Information on Plants Movement

This knowledge sheet containing the details of Plants – Do the plant moves?, which is the tallest, broadest tree? etc. This sheet containing the information on age of a tree, whether plants have feeling - yes or no. We all learned in our age group of about 13 to 16 about the Botany and I really love to study on plants. In science subject I like to read and learn the Botany subject only. Now, from this article we more understand about the plants very easily.

We all know that plant is the only one that doesn't move. However, you know that plants are moving but Upwards direction. For example Sunflower does move….it turns its head to follow the sun across the sky. Once you touched a mimosa plant, its leaves, they all dropped. And yes, the leaves of a mimosa plant take thirty minutes to perk up again… it shows that all trees move – Upwards.

Tallest Tree -

There are the people who believe that the eucalyptus tree of Australia is the tallest but it is the giant redwoods of California. In the Humboldt national Forest, there is the tallest redwood tree in the work. It is called Founder's tree and it is over 110 metres high.

Two other kinds of trees that come close to the redwood are the Douglas fir and Sequoia some of which have grown over 91 metres tall. The roots of the trees take up nearly as much room under the ground as their tops do above.

Broadest Tree -

The broadest around the truck are the Baobab trees in Africa and the Sequoia trees in North America. In the south-east of San Francisco there are National parks where these giant trees are planted and protected. We can imagine how broad it is when it is said that a good sized apartment can be housed in there.

Age of a Tree -

In the north-western United States, there are Sequoia trees which are more than four thousand years old. Even before Columbus discovered America, these trees were fully grown.

Peepal trees have very long lives. There are some old peepals in Hardwar which are even older than the present town. They are as old as the eleventh century Maya Devi temple.

In 288 B.C., a peepal tree was taken from India to Sri Lanka. The tree is still very much alive. It must be now 2257 years old.

By counting rings in the wood, one can tell the age of a tree. Every year, new wood is formed in a layer outside the old wood and beneath the bark. This layer becomes the ring. Each ring in the wood of the trunk of a tree represents one year of the tree's life. A tree adds rings not only to its trunk but to its branches and twigs also.

Plants have feelings -

To count the rings, we have to cut down the tree. It must be very painful for the trees. The trees suffer in silence.

The scientists did an experiment in which an electrode connected to pa pen was clipped to a plant. And then one of the scientists went near that plant and touched it with cigarette. The pen started moving so very fast that it seemed the plant was crying out in pain.

A plant feels just like us. They feel hungry and thirsty. They feel love and joy, fear and sympathy. In one of the experiments, it was discovered that some of the flowers bloom much faster when music is being played to them. If you touch a tree with love, the tree will grow much faster. A tree cannot speak. But a tree understands.

Botanical Garden -

In a Botanical garden the main purpose is to protect the plants and to study them. This has been an old practice. In our country, it goes back to thousand of years. In China, the documents about plants go back to 5000 years. And in India, the study documents go back to 6000 years. The first botanical garden which was certified as a botanical garden was founded by Pope Nicholas III at the Vatican in 1278.

The tree is our true friend. Trees are the roots of all living. Save Tree! Go green.


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