Why was Tanjore big temple built?

Most of the temples in Tamilnadu are built because of some specific reason. In the same way the Great Tanjore big temple was also built with some particular plan by the great King Raja Raja Chola before 1000 years.

Why was Tanjore big temple built?

Raja Raja Chola King
There are many facts to be told about the Tanjore big temple. The Tanjore big temple was built by the Great Raja Raja Chola in Tanjore which was the head quarters of the Chola dynasty. When Raja Raja Chola went on a battle to the Maldives he returned the home land with a great plan of constructing the great Tanjore big temple which has the architect made in the way that the shadow of the gopuram will not fall on the ground. It is said that the Shadow of Tanjore big templegopuram will fall in its own body than the ground.

The great and common question that arises on the mind of the people is why the great king Raja Raja Chola planned to build the greatest Tanjore big temple. The answer for this question is the fame. People go in search for the fame and especially the kings get the fame in easy way by creating some wonderful creations. More over the other reason for Raja Raja Chola's temple building desire was because he was one of the biggest devotees of lord Shiva. Raja Raja Chola thought of building these temples as he considered that building the temples are his part of duty.

Conquering with the help of Battles

Resources for building biggest temples of Raja Raja Chola

The ancestors of Raja Raja Chola were also great experts in building temples in India. Most of the most admiring temples in Tamilnadu were built by the great kings Raja Raja Chola and by his ancestors. The same way Raja Raja Chola also made serious plans for the temple building in Tamilnadu. The best way to gain resources for building temples is by conquering. Raja Raja Chola started to conquer several kingdoms searching for the treasures. With the treasures and resources that he acquired from the battles and conquests he implemented everything in building the temples.

Raja Raja Chola also conquered many kingdoms beyond the water and out of reach and as a mark of his conquest he builds a temple in that place or he brings all the treasures and the resources from that particular kingdom. It is very important that the elephants are very much necessary to build the greatest temples by moving objects and transporting things from one place to other. The woods and rocks were transported from one place to other with the help of the elephants.

About Tanjore big temple

Tanjore Big temple Side View
Raja Raja Chola planned for something very big in the history of the world. In this idea he got a plan for building the world's tallest and mysterious temple in Tanjore. This brought up the construction of Tanjore big temple with more than 1000 elephants and 1000 workers. Raja Raja Chola planned to be one among the history of great kings in the world and for this fame the Tanjore big temple was constructed. The plan of the construction of Tanjore big temple was made by the Raja Raja Chola himself. There is also one famous Otrai Kal Nandhi in Tanjore big temple which was carved during the period of Raja Raja Chola. This Tanjore big temple looks to be magnificent and also giant even after thousands of years after the construction.

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Raja Raja Chola and his temples

Raja Raja Chola is supposed to be one of the greatest kings in the ancient world who constructed various temples with some different concepts. People of Tamilnadu are very much fond of Raja Raja Chola for his great works and the temple construction.

Mysteries of Tanjore big temple

There are various mysteries that are hidden behind the Tanjore big temple and the construction part of the Tanjore big temple. It is very interesting to read and know about the mysteries of the Tanjore big temple. Some of the Mysteries are still kept hidden.

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