Vijayakanth and Jayalalitha Joining together to defeat DMK

The recent news says that the ADMK and DMDK are joining together to defeat the DMK. This article provides details about the political Parties that are joining together to defeat DMK.

Vijayakanth and Jayalalitha Joining together to defeat DMK

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Now in today's politics the main aim of all the political parties is to defeat the DMK and push them out of this election. The reason is because of the scam done by Kalaignar and his family members. In this criteria all the other political parties are joining each other to defeat DMK in this election. Already DMK had created a great empire in Tamilnadu. People know about the DMK government and their activities but they are not in the right position to make any decisions whether to choose DMK for next election and to vote for the DMK government. The DMK party has already made several steps to win this particular election with the support of the Congress. Congress is giving hand to the DMK government in Tamilnadu state Elections 2011. DMK thinks that they can get back to the ruling with the support of Congress party. But the people know the truth and about the DMK government so they will not vote to the DMK party this time.

In this criterion the other parties like ADMK which is owned by Jayalalitha is opposing DMK this election and planning to get into the Chief minister seat by winning the elections. She also quotes that the progress of growth in Tamilnadu is less compared to the earlier period when ADMK ruled Tamilnadu. So she personally feels that if the government is changed then there will be a definitely growth in today's politics in Tamilnadu. And moreover the standard of Tamilnadu people will also increase. Jayalalitha also quotes that when ADMK government is brought again there will be a drastic change in Tamilnadu. For the last 5 years Jayalalitha was giving a great report on the scams and the mistakes done by the DMK government. This election is going to be a great expectation for everyone whether the DMK government is changed or not. If the DMK government is changed then the fate of Tamilnadu will be totally changed.
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Along with these people Vijayakanth also started a new party few year back and he is also explaining the people on how he will work for the betterment of the people if he gets the power in hand. Along with the ADMK party, Vijayakanth is also protesting against the DMK government. There are also lots of things to be quoted about the DMDK government. In general both AMDK and ADMK are looking for the defeat of the DMK government. In this aspect the people are given more information about the drawbacks of the DMK government. Even though both Jayalalitha and Vijayakanth is not having power in hand they both are doing many private activities to help the people in various aspects.

Ultimately ADMK and DMDK have planned to join together to change the fate of Tamilnadu and their first aim is to push DMK government out of the Chair. Along with these things the spectrum scam issue is also a great drawback for the DMK government and the people of Tamilnadu are now aware of the scam activities done by the DMK government. So this can also be one great reason for the DMK to be pushed back in this election. But the other scam activities done by the DMK government will help them to come to the chair again. Already they are spending crores of amount in the election works. If these money is valued properly and used for the people welfare then people will automatically vote for the DMK party itself.

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Guest Author: vasudevan04 Mar 2011

Though all of us are concern in State politics our life and improvement of people lies on the govt of India for maximum level.This means that the state govt also should be our concern.But politics for us only about our state because it is at our reach physically.
We should not separate state from central as they are joining hands to suppress or uphold us. So our present position is because of cong and DMK .Cong is allowing Dmk because it has its share in all scams.Without Manmohan's silent approval Kalaignar/Raja can loot our nation.So cong and DMk should be slapped for corruption by the people. As they are in present govt they shoud be responsible for price rise ,unemployment ,cost of education,unhealthy health depts etc.So they should be jointly defeated.For that we have to vote for ADMK and its allies.
But we should be very conscious that ADMK itself was/is ready to align with cong if DMK and cong are separated from one another.So its intention is not purity but wants itself to loot jointly with cong.Again her prior record was not good .

DMDK by Captain is also raising against DMK .For first time it has come forward to fight jointly with others .It is a well development.He has realised that any pure party can not reach its goal by its own strength .So it is unavoidable to share seats by seat adjustment with other parties. This election is voting on the present govt.So we should vote for this govt negatively.
At the same time we have to resolve that if coming govt headed by JJ goes wrong ,we should raise our voice also against it

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