Tamil festival Pongal and Tamil month Thai masam’s important events

Have you ever wondered why not some other foods been cooked instead of Pongal food. Do you want to know the importance of Mattu and Kanuum Pongal. Do you know the meaning behind the term Jallikattu. You can find answers for the above questions in this article. Hope you enjoy this article.

Tamil festival Pongal celebrations

Pongal festival in Tamilnadu is celebrated as harvest festival in Tamil Nadu. Tamilians thank Surya God for giving good harvest on this day. It is one of the oldest festivals for Tamilians. In Cholas Empire days it is celebrated in the name of PUTIYEEDU meaning first harvest of the year. It is also named as Tamilar Thirunaal.

All family members take oil bath in the early morning. Wear new clothes. Decorate houses with mango and palm leaves, draw Kolams with colors.

Thai Pongal is celebrated with sugarcane and Sarkkarai Pongal. Sarkkarai Pongal is prepared by cooking rice in a clay pot, adding jaggery, cardamom and cashew nut. The neck of the pot is wrapped with turmeric leaves and also decorated with kumkum, turmeric and viputhi. Cooked Pongal is served in the banana leaves and dedicated to the Sun God. The Sarkkarai Pongal is given as prasadam to all.

Tamil festival Pongal's meaning

Why pongal food cooked on this day, why not some other foods. In olden days our ancestors used vessels made up of clay. While cooking pongal in a clay pot it is covered with a clay plate called sippala thattu. When pongal have cooked, it boils and pushes the plate which is covered over the mouth of the pot and over flows as well. Pongal is cooked to symbolically to represent our gratitude which over flows from our heart for the kindness we get from Surya or sun god. Other foods does not have this feature.

Tamil festival Mattu Pongal and its significance

Mattu Pongal is a festival for cattle's. Our Tamil culture honors cattle's which accompanied throughout cultivation. Cattles are bathed, decorated with garlands and applying Kumkum on their forehead; their horns are sharpened and painted with colors. Cattles are given good food and they are worshipped.

Mattu Pongal is also called as Kanup Pongal. Married women on this day worship God for their brothers well being and cook Pongal and dedicate it to God. After marriage they should not forget their Thai Veedu or born house. To remember them, our Tamil culture made it as a festival.

Tamil festival Kanuum Pongal and its importance

Kanuum Pongal, in olden days, is a day to thank the peoples who have supported the farmers in their harvest. In those days, for farmers, mostly their blood brothers, married sisters and close friends are their well wishers. On this day, Kanuum Pongal, they visit to their married sisters, brothers and friends houses with gifts and sweets and strengthen their relationships with them and also thanking them for their support given in tough days.

In cities it is meant for the get together for families and friends; spending time in amusement parks and entertainments.

Tamilians traditional festival Jallikattu

The highlight of Mattu Pongal festival is Jallikkatu an adventures game held in villages. Angry bulls are selected for this Jallikattu festival. Some coins are put in a cloth bag and tied it to the horns of the bulls. Whoever tames the bulls shall take that bag as prize money. Bulls are allowed to run on the Jallikattu ground and a boundary line is drawn. Whoever holds the bulls' humps until boundary line is declared as victorious.

It is said that the word Jallikattu come from the word Salli Kaasu Kattu. Salli Kasu in Tamil means coins and Kattu means package. Only in colonial periods it has been changed from Salli Kaasu Kattu to Jallikattu.

Tamil month Thai and important events

Thai month is tenth month in lunar calendar. From Dhanur rasi Sun enters Makara rasi. It is celebrated as MAKARA SANKRANTHI. It also marks SUN's northward journey called UTTRAYANA. From this day the days will be longer and warmer For Devatas or God's it is considered as the beginning of the day and auspicious events are done during this time as well.

Sabarimala yarthra too comes to an end with the begging of Thai masam.

The lord of MAKARA rasi is SANI bhagavan. SUN and SANI are considered as father and son. As in this month SUN, father, lives in, son's, SANI'S house. This month is considered as developing good relationship between father and son.

"Thai Pirandhal Vazhi Pirakkum" "HAPPY PONGAL WISHES..!"

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