Role of internet - A boon or curse for society

Role of internet

Internet is the fastest and newest means of communication. The Internet is not based upon a single location or a centrally managed network. It is an amorphous set of linkages among computers around the world. This offers breadth, flexibility, world scale interconnectivity and a self expanding system that is growing with the efforts of all who contribute to it.
Access to Internet from any point generally means access to all the computer servers and information sources that are a part of Internet. Most users will connect temporarily to the system through linkages to "server" computers.
America holds the top position in the ranking of the internet users but other countries are also clinging to it at a very fast pace. It is available in English, German, Arabic and French languages but it is mostly used in English language because most of the developments had happened in the United States.
It was used earlier also but it became all pervasive only after 1996. Before 1996 internet usage was very expensive. This had led to the mushroom growth of cyber cafes as people did not purchase the connection instead surf the internet from cyber cafes. But with the entry of many ISP (internet service providers) since 1996, the cost has decreased due to growing competition among the service providers.
Today it has become a part and parcel of everybody's life irrespective of age, gender and lifestyle. According to a study 59% of the Americans regularly use the internet and this percentage gets a daily increment. Internet has not left anything untouched; be it education, matchmaking, entertainment, business……….(the list is very long)
Communication- In the field of communication, internet offers two main instruments- e-mail and chatting. E-mail is a new and faster version of traditional letter sending. E-mails are sent from one computer to another computer. Chat is a non verbal communication offered by various websites.
Education- it is like a Pandora box for students who can access a bucket full of information just by typing a word. Much of the content of Internet has been built by government, university, library, nonprofit and volunteer resources who have recognized that information needs to be widely distributed and accessible. Free access removes an important barrier to the use of information.
Internet has proved out to be a boon for those who are home ridden but want to stay connected with the world.
Business men- Internet has made business transactions fast and easy. Things can be purchased and paid for online. Online shopping saves time as well as petrol and diesel. Advertisements displayed by manufacturers and traders provide a great platform for customers who can buy just anything from needle to aero plane (and that too from a wide range of variety)
Besides education and information, internet is a good source of entertainment also. Games, movies, music, photos and wallpapers can be downloaded (many sites offer free downloads).
But every coin has two sides. Internet is like a fire which can enlighten your house but can change the house into ashes also if not handled properly. Everyday we hear cases of students selling nude photographs downloaded from the internet or hacking of sites by unwanted bodies. Recently a group of people from India was caught who used to supply alcohol through ‘facebook' and how can we forget the famous Pooja Bhatt and D.P.S. (Delhi public school) cases.
But we cannot afford to lose its advantages in the fear of its ill effects. Misapplication of any type of knowledge can be disastrous and so is the case with internet. Things have two uses- right and wrong. But it is up to the user how he/she uses it.


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