Mushrooming Play Schools in Chennai, Tamilnadu- A boon or a bane

Play school - Montessori, Kinder Garten etc. Play Schools are mushrooming in Chennai - Parents put their kids in Play Schools. Do you thing Play schools are a boon or a bane. This article is about Play Schools, thier curriculum and their approach.

Play Schools in Chennai - A Boon or a Bane

Old Education System in Tamilnadu, India

In olden days, schooling of children started from the age of 5. Age 5 was considered as the right age for the children to understand.In those days, parents thought that starting from the age 5 and studying in a 10+2+3 pattern, is the best method of education.

Current Changing Education System in Tamilnadu, India

In the mid 70s, parents felt that 5 years is too late and they decided to put their children in schools from the age of 3. The Kinter Garten Method of teaching came into existence. Two year Kindergarten Education in Tamilnadu was considered best by the parents in those days and after Lower Kindergarten Education (LKG) and Upper Kindergarten Education (UKG), children were admitted in primary schools. Nursery, Kindergarten Education type of schools were mushrooming all around the country.

In early 90s, the new system of Montessori Method of teaching start to spread its wings and today every nook and corner you could find a Montessori School. The reason for this is attributed to the nuclear family system. Family got disintegrated and people started moving around for making money. They had no time for their old age parents and they could not continue to live with them. These Men and Women started to live away from their parents and this system was called as Nuclear Family System. Being away from their parents was comfortable for them till they got a kid. When they started realising that their decision to leave the parents alone was too late when they had a kid which started running around at the age of 2. For business men, every agony of others is their money.

So, CRECHEs started mushrooming. Tiny toddlers were put in these CRECHEs and parents were prepared to spend lot of money for the sake of taking care of their kids. When the kid was 3 years old, again they had to face the problem of taking care of the kids, when they were in the office. This had given rise to the Motessori Method of teaching which adopted the technique of PLAY SCHOOL METHOD. Admissions are made at a very early age of 2 - 2 1/2 years.

Play School and its ill effects in Tamilnadu, India

The Nuclear family system took its toll on the joint family system. There we no grand parents to educate these kids with their meaningful stories. Instead, the so called PLAY SCHOOLS started telling stories to kids, but only after getting hefty sum as Fees for education and amenities. Nowadays, these schools celebrate independence day, republic day, children's day, teacher's day etc by collecting money from the parents. This method of teaching is seen as a potential business and every street corner you can find a play school.

Some claim to be of international standards, some claim to be Indian schools. Whatever is said and done, these schools are definitely not a boon for the kids, instead it is a bane. Kendriya Vidyalayas admit children only on completion of age 5. It is for the parents to think and act.

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