Panchabootha Sthalangal in India

This world is ruled by five basic elements that are Water, Fire, Space, Wind and Earth. We can't do anything without anyone this elements. Where Lord Shiva is in these forms is called Panchabootha Sthalangal. This page will give you the details about Panchbootha Stalangal Thirvanaikoil, Thiruvannamalai, Kanchipuram, Kalahasti and Chidambaram.

Panchabhoota Sthalangal in India

1. Sri Jambukeshwarar Akilandeshwari Temple, Thiruvanaikoil (Water)
2. Arunachaleshwarar Temple, Tiruvannamalai (Fire)
3. Kalahasthi (Wind)
4. Ekambareshwarar Temple, Kanchipuram (Earth, Boomi)
5. Natarajar Temple, Chidambaram (Space)

Sri Jambukeshwarar Akilandeshwari Temple, Thiruvanaikoil

Sri Jambukeshwarar Akilandeshwari Temple, Thiruvanaikoil is located in Trichy district, 3 kms from Srirangam. Sri Jambukeshwarar Akilandeshwari Temple is one of the Panchabhoota Stalams represents Water (Neer). Sri Jambukeshwarar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva; here he is called as Appu Lingam or Jambukeshwarar. As per legend Lord Shiva directed Goddess Parvathi to go and do penance for betterment of the world. At once Parvathi came to Jambu Forest (Thiruvanaikovil) and made Lingam out of water of Cauvery River under the Venn Naaval Tree and did penance. At last Lord Shiva came infront of parvathi and taught lessons about his Shiva Ganagas, at that time parvathi facing west direction. So the temple's idols are facing west. In Thiruvanaikoil Parvathi as like student and Lord Shiva as Guru so there is no "Thirukalyanam Festival" in this temple.

How to reach Sri Jambukeshwarar Akilandeshwari Temple, Thiruvanaikoil

By Air : Nearest Air port Trichy Airport (1.5 Kms from Trichy)
By Rail : Nearest Railway Station Trichy

Ekambareshwarar Temple, Kanchipuram

Ekambareshwarar Temple is located in Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu. This is one of Panchabhoota Stalam represents Earth (Nilam). Ekambreshwarar temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva; here he is called as Ekambaranathar or Ekambareshwarar. As per Legend Once Goddess Parvathi was doing penance, to test her devotion Lord Shiva sent fire on her. Parvathi prayed her brother Vishnu to stop fire, Vishnu took moon from Lord Shiva's head and show it against fire at once fire cooled as well as parvathi. Again Lord shiva sent Ganga to disturb Parvathi's penance, this time parvathi prayed to ganga to stop disturbing her. Ganga is sister of Parvathi so she agreed to her prayer. At last Parvathi made a Shiva Lingam by SAND, and get united with Lord Shiva as Arthanareshwarar Avatar. Kanchi Puranam, Kanda Puranam, Periya Puranam are some tamil poems has some poems about Ekambareshwarar.

How to reach Ekambareshwarar Temple, Kachipuram

By Air : Nearest Air port Chennai. 75 kms from Chennai
By Rail : Nearest Railway Stations Chennai, Chengalpattu, Thirupathi. 45 Kms from Chennai Railway Station.

Arunachaleshwarar Temple, Tiruvannamalai (Fire)

Arunachaleshwarar Temple is located in Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu. This is one of Panchabhoota Stalam represents Fire (Neruppu).Arunachaleshwarar temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva; here he is called as Arunachaleshwarar. As per Legend Once there was a controversy between Lord Vishnu and Lord Bramha as who is greatest? They called Lord Siva as a judge. Lord shiva told them, who can find my Crown as well as Feet is called Greatest and he transformed himself as Jothi (Fire). At once Lord Thirumal took Varaha Avatar to dig land and tried to find Shiva's foot. Lord Bramha took Swan Avatar to fly and tried to see Shiva's Crown. Both are tried for a long time, Lord Thirumal agreed his defeat. But Lord Bramha saw a thazhambu flower while he was travelling upward. He asked him "Where is the Lord Shiva's Crown?" it replied to him, I had been falling down from Lord Shiva's crown before forty thousand years. Then bramha decided to convince that flower to say false witness, they gone to Lord Shiva and Barhma said I have seen your Crown. At once Lord Shiva got angry and gave crush to Brahma that "Brahma should have to temple anywhere in the earth "and he crushed Thazhambu that "Thazhambu Flower should not take place while praying Lord Shiva". The place where Lord shiva took Jothi Avatar is Thiruvannamalai. Arunachaleshwarar temple is on the top of the hill. There is 8 Lingam at the foot of the hill facing various directions and these lingams are in octagonal Shape. Varuna Lingam, Vayu Lingam,Gupera Lingam, Esanya Lingam,Indra Lingam,Agni Lingam,Yama Lingam, Niruthi Lingam The whole circumstance of this path is 14 Kms this path is used for Girivalam. Doing Girivalam on Full Noon day would do immense good.

How to reach Arunachaleshwarar Temple, Thiruvannamalai

By Air : Nearest Airport Chennai (185 kms from Chennai Airport)
By Rail : Nearest Railway Station Villapuram (76 kms) and Katpadi (64 kms)

SriKalahasthi, Tirupathi

Srikalahasti Temple is located in Tirupathi, Andrapradesh. This is one of Panchabhoota Stalam represents Wind (Kattru). As per Legend Srikalahasti name was come from three animals Sri – Spider, Kala – Snake and Hasti – Elephant who worshipped Lord Shiva in bank of Swarnamuthi river. Sri kalahasti temple is associated with Ragu and Ketu (Navagraham). There is a refence in Skanda Puranam where Arjuna is said to have visited this place and worshipped Kalahastishwarar. The greate tamil poet Nakirar sung a song about this temple as Sothern Kailash. The most important festival in this temple is Mahasivarathiri which is celebrating in the month Feburary and March of every year.

How to reach Srikalahasthi temple, Tirupathi

By Air ; Nearest Airport (Tirupathi)
By Rail : Nearest Railway Station Tirupathi , there is train facility to reach Srikalahasti from tirupathi.

Natarajar Temple, Chidambaram

Natarajar Temple is located in Chidambaram, Tamilnadu. This is one of Panchabhoota Stalam represents Space (Agayam). Natarajar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva; here he is called as Natarajar in the form of Cosmic Dancer. The famous tamil poets Appar, Sundarar , Thirunanasambanthar sung about Chidambaram Temple. This temple has 9 gateways 4 of this have towers or gopurams. Anada Thandavam is a dance that Natarajar have performed in golden hall of the temple. The most important festivals in this temple are Mahashivarathiri,Taipusam and Masi festival. The earliest name of this place is Thillai and Puliyur.

How to reach Natarajar Temple, Chidambaram

By Air : Nearest Airport Trichy (125 kms)
By Rail : Chidambaram is located Chennai,Trichy main line of southern railways.


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