The famous festivals of Tamil Nadu in the Tamil months

Are you interesting to know the various functions of Tamil Nadu in the Tamil months? This resource will help you to know the most auspicious times and functions in the Tamil month.The list of festivals in the month of Tamil Nadu is given in this article.

The various Tamil months and its importance in Tamil Nadu

There are twelve Tamil months available and they have many functions and festivals which are celebrated by the people of Tamil Nadu. The twelve tamil months are Citharai, Vaikaasi, Aani, Aadi, Aavani, Purataashi, Iyppasi, Karthigai, Markazhi, Thai, Maasi, Panguni. The Tamil Nadu people are taking most care in these months to fix the marriages, House warming functions and others. The Calendar and Pansangam are also prepared by using the Tamil months. The month is pronounced as Maatham in Tamil. So, We may use the word "Maatham" instead of "Month" while referring about tamil months. The Tamil Nadu people have many functions in each and every tamil maatham. The list of functions and festivals in every Tamil maatham are given below.

Citharai Maatham

The first tamil maatham namely Sithirai comes on the English month April. It is most probably on April 14th of every year. The first day of Sithirai maatham in Tamil Nadu has been celebrated as Tamil New Year and it is also called as "Citharai Kani". In this day, the people are going to various temples in the state like Palani Murugan temple, Thiruchenthur Murugan temple and etc. The famous function is Citharai maatham is known as "Chitra Pournami". This function is celebrated on the Full Moon day of Sithirai. This function is mostly celebrated by women's of Tamil Nadu. This function is also called as Chitra Purnima. The people also believe that this day helps to karma removal.

Vaikaasi Maatham

The Vaikaasi maatham is good month for doing marriage and house warming. The most of the marriages and house warming in Tamil Nadu are being held in this maatham. The famous festival in this month is known as "Vaikaasi Visagam" and this day is very famous for Tamil Nadu people and also in Thirunchenthoor Murugan temple. There are more than one lakh people from various places of Tamil Nadu would assembled to celebrate this function at Murugan temple in Thiruchenthoor.

Aani Maatham

The functions and festivals in Aani maatham are very less while compare with other months of Tamil. The little amount of marriages and others will be held on this tamil maatham. The Aani Thirumanjanam is a very important day to Lord Nataraja and the people believe that the lord will gives lot of things if special poojas and abhisegam are conducted during this day of Aani maatham.

Aadi Maatham

The first day of Addi maatham is very famous for Tamil Nadu people and they are celebrating this day as "Thalai Aadi". In this day, Every one is taking head both and going to various temples. The first Friday of this month is also very famous and the people of Tamil Nadu celebrates this day as "Aadi Velli" and this day is very special to Lord Amman. The 18th of Aadi month is very special to the people of Tamil Nadu and they are celebrating this day as "Aadi Perukku". In this day, The people are going to various places having rivers and take baths in the river. The Varalakshmi Viratham is also famous functions for women and they are in fasting in this day and go to amman temple. But, the marriages and other functions are very rare in this month of Aadi. This month is very famous for agricultures to plan and make cultivations by sowing seeds.

Aaavani Maatham

The Aaavani Avittam comes in this Aaavani month and it is associated with ritual. It is very important day for Brahmin community people. This day comes on the day of Avittam Nakshatra in Tamil. There are lot marriages and house warming functions would be held in this month.

Purattashi Maatham

This month is very famous for the lord Hanuman. The people celebrate the Saturdays of this month for various functions of the Lord Hanuman. The famous Ayutha Pooja or Saraswathi Pooja comes in this month.The Krishna Jayanti is famous day for the Lord Krishna which comes in this month.

Iyppashi Maatham

The famous function known as Deepavali is celebrated during this Tamil month by the people of Tamil Nadu. This month is also famous for conducting marriages and other functions. This month has many Muhootham days in the Tamil calenday year.The Vinayaka Chaturti is a festival for the Lord Vinayaka that falls in this month.

Kaarthigai Maatham

The famous Thiruvannamalai Kaarthikai Deepam is celebrated in this month. The people of Tamil Nadu celebrate all ther days of this month by lighting the Villakku in their house. Many poojas are held during this month in various places of Tamil Nadu. This month is also very famous for marriages and other functions.

Markazhi Maatham

This month is very special for the poojas and the Lord Iyyappan. The Markazhi Poojas are very famous in many temple of Tamil Nadu. The Tamil calendar of this month is punctuated with full of festivals. In no other month does the festival mood spreads unbroken over one full month like Margazhi. The famous days of Vaikunta Ekadasi, Arudra Darshan, Hanumanth Jayanti Festivals falls in this month.

Thai Maatham

This month is very famous for formers and they celebrate the Pongal on this month and The famous functions like Thai Pongal, Kappu Kattu and many other functions are celebrated in this month. The first day of this month is also celebrated as the Tamil new year by some people of Tamil Nadu which was announced by the Dr.M.Karunanithi, The former Chief Minister of Tamil nadu.

Maashi Maatham

The Mahaa Sivarathiri comes in this Tamil month and this day is very special to the Lord Shiva. The another function in this month is known as Maashi Magama and this day is also celebrated as big function in Kummbakonam by taking holy bath in the Kulam of Kummbakonam. The some other functions in the houses of Tamil Nadu people are falls in this month.

Panguni Maatham

This is the last month in the Tamil maatham and it comes in between March mid to April mid of English month. The Yukathi Pandigai is very famous in this month. This is very famous for ladies and they celebrate this day as to remember the persons those who died in their houses.

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