वन आणि रांगोळी आलीच पाहिजे. नाहीतर म्हणत काहो तुमच्या मुलीला काही शिकवले कि नाही. यावरूनच आपल्याला समजून येईल कि पूर्वीच्या काळी सडासर्वन आणि रांगोळीला किती महत्व होते, कारण दिवसाची सुरवात चांगली तर पूर्ण दिवस छान जातो. आजही मोठ्या मोठ्या शहरात रांगोळी, स्वयंपाक, मेहंदी इत्यादीचे शिकवणी वर्ग घेतल्या जातात. माझा येवडाच संदेश आपण सर्वाना आहे कि जरी एकदम सकाळी उठणे शक्य नसेल तर जसे जमेल तसे आपल्या संस्कृतीला जपायचा प्रयत्न करा.

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Guest Author: Medha Srikanth03 Jul 2011


This is very good article.

Mrs. Medha Srikanth

Guest Author: Namita Terse05 Jul 2011


Thanks for making my Ganapati Rangoli popular through your post.

I liked the Marathi paragraph written by you. Please can you guide how to write post in Marathi?

I want to add some marathi poems about Diwali in my post :

Namita Terse

Guest Author: Vilas05 Jul 2011

Dear Namita,

Actually this article is like a sample for "how to write resources on culture, festival, etc". I appreciate your Rangoli design's draw by you. But the text content is very important to index in search engines. Try to give some motivational massage which is like a conclusion of your article.

If you like to write resources in Marathi then try Google Transliterate. You can post separate resources/article about "Greetings and poems for Dipawali".

Thank you Medha and Namita for your comments.

Guest Author: Namita Terse07 Jul 2011

Dear Vilas,

I will sure try Google Transliterate for writing some articles about Maharashtra culture and festivals.

You have also guided me for my first post of my rangoli designs. Thanks.

Should the posts content both English and Marathi text? Are the Total marathi posts searchable from search engine point of view? Please guide.

For posting my poems, will you suggest google transliterate or making a JPEG of the poem and upload. Which is better and safer?


Guest Author: Vilas07 Jul 2011

Dear Namita Terse,

The text content is very much important in point of view of search engines. Its good idea to write mix text post of English and Marathi. Yes you can create image and post with your text article, which give nice appearance to your article. It means you have to write your poems in text as well as Image format both.

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