Top 10 Tamil comedy movies in 2000-2010

Tamil movie produce best comedy movie. In this article I have provided best comedy movies that is very popular among the audience. Every movie in Tamil has comedy scenes but I have provided only full length best 10 comedy films of Tamil cinema in this article.

Top 10 comedy movies in Tamil cinema: Tamil movies produces best comedy movies. Almost all movies have comedy scenes which makes us to laugh. But there only few films in Tamil with full comedy as genre. In this year 2012 many comedy movies have been released such as Kalakalappu etc. Here I have listed out best full length comedy movies released during the period 2000 - 2010 below.


Friends - பிரண்ட்ஸ் (2001)

Starring and Characters in Friends movie
The main role played by actors Vijay, Surya and Vadivel. The actors in this movie are Devayani, Abhinayashri, VIjayalakshmi. Supporting role played by Krishnamoorthy. From the title you can understand it is something about friends. All play friend character in this film.

Comedy scenes in Friends
Vadivel one of the top comedy actor in Tamil cinema plays major role in comedy. The relationship between contractor and their workers is delivered as comedy in this film. Here vadivel plays contractor role and Vijay, surya and krishnamoorthy plays workers role. Each every scene between them makes everyone laugh.

Overview of this film
This film contains full of comedy scenes directed by Siddique. This is one of the best comedy film of that year and blockbuster too.


Thenali – தெனாலி (2000)

Starring and Characters in Thenali movie
This movie starred by Kamalahasan an Jothika as main role in this movie. Supporting characters are Jeyaram and Dhevayani. Kamalahasan plays thenali role who is coward guy in this film.

Comedy scenes in Thenali
Comedy is done fully by Kamalahasan. Things done by coward people are shown in this film as comedy. Kamal acted as coward man in this film. Jeyaram is doctor who treats kamalhasan. When Jeyaram and Kamal joins in screen everyone start to laugh.

Overview of this film
This film is combination of director K.S.Ravikumar and Kamalahasan which will be always a hit combination. This is first blockbuster comedy film in tamil history.


Avan ivan - அவன் இவன் (2011)

Starring and Characters in Avan ivan movie
This movie is played by two important role by actors Vishal and Aarya. They played thief character in this film. Supporting characters were Janani Iyer and Madhu Shalini

Comedy scenes in Avan ivan
The character of fighting brothers who were thief is established as comedy in the screen. They fight for who is best in stealing things make everyone laugh. Their activities, acting and their reaction looks like a real thief also make us laugh.

Overview of this film
This film is directed by Bala who shows us the silly characters such as beggars, physically challenged people in funny ways in screens. Most of his film were nominated for national awards and some bagged national award too.


Panchathanthiram – பஞ்சதந்திரம் (2002)

Starring and Characters in Panchathanthiram movie
Main role played by Kamalahasan and Simran. Supporting actors were Jayaram, Ramesh Aravind, Sriman and Yugi Sethu. All of them palayed friends character and simran as kamal's wife.

Comedy scenes in Panchathanthiram
Misunderstanding between wife and husband is shown as comedy in this movie. Also friends helping for kamal to join his divorced wife make us laugh. Ideas given by friends, activities done by friend, Kamal and simran character in the movie is makes every audience to laugh.

Overview of this film
This film is written by crazy mohan and kamalahasan directed by K.S.Ravikumar. As already said K.S.Ravikumar and Kamalahasan combination will always blockbuster movie in Tamil cinema.


imsai arasan 23am pulikesi - இம்சை அரசன் 23ம் புலிகேசி (2006)

Starring and Characters in imsai arasan 23am pulikesi movie
This movie is starred by comedy actor Vadivel. Supporting actors are Monica, Tejashree, Manorama, Nassar and Nagesh. Vadivel plays King role in this film.

Comedy scenes in imsai arasan 23am pulikesi
Pupet king ruling a village and his activities & punishments given to the villagers is shown as comedy in this film. This is historical film with full length comedy in this film.

Overview of this film
A nice historical and comedy film by Chimbudevan. This is first historical comedy film in Tamil cinema history.


Vasool Raja MBBS - வசூல் ராஜா MBBS (2004)

Starring and Characters in Vasool Raja MBBS movie
Main role is played by actor Kamlahasan as Don and with supporting actors Prakash Raj, Prabhu. Prakash raj plays dean role and Prabhu right hand of Kamal also don.

Comedy scenes in Vasool Raja MBBS
Kamal is a don who tries to complete MBBS by cheating. The way kamal enter the medical college and clase between him and dean is shown as comedy in this film. Mischievous activities done by kamal and colleges in campus makes every audience life.

Overview of this film
This film is directed by saran and makes blockbuster of the year 2004. This film is remade of Munnabai MBBS in hindi. This film was not expected but it make unexpected hit.


Chennai 600028 - சென்னை 600028 (2007)

Starring and Characters in Chennai 600028 movie
This film is starred by five new stars Shiva, Jai, Premji Amaran, Aravind Akash, Nithin and some new comers addition to them. They play important role in this film as friends who were fond of cricket.

Comedy scenes in Chennai 600028
Street cricket games played and mischievous activities of friends are shown in this film perfectly with comedy sense. Our heroes make us laugh by doing general things that happen in our friend life.

Overview of this film
This film is directed by Venkat prabhu. The highlight of this film is music composed by Yuvan sankar raja which contains best hit song of that year.


Boss Engira Baskaran - பாஸ் என்கிற பாஸ்கரன் (2010)

Starring and Characters in Boss Engira Baskaran movie
The main role played by Arya and Santhanam played friends role. Supporting character was Nayanthara lover of Arya in this film.

Comedy scenes in Boss Engira Baskaran
The comedy scenes are done by Arya and Santhanam who were friends. Things done by arrear student is shown as comedy. Here Arya is jobless and Santhanam helps arya. Romantic scenes between Arya and Nayanthara is highlight in this movie which make every audience clap and laugh.

Overview of this film
This film is directed by Rajesh after his comedy film Siva Mansula Sakthi. The music director of this film is Yuvan.


Goa - கோவா (2010)

Starring and Characters in Goa movie
Main role is played by Jai, Vaibhav and Premji in this movie. Supporting characters are Sneha, Piaa Bajpai and Melanie Marie. All played friends character in this movie.

Comedy scenes in Goa
The young boys in village overrule the rules in the village is shown as comedy. This three actor tries to impress girls make us laugh. It express both romantic and comedy. Other comedy scenes are gay character done by Sampath and Arvind Aakash.

Overview of this film
This film is directed by Venkat prabhu a very entertaining film music composed by Yuvan. The song idu varai is most hit in this movie and attracted all youths.


Siva manasula sakthi - சிவா மனசுல சக்தி(2009)

Starring and Characters in Siva Manasula Sakthi movie
This movie is starred by Jeeva and Anuya. Supporting actors were Urvasi and Santhanam. Everyone in this film played comedy role. Here Jeeva is named as Siva and Anuya as sakthi.

Comedy scenes in SMS
In this film boy cheat a girl and the girl cheat boy. They cheat each other which is new concept in Tamil cinema and makes us to laugh. Here santhanam scenes with jeeva got claps from audience. This total comedy movie with full comedy scenes.

Overview of this film
This film is directed by Rajesh later he directed Boss Engira Baskaran both are comedy film with yuvan as music director. This movie is best ever comedy movie in Tamil cinema with romantic scenes too.

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Guest Author: 23 Nov 2011

Director Rajesh and Venkat Prabhu has delivered best comedy in their movie. The upcoming movie of Rajesh is Oru Kal Oru Kannadi with starring Udhayanidhi Stalin, Hansika Motwani and Santhanam. Santhanam plays a important role in Rajesh movie. On the Venkat Prabhu directed series of comedy movie with different screenplay. Venkat Prabhu is best in Thriller Comedy.

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