Top 10 Tamil Love movies in 20th Century & Best Love movies

Tamil movies are popular next to bollywood in India. It provides lots of love movies every year. Here you can find best tamil love movies for all time. Here I have included movies that have high rated love movies among audience

Top 10 love movies in Tamil history

10. Kadhal konden - காதல் கொண்டேன் (2005)

Kadhal Konden starring:
Main role is played by Dhanush and Sonia Agarwal where Dhanush plays hero role and Sonia Agarval palys heroin role. Supporting role is played by Sudeep, Nagesh and Daniel Balaji. In this film Dhanush is named as vinod and Sonia Agarwal named as Divya. Dhanush is a psyco lover who loves Sonia Agarwal. Sandeep, Dhanush and Sonia Agarwal belongs to same class in a college. Nagesh is church Father who grows Dhanush. Nagesh runs orphanage in a church, also Dhanush is a orphan.

Kadhal konden movie story:
Dhanush, Sonia Agarwal and Sandeep belongs to same class in a college. Dhanush is a orphan from church grown up by Nagesh. Dhanush is avoided by everyone in class due to his poor look. But Soniya Agarwal alone cares Dhanush due to talent in him. On the other side Soniya Agarwal and Sandeep falls in love each other. Since Soniya Agarwal cares Dhanush more he falls in love in her which is not known by Sonia Agarwal. Dhanush try to convince that he loves more than Sandeep which is remaining part of story. He do the things in psyco manner. Finally Dhanush sacrifies his love and he dies.

Kadhal konden movie ending:
This story makes us to feel the real love of Dhanush along with music of Yuvan snakar Raja. The climax scene is most lovable thing in this film with twist and makes everyone cry. This is also a different love story by director Selvaraghavan.

9. Kadhal - காதல் (2004)

Kadhal starring:
Main role in this film is done by Barath as hero and Sandhiya as heroin. Supporting character where done by Dhandapani, Krishna Murthy, Sukumar. In this film Barath is named as Murugan plays mechanic role and Sandhya plays school girl role named as Aishwarya in this film. Barath calls Sandhya as ice in this film. Dhandapani and Krishna Murthy where father and uncle of Sandhiya who runs wine shop. Sukmar plays friend role of Barath. These are the characters that plays most important role in this film.

Kadhal movie story:
Barath is a mechanic, Sandhya falls love with Barath. They run away from their home town (Madurai) and they reach Chennai. They marry there and start their life with help of Barath's friend Sukumar. Sandhya parents and family recognize where they run and bring back to their home town by saying that they will arrange marriage for Bharath and Sandhya. As Bharath is poor they beat him terribly and throw out. Sandhya's parents arrange marriage to her with another boy. Finally one day Sandhya with his husband meets Bharath who has become mental due to love failiure and they decide to take care Bharath.

Kadhal movie review:
This story is a real story that happened in Madurai district, Tamilnadu which is captured by the director Balaji Sakthivel. Most of the love story in real life of Tamilnadu happens like this. Don't miss to see the real Tamilnadu love story.

8. Alaipayuthey – அலைபாயுதே (2000)

Alaipayuthey Starring:
In this film the pairs are Madhavan and Shalini with supporting characters Swarnamalya, Arvind Swamy, Kushboo, Lalitha K.P.A.C. In this film Madhavan plays Engineering graduate role and Shalini plays medical student role. They are named as Karthic for Madhvan and Sakthi for Shalini still remembered by everyone. Swamamalya plays Shalini's sister role and Arvind Swamy (IAS officer in this film) and Kushboo (wife) are couples. The above character plays important role in this film.

Alaipayuthey story:
Madhavan and Shalini used to go to their college in same train. They began to talk and love occurs between them. They approached their respective parents to marry each other but it failed. Shalini wants to marry Madhavan with her parents support so they remain separated for long time. Love becomes stronger between them as they haven't met for long time. They married with help of Shalini sister legally in a register marriage without knowledge of their parent. Due to this marriage they were sent out of their home. They started their life in a apartment. After some days misunderstanding occurs between them due to Shalini's sister problem so they separated and went to their respective home. Madhavan solves her sister problems after some days. Love fires between them again. When they tried to meet Shalini gets accident by a car driven by Kushboo. Madhavan searches for Shalini and finally he meets in hospital completes the story by hug.

Alaipayuthey movie review:
This is excellent love story by Manirathnam with music by A.R.Rahman. A.R.Rahman got award for this film for his music.

7. Kaavalan – காவலன் (2011)

Kaavalan movie starring:
This film has been starred by ilayathalapathi Vijay and Asin. Vijay plays bodyguard role for Asin and Asin lover of Vijay in this movie. The supporting character that comes most in this film is Rajkiran father of Asin and Mithra Kurian friend of Asin. Vijay named as Bhoominathan and Asin named as Meera.

Kaavalan movie story:
Vijay bodyguards Asin and his home members for some threatening. He behaves strict towards Asin. Asin dislikes this behavior of Vijay. In order to change Vijay's behavior they planned he should made to fall in love. Asin tries to attract Vijay by calling through private number. She calls daily and speaks to him for hours and make Vijay to fall in love. Vijay tries to find who the caller is. After somedays Asin too fall in love with Vijay. They planned to meet and run out of that village by train oneday this was noticed by maid of their home. She tells this matter to Rajkiran. He becomes anger on Vijay when he knows that he loves his daughter. Vijays tells the truth that he loves a girl in phone call and planned to run out of this village. Asin asks his friend to wait in railway station. Vijay misunderstands that Asin's friend has done phone call and they get marry. Asin friend suicide after marriage as she done wrong to her friend. Finally vijay marries Asin by knowing the truth.

Kaavalan movie review:
This film reached blockbuster which has been directed by Siddique. A new approach love story is delivered in this film.

6.Paruthiveeran – பருத்திவீரன் (2007)

Paruthiveeran movie starring:
The main role is done by Karthic and Priyamani. Karthic plays theif role named as paruthiveeran and Priyamani palys cousin role of Karhic who loves him lot. Supporting character were Ponvannan and Saravanna. Ponvannan role is father of priyamani also uncle of Karthic. Saravanna plays sithappa role.

Paruthiveeran movie story:
All characters belong to village and they are same family. There was a clase between Karthic family and Ponvannan family . Priyamani and Karthic love each other which was not accepted by her father. So they decide to run from that village. Ponvannan knowing this tries to kill Karthic. Karthic hides Priyamani in one place and he goes for calling his sithappa Saravanna. She get raped by some lorry men during that time. Finally Karthic kills Priyamani in front of Ponvannan to hide the rape incident. His love was exposed at that time. Then karthic was killed by Ponvannan,

Paruthiveeran movie review:
This film is perfect example of Tamilnadu village love story directed by Ameer with music of Yuvan Sankar Raja. Priyamani got national award for her character in this story.

5. Minnaley - மின்னலே (2001)

Minnaley movie Starring:
Madhavan and Reema sen plays main role in this film. Supporting actors are Abbas, Vivek and Naser. Madhavan and Rema sen are pairs in this film. Madhavan is named as Rajesh and Reema sen as Reena.

Minnaley movie story:
This story is love between Madhavan and Reema sen. Abbas was planned to engaged with Reema sen who was in America. Reema sen has never seen Abbas face. Madhavan intro himself to her as Abbas. They start to love each other deeply, at one stage she finds that he is not Abbas. Abbas and Madhavan studied in same college who were enemies. Finally, Abbas finds Reema sen loves Madhavan deeply so he sacrifies.

Minnaley movie review:
This is great film by director Gautam Menon and music by Harris Jeyaraj. Their pair made history in love stories. These film express deep love of both attracted all youths and makes blockbuster.

4. Kaaka Kaaka - காக்க காக்க(2003)

Kaaka Kaaka movie starring:
Main role is played by Surya and Jothika who were married in real life too. Surya plays cop role named Anbuchelvan and Jothika as teacher named as Maya. Other main role is done by Jeevan as dada character.

Kaaka Kaaka movie story:
Jothika fall love with Surya when he helps Jothika's student in eve teasing case. Surya who is IPS of Madras city encountered Jeevan's brother. Jeevan in order to take revenge kills Surya's lover Jothika after her marriage. Finally Surya kills Jeevan and continue his life with thoughts of Jothika.

Kaaka Kaaka movie review:
The way of expression of Police love by director Gautam Menon along with music of Harris Jeyaraj makes every lovers to cry. This makes blockbuster of the year 2003.

3. Myna – மைனா (2010)

Myna movie starring:
Myna is starred by new comers Amala Paul and Vidharth. Suppoting character includes Thambi ramaya who got national award for supporting actor for this film. Other actors are Sethu as police officer. These four plays main role in overall film.

Myna movie summary:
Hero and Heroin both lives in hill. Hero supports and provide money for heroin family and they love each other right from their childhood. Her mother arranges marriage to a dubai person. Hero threatens her mom and get arrested for threatening. Before his release from jail her mother planned to finish her marriage but hero escapes from jail and reach her home situated at top of the hill. Then police with anger search for hero and find them. When returning to jail they met accident and hero saves the police which cools down police. They become friends. Police men takes heroin to his home for shelter but police men wife misunderstands and complaint to his dad. They kill heroin the next day and hero on seeing that he too dies by jumping in front of the train.

Myna movie review:
This is good love story directed by Prabu Solomon with thrilling experience in the hills.

2. Vaaranam Ayiram - வாரணம் ஆயிரம் (2008)

Vaaranam Ayiram starring:
Surya as Surya and Krishnan who plays father and son role. Samera Reddy heroin of this film named as Meghna. Other suppoting character are Simran as Surya's mom Divya as wife.

Vaaranam Ayiram movie summary:
Surya inspired by his dad and his dad plays major role in his life. He loves a girl while studying college and dad advices how he love his mom during his college years. Samera went America to pursue Msc. Surya goes America and suprises Sameera. She dies in bomb blast. The reaming story is how he recover from love failure. Dads plays major role in his recovery and young Surya joins army. Climax is the death of her dad.

Vaaranam Ayiram movie review:
This love story bags many award in the year 2008 done by combination of Gautam menon and Harris Jeyaraj.

1. Vinnaithandi Varuvaya - விண்ணைத்தாண்டி வருவாயா (2010)

Vinnaithandi Varuvaya starring:
Simbhu and Trisha plays main role and supported by Ganesh. Simbhu plays youth role who searching for job and Trisha works in Polaris company.

Vinnaithandi Varuvaya movie story:
Simbhu starts love Trisha on his first sight of Trisha. She is 3 years older than Simbhu also Christian. Trisha parents opposes to marry Simbhu as he is Hindu. Finally he makes his own life as movie expresses his full feelings on her. Trisha marries another guy in America and Simbhu continues his job which is the climax.

Vinnaithandi Varuvaya movie review:
This movie attracted all the lovers. Gautam Menon pictures all the things done by real lover in this movie. Music is composed by maestro A.R.Rahman. This is best love movie ever in Tamil history which no one can oppose and it ranks first In heart of all lovers.

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