Bakhtyar's visit to Qutbuddin for the invasion of Bengal

This article describes the history of khalji invasion of Bengal of 13th century under the leadership of Muhammad Bakhtyar Khaji and the causes of the invasion. This article gives you the valuable stepping stones in the history of Bengal. This resource help to study the history of Bengal.

Bakhtyar's visit to Qutbuddin for the invasion of Bengal

Having established his authority over a tract of Bihar, Bakhtyar proceeded to the court of Qutbuddin Aibak at Badaun laden with plunder. Bakhtyar made a present of twenty elephants and various kinds of jewels and precious things to Qutbuddin. Bakhtyar was received with kindness and exalted above the leaders of the time; and as he took his audience of leave, he was authorised to make conquests for the glory of Islam and for the kingdom of Shihabuddin, Besides, Aibak conferred upon him a tent, a 'naubat', a drum, a standard, a magnificent robe of honour and trappings, a waist-band, a sword and a vest from private wardrobes. Hasan Nizami writes "Iktiyaruddin Muhammad Bakhtyar, one of the chief supports of the state came to pay his respects from the direction of Oudh and Bihar. He presented twenty elephants and various kinds of jewels and moneys. He was received with royal kindness and beneficence and he was exalted above the leaders of the time."

Qutbuddin made Bakhtyar governor of Bihar

Ajbak's favour to Bakhtyar excited the jealousy of other Turkish military leaders and the Qutbi Amirs. They tried to disgrace him by plotting against him. Minhaj writes "A boiy of the nobles (at the court of Qutbuddin) looked upon the favours whilst Sultan Qutbuddin bestowed upon him, with jealousy. In their convivial parties, they used to sneer at him (Bakhtyar) and to cast jibes and ironical observations at him. Their animosity reached to such a pitch that he was ordered to combat with an elephant at the white palace. Bakhtyar struck it (elephant) with such a blow with his battle axe on the trunk that it ran away and he pursued it." Qutbuddin was so pleased with Bakhtyar's courage and bravery that he bestowed on him special robes of honour and many gifts and ordered the nobles to make presents to him.

The ordeal proved for Bakhtyar as the Gulzari-Khalil. Minhaj says that "Muhammad Bakhtyar in that very meeting scattered all those gifts and gave them away to the people." Henceforth, he became one of the most renowned Amirs in the new dominion of Muhammad of Ghore. Riyaz-us-Salatin states that at that time, the viceroyality of Bihar and Lakhnauti was bestowed on Bakhtyar by Qutbuddin. But this does not find suppart either in the Tabaquat i-Nasiri or the Taj-ul-Maasir. Only the Maasiri-Rahimi corroborates this statement as it states that Qutbuddin granted Bakhtyar the governorship of Lakhnauti. The Tarkh-i-Ferishta states that Qutbuddin made Bakhtyar governor of Bihar and authorised him to conquer Lakhnauti, i.e., Bengal. There may be some truth in the statement of the Tarikh-i-Ferishta. Possibly Qutbuddin gave somewhat recognition to Bakhtyar's position in Bihar and encouragement to conquer Bengal, of course, on Bakhtyar's own efforts. The unexpected victory at Bihar followed by the recognition by Aibak raised the morale of his men to a high degree and he prepared himself for further conquests.


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