Avatar : 2009 Hollywood Film by James Cameron

Avatar film director - James Cameron

Avatar film cast - Sam Worthington, Zoë Saldaña,Stephen Lang,Michelle Rodriguez, Sigourney Weaver

Avatar film written by - James Cameron

Avatar film producers - James Cameron, Jon Landau

Avatar is the new hollywood film by James Cameron that released in most of the countries of the world including India on December 18th. This is Cameron's first film as a director in last 12 years after the release of Titanic in 1997 which is the highest grossing film till date in the world. Avatar is a 3D science fiction adventure film that had been in production for last more than 2 years.

Avatar film story

Avatar is the tale of the conflict on a moon called Pandora. The film is set in 2154 AD when humans have travelled to the many far places in the galaxy. They come to know about Pandora, an inhibited moon that is rich in a mineral known as unobtanium which is needed by the humans to solve the energy crisis on earth. The moon is home to a different type of race known as Na'vi which are technologically inferior to the humans.

In a bid to take full control over the precious mineral, humans use genetically engineered human-Na'vi hybrid bodies called Avatars. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is one of such avatars who is sent to pandora on a mission to win the trust of Na'vi and help the human authorities to gin control of the moon. Soon the conflict grows into a full blown war with Jake having to take the decision to join one side.

Here are some intersting facts about the film.

- Avatar is being touted as the most expensive film ever made with a production budget of around $250 million and marketing plus distribution costs of $200 million.

- Avatar was conceived by James Cameron before the release of Titanic but ot took more than a decade to visualize it since Cameron felt that the adequate technology to realize his idea was not available.

- Avatar has used breakthrough technology in its making. New stereoscopic cameras were developed specially for the film that simulate human sight.

- A new device, known as 'The Volume', was used to capture facial expression of the actors. The device consisted of a tiny camera located in front of actor's face. It was able to transmit 95% of the actor's performance to the digital characters.

- Avatar is a Sanskrit word which refers to the incarnation of Hindu Gods on earth. In the film the Avatars are the genetically created engineered human-Na'vi hybrid bodies.

- All the Na'vi people in the film are not humans but entirely computer generated characters.

- James Cameron, with the help of Dr. Paul Frommer, developed a separate Na'vi language. The language has a vocabulary of about 1000 words.

- The music of the film has been given by James Horner who had composed the Oscar winning music of Titanic.

- Avatar has been released in both 2D and 3D formats along with IMAX release.


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