Types of Pollution - Effects on human


Man, in fact all living beings have a compelling urge to consider the earth as their mother. The vegetable kingdom, fields and forests, smiling gardens, oceans, mountains and rivers and the bewildering variety of living organisms on land and water overwhelm the imagination of man and these sights and sounds of nature are a feast for our eyes and ears. But what has man given to its mother-to the nature? He has added only impurities to air to water and even to land. The existence of these undesirable substances in the earth's atmosphere is known as pollution. Basically pollution has been categorized into three- air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution.

Air pollution- The smoke produced by the vehicles and big factories are the major hazards to the air which pollute it. Vehicles emit harmful gases which pollute the environment and also cause asthma, skin problems and respiratory diseases. The Industrial Revolution in Europe in the 19th century saw the beginning of air pollution as we know it today, which has gradually become a global problem. Major air pollutants (CO and CO2) are causing global warming on earth. The environmentalists have warned that the ice glaciers will start melting by the year 2021which in turn will increase the sea level abnormally and the whole earth is feared to sink. The recent fire at the Indian Oil depot in Jaipur, India shows how human negligence has led to so much pollution and wastage of valuable resources.

Water pollution-As a result of poor farming practices and industrial malpractices oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds are getting contaminated. Performance of religious rituals at the banks of rivers has added fuel to the fire. Indian river Ganga- once famous to cure many diseases is today full of dirt and filth. In India millions of people die by drinking polluted water. Impure drinking water can cause diarrhea which can lead to death also. Citizens can be educated through mass media not to adulterate rivers etc
The amount of fine and penalties must be increased on the industries polluting water in any form.
Noise pollution- Presence of very loud and unwanted sounds in the atmosphere is termed as noise pollution. It can be loud music, vehicles, bursting of crackers, unpleasant sounds of bulldozers and heavy machines in the factories etc. Noise pollution induces hearing loss, high blood pressure, stress and hypertension due to lack of sleep. In the blind race of development we are polluting our surroundings. The war between two nations to become a super power not only devastates property and life but also it makes the earth's atmosphere very unsuitable to live. When will men open his eyes? It is just like hurting his legs with his own axe.
We can bring back the pollution free environment which otherwise seems an impossible task by fixing a limit on the amount of emissions that a country can make. Nature has given us trees as a blessing. More trees can be grown around roads which would compress the noise made by vehicles as well as absorb the carbon-dioxide gas emitted by the vehicles.

Recycle as much waste as one can. Using real plates and spoons instead of plastic plates and cutlery can bring about a real change. Buying organic food can also unload some burden from the earth's back. Organic food does not contain any kind of pesticide or chemicals that harm the ozone layer. Compost pits can be made for recycling of waste food (vegetable and fruit peelings and left over food). This is the moral duty of everyone to keep our natural environment healthy pollution free as gifted to us by God.


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