How to do tamil traditional beginner lateral twisting yoga asana to cure diabetes.

Is Diabetes deprives you from enjoying sweets, other desired food and worldly pleasure. Want to get away from injections and tablets. All you need to do is spend 10 minutes to perform Tamil traditional yoga asana. Yoga will take care of your Diabetes. This article is for those who want to change fate with God blessings. In this article you will find easy and quick yoga asana to cure Diabetes.

Tamil traditional preparatory yoga asana of Marichyasana to cure diabetes.

Diabetes is a genetic disorder. Lack of insulin secretion by pancreas is termed as Diabetes. Due to lack of blood supply to pancreas, deprive it from functioning properly. In allopathy insulin is administered through injections instead of making pancreas to function properly. In Tamil traditional yoga asana pancreas is rejunuvated and its function restored. Yoga can cure Diabetes completely; Tamil traditional yoga can do this miracle.

How to perform Tamil traditional preparatory yoga asana of Marichyasana.

In Tamil culture every new beginning are commenced with worship. Before performing any Tamil traditional yoga asana pray to God to do asana without any injury. Marichyasana is dedicated to sage Marichi son of Bhramha. It's a sitting lateral twisting yoga asana. Before attempting to do perform Marichyasana, one should do beginner lateral twisting pose , which will be a preparatory yoga asana for Marichyasana.

Sit on the floor with crossed legs. Keep your right hand on the right knee and left hand on left knee. Keep your back straight. Breathe normally. Lift your left hand from the left knee and place it behind the back. Now lift your right hand from the right knee and move it towards left knee and hold it. With exhalation turn your spine 90 degrees to your left and stay in this position for 30 seconds and gradually increase to 1 minute.

Initially it will not be possible to turn 90 degrees, turn as much as you can. No strain should be felt in shoulder and back. Yoga asana should be performed with balance and ease. In the beginning your breathing rate will be faster. Do not be afraid. It is due to lateral twisting. By regular practice your breathing will become normal.

After staying in lateral twisted position for 30 seconds return to normal position. Now repeat the same procedure to your right. Then relax lying down on the floor your face up. Keep your hands slightly away from thighs; legs apart; eyes closed. Breathe deeply. Imagine your entire body is relaxed. Stay in this pose for 1 to 2 minutes. Tamil traditional preparatory yoga asana of Marichyasana done.

Benefits of Tamil traditional preparatory yoga asana of Marichyasana.

Tamil traditional preparatory yoga asana of Marichyasana helps pancreas to perform well and cures Diabetes. Due to lateral twist pancreas is squeezed and receives rich blood supply and secretes insulin properly. Along with pancreas abdominal organs get rich blood supply and aids in digestion. As the spine is twisted the stress in between vertebrae's are relived. If you have had back pain it will disappear gradually.


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