Marathi Movie TimePass Review - Time to Watch Own Childhood First Love

After a fabulous film Balak Palak (BP) Ravi Jadhav is back with heart touching love story Timepass. 2014 is kick started with the smash hit of marathi film with 345 theaters and 9455 shows. Even after the several year we sometimes remembers our first love "Timepass" is also a concept of the first love undiminished to all parameters of society like education,family,economic background.The Timepass (TP) is worth watchable movie to all Marathi fans.

Marathi Movie TimePass is Worthiness of your valuable time to watch your own Childhood First Love Story

Timpeass marathi movie download "Time-pass" a word which actually means nothing in our life, people just say it for fun and nothing else but what if this unnecessary fun thing becomes a Marathi-town blockbuster of all times!!! Exactly the same has happened now, a Ravi Jadhav's recent marathi movie "Time-pass" has become a greatest super duper hit and record breaking movie of all times in Marathi cinema. Teenage romance has been shown in this romantic movie.

Prathmesh Parab and Ketki Mategaonkar are the lead actor and actress in the movie along with Vaibhav Mangle, Balchandra Kadam, Urmila Kanetkar etc. The story of the movie goes around the teenage love and its emotions of paperboy 'Dagdu' and College going girl 'Prajakta'. As we watch the movie we go along with the flow of the right and wrong inside the characters.

Some shots in the movie allows people to think and understand them in deep, like a library scene, in this scene the innocence in the love of the characters make adults rethink on the love and makes young ones to understand its proper meaning. In all it turns out that, initially which was supposed to be a Time-pass becomes a life-changing experience for the youngsters.

Every character in the movie leaves an impression on viewer's whether he is Dagdu's friend or Prajakta's father, all the characters become very important for the story. Dialogues of the movie catches audience very well, the humor and the impression of the dialogues impresses the most in the story. Rowdy character of Dagdu becomes so obvious that one could not imagine the story without it.

As a teenage girl Ketki has done a great job of showing the emotions behind first sweet love and how she goes along with it. Vaibhav Mangle as her extraordinary strict father, Urmila Kanetkar gives nice and warm appearance to the story.

Not only the story but also the awesome music and songs touches heart of viewers. "Mala ved lagle Premache…", "reshme dhuke…", are the songs which just touches the heart and express the feeling of love in its own way and at the different side "Hi poli sajuk tupatli…" makes you dance on your feet and fill the atmosphere with joy. Music of the movie has given a special look to the cute and sweet love story of teenagers.

Though the story is about teenage attraction and feelings but the essence given by the story to the viewer will allow them to think and rethink on the topic of love, what do they mean by love? And what do they think of having love? All these questions slowly unrevealed into the answers as we watch the movie.

After Balak-Palak director Ravi Jadhav has done a great job to get the audience loses their pockets and letting them watch the movie. All the records have been broken by it since it has done 11crore + in just five days.

In all this is big entertainment along with emotions, love, humor, rowdyness –all in all full time pass package. One should watch this movie to enjoy its characters and to know the meaning and impact of first love.

Some of the Famous dialogue of Timepass movie

Timpeass marathi movie download 2014 1. मेन लोचा असा आहे की तुझ्यावर प्रेम करणारा कोणीतरी आपला माणुस पाहिजे,
दगडू लाइफ मध्ये लव्ह नावाचा टाइम पास पाहिजे.

2. आईबाबा आणि साईबाबांची शप्पत अशीच पाहिजे आपल्याला

3. मनाने उद्धार केला मेंदू गदागदा हलवला, आतमध्ये स्पंदन निर्माण झाली, त्यांना हिंदोळे देत मी इथपर्यंत पोचली...

4. बोल्ली बोल्ली आय लव्ह यू बोल्ली...
च्यायला मराठीत बोल्ली काय समजलच नाही आपल्याला..

5. अरे हम गरीब हुए तो क्या हुवा, दिल से हम अमीर है
अमीर. हम जिएंगे अपनी मर्जी से और तुमपर मरेंगे
भी अपनी मर्जी से... चल रे हवा येऊ दे.

6. प्रेम बरोबर असेल ना तर आखा जग जिंकेल आपण

7. तुझ नाव जरी ऐकले ना तर मन नुसते
धडधडायला लागते....आपण डॉक्टरकड़े जायचा काय

8. पाया पडतो म्हातारे.... सॉरी काकू

9. आपल्याला फक्त दोनच गोष्टी आवडतात..
पहिली म्हणजे काजू कतरी आणि दूसरी प्राजु पतली...


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