Jallikattu An ancient game in Tamil nadu

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Jallikattu - An ancient game in Tamil nadu

History of Jallikattu

The name Jallikatuu is famous in Madurai and Allanganallur. It is a very oldest ancient sports and festival in Tamil nadu and is from our beloved ancestors. This is also celebrated as Pongal festival in the above places. It is also known as Bull Fighting Game because the bulls are involved in this game. The men and Bulls are the competitors in this game. This Jallikattu game is famous to select the bridegrooms for the bride in older days. The person those who win the Bull fight will be selected as bridegroom by the brides. This festival is also termed as Manju Virattu.

Jallikattu maadu

Prizes and Awards in Jallikattu Game in Tamilnadu

The Bulls in Jallikattu game of this game are very energetic and bold. Many Bulls are coming to this game from all over the Tamil nadu every year. This game is mostly celebrated during the Pongal holidays(Jan 13,14,15,16) in Madurai,Allanganallur and other places of Tamil Nadu. The Kangayam Kaalai is a one type of Bull which mostly participating in this game. During this game, The Bull will be released from a small zone to the public place with anger and speed. Then The persons will try to control the bull and also try to bring them to under their control. once the bull comes under the control of such person, then the respective person will be declared as a winner. Some special awards and prizes in Jallikattu game will be given to that person. In Some places, The Prize money will be tied in the bull's horn. Then, It will be the Challenge to the players to take away the prize from bull's horn.

man and Bull fight

Rules and Regulations Jallikattu Game in Tamilnadu

The Bulls in Jallikattu Gameshould meet the terms and conditions of the Committee of this game. The participants will be allowed based on some restrictions. The players those who injured will be sent to hospital immediately. No Algol and drugs will be allowed in any mode in the gaming area.Judges decision is final.Many peoples are coming to the above places during Pongal Holidays to see this game.There are many other rules are formed by the Supreme Court to conduct this festival in order to save the human life. This is one of the dangerous game because many players are died and many of them are injured while controlling the Bulls.

Jallikattu kaalai

Types and values of Bulls in Jallikattu game

There are many types of bulls like Kangayem,Jercy,etc will be brought by their owners to this festival during Pongal. The value of Kangayem Kalai will up to one lakh rupees. Some special type of foods will be given to make them very strengthen. The Government of Tamil nadu gives full security and protection to this game to avoid violence during that time.

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