Thoughts To Remember

Thinking is a act or a process and the result of thinking is a thought which can either be good or bad depending on your way.Thoughts are present in every human actions.There are some thoughts which motivate us, some make us smile, some teaches us a lesson.

When a person talks too much, his mistakes increase.
When one's mistake increase, his sense of shame diminishes.
When one's sense of shame diminishes, he is less inclined to refrain from sin.
When one is less inclined to refrain from sin, his heart (conscience) dies.
A person whose heart is dead will enter hell.

A person does not confine something to his thoughts but it escapes through slips of his tongue and expressions of his face.

A man cannot be faulted for a delay in receiving what is rightfully his.
He is at fault, however, for taking what is not rightfully his.

Do not complain about your illness to anyone except to the one who can provide you with a cure.

Generosity is complete when accompanied by an Apology.

There is little value in knowledge when it is limited to tongue.
The most valuable knowledge is that which manifests itself in the limbs and parts of the body.

There is no loneliness more terrifying than the the loneliness of self-admiration.

The doer of good is better than the good he does while the doer of evil is worse than the evil he commits.

A person who listens to back-biting is himself one of those who backbite.

The beauty of that which is hidden is greater than the beauty of that which is apparent.


Guest Author: Medha Srikanth16 Jul 2011


This is a great post. Liked all the thoughts and really very inspiring to all of us.

Mrs. Medha Srikanth

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