Computer Fundamentals

What is a computer / Characteristics of computer/ Components of computer / Functional Units of a computer/ Hardware and software

1.What is a computer
It is an electronic device for making calculations or controlling operations which are expressible in numerical or logical terms.In other terms computer is an electronic machine with some mechanical facilities and is used mainly for data processing.Processing capabilities include capturing the input data,amnipulating the data and producing the output results.

1. Processing speed-The computer can perform calculations at a fast speed.
2. Storage capacity-The ability to take in information and to store that information for future retrival.
3. The ability to communicate with other computer systems.
4. Accuracy-To carry out calculations accurately and speedily.
5. Usefulness-Versatility
6. Diligence-It means that a computer can do same job for any number of times without getting bored or tired.
7. computers are automatic machine.

Components of Computer

1. Input Unit
2. Central Processing Unit(C.P.U)
3. Output Unit

Functional Units of a computer

1. Input-The process of entering data and instructions into the computer system.
2. Storing-Saving data and instructions so that they are available for inital or for additional processing as and when required.
3. Processing-Performing arithmetic operations or logical operations on data in order to convert them into useful information.
4. Output.-The process of producing useful information or results for the user,such as a printed report.
5. Controlling-Directing the manner and sequence in which all of the above operations are performed.

Hardware and software-


These are physical component of computer.
We can touch the hardware.
For e.g-Monitor,C.P.U,Keyboard,Mouse,Printer


These are logical componentpart of computer.
We can only fell it.
For e.g.-Ms-dos,Excel and window etc.

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